"He is the only weak link in our chain"

Here are some links to my favorite Monkees sites. Enjoy !

Fan Web Sites
Daydream Believin
Adrienne's new website with lots of info and fun on the Monkees.

The Purple Flower Gang
One of the oldest and best Monkees fan clubs around. Join for quarterly newsletters and concert dates.

Listen To The Band
Becca's stunning website with great graphics and tons of stills from the series. She also keeps up the the latest news on the guys.

The Monkees Collector's Page
A great resource about Monkees memorbilia. It also has a changeling quiz (with great prizes for first and second place)

Just Monkee'n Around-Lots of unique art, many pictures and fun things to do (check out the Monkees Snow Globe).

Sunshine Factory-Good place for articles and pictures.

Good Clean Fun- Great place for fan fiction.

Monkees 101- Great Monkees knowledge.

Tippy's Share Of The Sidewalk
A very creative site with a Muppets vs. Monkees comparasion, a challenging lyric quiz, and a synopsis of things learned from several episodes

Monkees TV and Film Vault
A very detailed account of each episode, the history of the TV show in syndication, a detailed account of each of the TV specials & "Head", synopsis of the commercials they did, and a detailed list of Summer reruns from 1967 and 1968. Very Impressive !

Monkees Bloopers and Things To Look For
A detailed list of bloopers or inacurate information from the TV series and Head Monkees Utopia
This site is mainly intended for those in the online Monkees community who are creative and compassionate, and I encourage you to explore this place with humor, understanding, and an open mind.

Monkeeland is the fastest growing Monkees-related community on the Net! We strive to bring you the latest news and information on Monkees tour dates and new products, as well as keeping you up-to-date on what the individuals in the band are doing now, in their solo careers- from their website introduction

The Official Sites
The Monkees Official Web Site
The official site offers quite a lot- magazine articles, pictures, album info, guitar chords and lots of links to many Monkees-related web sites

The Davy Jones Official Web Site
David's official site with lots of info on his interests and merchandise for sale

Peter Tork's Web Site
Peter's official web site posts current news on Peter, his performance schedule for Shoe Suede Blues and Two Man Band and Peter's musical history with many audio clips

The Micky Dolenz Official Web Site
Micky's official site with some cute cartoon graphics. There are also some interesting non-Monkees links. If you purchase any merchandise through the web site, Micky will autograph it !

Mike Nesmith's Web Site
Mike's Official web site with a southwestern flair and some great graphics

Miscellaneous Web Sites
My portfolio of things I have done

Rhino Records Home page
Rhino records owns the Monkees catalog and has an assortment of Monkees merchandise

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