"Pictures came and broke your heart so put all the blame on video"

From Monkees Television Series (not including “romps”)

1966“Saturday’s Child”ep. #3The guys are playing with children on the beach with a swing set, horse and dune buggy
1966 “Papa Gene’s Blues” ep. #8The guys are wearing grey suits on a set with a purple background
1966 “You Just May Be The One” ep. #13The guys doing stunts in orange wet suits outside in a fountain
1966 “You Just May Be The One” ep. #24The guys in the red 8- button shirts with a brown background
1966 “Gonna Buy Me A Dog" ep. #12The guys playing with several puppies and dogs in a park
1966 “Last Train To Clarksville”ep. #2 The guys wearing the 8-button red shirts with a brown background and clips different types of transportation- train, planes, ice skates, unicycles, motorcycles, dune buggy and a carousel
1966 “Last Train To Clarksville”ep. #31 A early movie style cliffhanger with Peter tied to railroad tracks,Micky, dressed in black, and Mike, dressed in jeans, as the villains coming at him in a train and Davy, dressed in white, as the hero
1966 "Sweet Young Thing"ep. #6The guys in the red 8-button shirts with a brown background
1966 “She” ep. #11The guys in grey suits on a set with a plain white background and black and white footage of women
1966 “I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet” ep. #15The guys demonstrate several dances including the hula, the Indian rain dance, the Charleston, and the Mexican hat dance
1966 “Words” ep. #30A close-up of Micky with the other 3 in the background. The guys switch instruments: Davy at the drums, Micky at the mic, Peter playing lead guitar and Mike playing bass
1966 “Mary, Mary” ep. #12The guys running around a soundstage in the red 8- button shirts. Peter is “shot” but it is revealed to be a mannequin
1967 “Mary, Mary” ep. #25The guys performing the song on the “pad” set wearing the 8- button navy shirts
1967 “Look Out” ep. #27The guys performing the song on the “pad” set wearing the 8- button navy shirts
1967 “I’m A Believer” ep. #15The guys wearing the off white 8-button shirts performing on the “pad” set
1967 “Valleri” ep. #23A close-up of Davy with the other 3 in the background
1967 “What Am I Doing Hanging ‘Round” ep. #33 and #40The guys perform on a stage with a green and yellow awing wearing the 8- button navy shirts
1967 “Cuddly Toy” ep. #35 and #46The guys are on a vaudevillian type stage and wearing striped coats with Davy in front dancing (2 versions)
1967 “Riu Chiu” ep. #47The guys are on the set decorated for Christmas with a banner that says “Merry Christmas” and a tree. They are holding candles while singing the song a capella
1967 “Goin’ Down” ep. #42Micky singing alone on a stage with a spotlight and colored lights and instruments are shown being played
1967 “Star Collector” ep. #44 and #55The guys are dressed in white pants and white sweaters and singing behind an organ with psychedelic lights and steam rising
1967 “Daily Nightly” ep. #48 and #57In black and white, Micky is seated in front of the Moog Synthesizer while the others watch him from behind
1967 “Daydream Believer” ep. #37 and #43The guys on the rainbow set with a piano. Near the end, they do a little line dance. Davy sings by himself on another part of the rainbow set
1967 “Love Is Only Sleeping” ep. #38The guys on the rainbow set with Micky in front sitting next to a large amp and he begins to fall “asleep” near the end of the song and then the other guys fall “asleep”
1967 “No Time” ep. #52The guys on the rainbow set trying to do a can-can but Mike gets it wrong each time
1967 “Pleasant Valley Sunday” ep. #36The guys on the rainbow set each playing a different instrument somewhere on the stage. At the end of the song, they rush toward the camera
1967 “Randy Scouse Git” ep. #34The guys on the rainbow set with Micky in front with a kettle drum
1967 “She Hangs Out” ep. #41The guys on the rainbow set with Davy walking around to where the other guys are playing their instruments

From the “Head” movie

1968 “Porpoise Song” The guys jump off a bridge and swim underwater with mermaids. It also has colored lights and split screen effects
1968 “Circle Sky” A “live” performance on a small stage and they are wearing white pants and white sweaters/td>
1968 “Can You Dig It” The guys surrounded by dancing harem girls sitting on large pillows
1968 “As We Go Along” A seasonal style video with Peter walking in the snow, Micky walking in the woods, Mike walking on a beach watching the sunset and Davy in a flower garden
1968 “Daddy’s Song” Davy and female dancer on a black background wearing white outfits, and shifts with a white background wearing black outfits
1968 “Do I Have to Do This All Over Again" A party scene with different camera editing techniques

From “33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee” Special

1969 “I’m a Believer” Micky and Julie Driscoll are standing on a dark stage. There is a spotlight on Micky and strobe lighting on Julie and the background
1969 “Pithree (Do Not Ask For Love)” Peter reclines on a cushion in eastern garb singing in a tent like structure with the camera using a diffused filter and 4 harem women in gold hats are standing in front of him
1969 “Naked Persimmon” Mike has a split screen effect and sits next to himself in front of a "Wanted" old west poster wearing his white cowboy outfit and a beige suit in the other screen
1969 “Goldilcoks Sometime” Davy in a boy suit and frill collar dancing in fairytale land
1969 “Wind Up Man” The guys are dressed in short pants and vest with a yellow shirt and wind up toy key in their backs and they walk around very straight and robotic with large tape reels in the background
1969 “I Go Ape” The guys dressed in white gorilla suits and there are other people in the background swinging from trees wearing different colored gorilla suits
1969 “Little Darlin’” The guys are dressed in 50’s style grey coats with black shirts and black pants with pompadour hairstyles doing simple choreographic dance moves
1969 “String For My Kite” Davy wearing a black sweater and white pants solemnly singing on top of the scaffolding above the set
1969 “Soffigetto” Peter sits at a harpsichord on the set crowded with various props
1969 “Listen to the Band” The guys come on stage and pick up their instruments then other people join them on stage. So at the end, the stage is full of people. It is similar to the Beatles “Hey Jude” video

Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones

1970 “Oh My My” Davy and Micky either are riding horses or riding motorcycles in the countryside

Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork

1986 “That was then, This is now” Filmed at an amusement park concert with outtakes from filming and video of women’s fashions from the late 60’s

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones

1987 “Heart and Soul” The guys are “frozen” in ice and are melted only to find it’s 20 years since they have been around an they audition for a gig
1987 “Every Step Of The Way” The guys dress like punk rockers and play in what seems to be a dark and graffiti ridden alley

Mike Nesmith

1977 “Rio” Mike singing at the beach and dancing with a Carmen look alike on a stage
1979 “Cruisin’” A body builder at the beach and women on roller skates
1981 “Magic” Mike is a cook at a drive-in diner at night
1981 “Light” Silhouettes of people
1981 “Tonight” Clips from “Elephant Parts” and head shot of Mike in a TV screen
1984 “Eldorado to the Moon” Mike and girl drive in a pink Eldorado in space
1985 “I’ll Remember You” Mike and 2 young kids in the wings watching Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers dance and the Beatles perform
1985 “Chow Mien and Bowling” Mike singing about a lost love in a high school gym being decorated for a dance and flashbacks of their romance
1994 “Marie's Theme” Video of a small bubbling waterfall in a wooded green landscape

Davy Jones

1968 “D W Washburn” Footage of Davy and fans in England
1998 “I want to be your Davy Jones” Davy gives advice to the lead singer of the group Sorethumb about attracting a woman and dances and plays tambourine with the band on a rainbow set. The video ends with Davy and the band doing the Monkee walk

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith

1986 “Christmas Medley” The guys perform several songs and skits with MTV VJs, family and friends. Mike is not seen until the very end as Santa Claus. The medley includes verses from “We wish you a Merry Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” and “Happy Christmas (War is over)”

Justus Video

1997 “Regional Girl” The guys perform with a cityscape landscape background, footage from the Billboard Live performance, and black and white footage of filming with quick camera movements
1997 “Oh, What A Night” The guys perform with a blue background and 2 chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Peter and Mike are sitting playing their instruments. Also, black and white footage of filming with quick camera movements
1997 “Admiral Mike” The guys perform with a black background with colored spheres and bubbles are floating in the air. Also, black and white footage of filming with quick camera movements. Davy pays the cameraman for more close-ups
1997 “Run Away From Life” The guys are in a narrow dark hall with spotlights illuminating each of them. There is a disco ball above Micky and the drums. There are jump cuts and people switch places in the hall. Brief scenes of Mike at the party from “Head”. Also, black and white footage of filming with quick camera movements
1997 “You and I” The guys are surrounded by palm trees and various props. One is the top part of a female mannequin. It shows scenes from the TV series, “Head” and the Billboard Live performance. Also, black and white footage of filming with quick camera movements
1997 “Circle Sky” The guys’ the Billboard Live performance of the song and scenes from the song in “Head”

Hey Hey It’s The Monkees (Episode #781) Special

1997 “You and I” The guys are on an ice rink singing with a female skater and large dog skating by them
1997 “Regional Girl” A Calvin Klein style video in black and white with thin models and color when the guys are in the scene. Davy tries to get a date from a tall model with no luck
1997 “Antarctica” Singing in the snow during Winter with Peter playing a keyboard
1997 “Circle Sky” Computer generated TVs show the guys singing in the screen with static for the background in different colors. The video keeps moving to different types of TVs
Peter's not Back from his dream yet

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