Government denies alien existance. Government cover-up of alien autopsy. People vanish after seeing mysterious light source. We are not alone.
Cue eerie music from the "X-Files"

The Secretary for the Department of UFO Information "At this very moment, walking upon the face of Mother Earth, are aliens from outer space. You may pooh-pooh this statement, but I must say, emphatically, don't pooh-pooh it...but the truth lies beyond our reach"

There are some strange, unexplained things that happen in Monkees episodes. Things that don't make logical sence. Call them bloopers or that's just the way it is in the Monkees World.
Submitted for your approval:

The Pilot (Here Come The Monkees)-
Why is a "woody" station wagon used instead of the Monkeemobile?
During the episode, why does the layout of the pad change?
Why is Micky trimming the stuffed monkey's hair?
Why is Mike throwing darts at a Beatles poster?
Why is there mace on the dresser in their bedroom?
Did Micky hit his drum cymbal by mistake?
Why is Bobby Hart's voice heard singing "I Wanna Be Free" when Vanessa and Davy "start a trend"?
How did Mr. Russell know to look at the beach for Vanessa and the guys tutoring her?
Why is Davy the only one wearing a prison uniform with a white patch with his prisoner number on it?
Why does the interviewer (Paul Mazursky) never seem to get an interview during his man in the ballroom interview?
Did Mr. Russell lose his Country Club membership?
Why are Mike and Davy’s screen test interviews on “The Farmer’s Daughter” set?

Royal Flush-
Where is Harmonica?
How do the guys expect to pay for the suite?
Why did the maid come back to the suite as the guys were getting set up to be throne merchants?
Why doesn't the first throne have a name?
Why does Peter's hairstyle keep changing from parted in the middle to parted on the side?
Why would you take a lounge raft into the ocean? There's no way that you could use it.
Shouldn't Bettina also have Sigmund arrested?
How did Sigmund know to look at the beach for Bettina?
Why does W. H. Woolhat (Mike) want everything monogrammed?
How do the guys make a throne in 30 seconds flat?
Why doesn't Davy want to visit Harmonica just for Bettina's coronation?
Where does Mike go during the "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day" romp?
How did Archduke Otto quickly grow hair for the “Take A Giant Step” romp?
Why are a few people are wearing sunglasses inside at the party?
What's with that couple stuffing food in each other's mouth during the "Take A Giant Step" romp?
Did Davy ever get his jacket back?
If everybody steals hotel towels, why didn’t Mike, Micky and Davy steal a towel as they are leaving the Rich Swank Hotel?
Why is there no songs listed in the end credits?

Monkee See, Monkee Die-
Does an “eccentric millionaire” with a male “travel companion” mean the late John Cunningham was gay?
How did Davy get into the suit of armor and sneak into the room without making any noise?
How come Mr. Babbitt's lawyer never shows up?
How did they get pajamas without bringing any luggage?
Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that people are being murdered when there are no bodies and no blood to be found?
How did a carrier pigeon and a Saint Bernard happen to be at the mansion to send out a message?
While riding a unicycle next to Mike, how is Peter able to talk on the phone with no cord attached to the phone?
Why doesn't Peter (as the TV repair guy) leave the pad after fixing the TV?
Where is the TV that Peter (as the TV repair guy) fixed?
Why doesn't Davy (as an old lady) say anything to Cunningham's lawyer?
What happened to the organ that the guys inherited- you never see in any episodes?
How did the guys get the cop when the phone lines had been cut?
Why didn't Madame Roselle, Ralph and Kingsley wait to celebrate until after the guys and Ellie left?
Why does the Ghost Of Christmas Past haunt Cunningham Manor?

Monkees Vs. Machine-
Just how does Peter play chess by himself with the pieces glued to the board?
Why do the guys keep their phone inside a chess board?
Just how does someone deliver pianos by bicycle?
What does a Pete Digger job entail?
Why can't Mike touch computer Petunia?
The Monkees invented the boomerang?
Why does Davy say he threw out the boomerang out the patio when he is not seen doing it?
What is the name of the toy factory- Guggins Toys?
Computers have parents and can answer questions?
How did Daggert know to come into the room because there was something wrong with DJ61?
Why are Davy, Micky and Peter (as mothers) flat chested?
Wouldn’t the mothers have to register their child for the toy testing so there enough supplies and such?
Why did the guys use a dune buggy instead of the Monkeemobile during “Saturday’s Child”?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers-
Why doesn't the Four Swine have a singer or drummer?
Why are the guys mumbling the word "rhuburb" and "crackers" over and over before deciding to take Trump up on his offer?
Why does Trump tell the guys they made it into the contest finals instead of the contest organizers?
Why does Peter wash his socks in a drink shaker?
Why is Mike jumping around the pad on a pogo stick?
Why does Peter change into 2 different raincoats when he changes for the kidnapping?
Why is Peter a Dork (on the Chinese theater marquee)?
Why does the pad’s phone change from being red to black?
Why do Mike, Micky and Davy want to throw Peter out the pad's 1st floor bedroom window to attract a passerby when they could just climb out the window?
How do Lester Crabtree and The Three Crabs win the contest since they never signed up for the contest?
After the crowd leaves the pad, why did the Vincent Van Gogh-Gogh Discotheque leave their tables and chairs at the pad?
What does “the universe is permeated with the odor of turpentine” mean?

The Spy Who Came In From The Cool-
How did the CIS get footage of Micky answering the door from the inside of the pad?
How did the police know Peter is the quiet one in the group, Mike is the leader of the group, Micky is a drummer and Davy is the English boy?
How did Micky know the guy had callouses on his hands from just looking at a photo with a head shot?
If Madame Olinsky told Boris that she was going to Argentina, why did she go to somewhere in China?
How did Madame Olinsky get footage of the guys "romping" around?
Why is Peter in a bathtub with Mike, Davy and Micky pulling him down the street?
Where did the flag on one of the bed posts in the ending sequence come from?
Why is Davy lying on a bed being pulled by Mike, Micky and Peter Down the street?
How are the guys "America's Latest Secret Weapon"?

Success Story-
Why does this episode start out with the subcredits?
Why does Davy's grandfather have a different accent than Davy?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the autograph seeker (actress Ceil Cabot) was the Rich Swank Hotel chambermaid turned owner in “Royal Flush”?
If the guys can't afford to pay for the telegram from Davy's grandfather and they trick the telegram delivery guy out of paying for it, how did Micky pay the guy for the telegram later in the episode?
Why is the telegram delivery guy so intent on having someone sign for a wire?
How can Mike be pulling a horse and clearing the dinner dishes at the same time?
Why does the ice cream vender want his jacket back when he already got a new one?
Why does Mike trim his hat's pom pom?
Where did Davy go when he and his grandfather arrived at the airport?
Why does their neighbor just walk into the pad without knocking looking for food?
Why did Peter get a goodbye hug from Davy and Mike & Micky get a handshake?
What happened to the armful of clothes that Davy's grandfather was carrying after leaving Micky's counter?

Monkees In A Ghost Town-
Why didn't they have their instruments in the car when they got to the town- they were going to an out of town gig?
If the guys have been out in the sun 150 miles out of their way, how come they aren't a little sunburned?
Why didn't Micky give Lenny back his ball when Lenny told Micky not to lose it?
Just how far do the guys dig in order to find an Egyptian Pyramid, a baseball field, a jungle and railroad tracks?
Why is Micky holding a Raggedy Ann doll when he told George and Lenny that they would win a Kewpie doll?
Why is Micky carrying out a guitar to the Monkeemobile instead of his drums?
Why is Mike playing the piano instead of Peter?
How did Milly get song lyrics for “The Monkees Theme”?
How did George and Lenny get to the town without a car?
Why is Bessie going to form Bessie and The Bullets with Lenny and George when she has never heard them sing or play any instruments?
How did the guys get the police to the ghost town when the phone wasn't working out?
How did the cop know that the guys crossed the street in between the street light turning red to green and performed in a cabaret without a license?
How did the Monkeemobile have gas at then end of the episode when the guys never found any gas?

Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth-
Why is there an old boot attached to the wall outside the pad's door?
Why does Mike say "Hey I think he likes it" before the horse takes a sip of the cream of root beer soup?
Why do the guys have a horse costume?
If Dr. Mann told Mike he would be right over why did Mike go to see him?
Since when do veterinarians answer their own office phone?
Why did Dr. Mann only bring a magnifying glass to examine the horse?
Why is Dumphy the Wonder dog?
Why do they drive a jeep to the farm instead of the Monkeemobile?
Why did the guys sleep in the barn?
How did the stuffed vulture able to wink?

The Chaperone-
Did Davy invite himself to dinner?
Why does the Vandenburg house look a lot like the Stephens' house on "Bewitched"?
Why is Peter in a bathtub with Mike, Davy and Micky pulling him down the street?
Why is Mike seen laying on a dolly cart holding a large plant at the beginning of the "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day" romp?
Why does a goldfish come out of the juice squeezer?
How can Mike make a cake without an oven?
Why did Mike make such a tall cake?
Why is Micky (as Mrs. Arcadian) flat chested?
After the "This just doesn't seem to be my day" romp, how do the balloons and streamer seem to just lift into place over the table?
If the guys are so poor, how can they afford a maid and party food & decorations?
Why does Mrs. Weefers tell the guys she comes the last Tuesday of every month with an “R” in it when Micky says the maid comes the last Thursday of a month with an “R” in it in “Monkee Mayor”?
How can Micky be playing and singing "Take A Giant Step" while also singing and dancing with General Vandenberg in the audience?
If Micky is trying to impersonate an old Army buddy of General Vandenburg, why doesn't he call General Vandenburg by his first name?
Why is there a Mr. Clean guy, Tarzan and a telescope looking at elephants bathing seen at the pad during "Take A Giant Step"?
How can Micky (as Mrs. Arcadian) give back a ring from General Vandenburg when General Vandenburg never gave it to Micky (as Mrs. Arcadian)?
How did Mike come up with the name "Arcadian"?
Why does Micky love Venice?
Is General Vanderburg divorced or widowed?
Why didn’t Micky (as Col. Dolenz) forget to tell General Vandenburg the time and place of the party?
Does Mr. Babbitt come to the party uninvited?
How did the stuffed vulture able to wink?

Monkees A La Carte-
Why don't the guys bite into the sub?
How is Davy able to recover so quickly from being hit by Fuselli (only needing a band-aid during the short meeting at the pad)?
How does Peter only shoot the gun once but there is two holes in the dough during the “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone” romp?
Why doesn’t Benny The Book ever get his gingerale?
How did Micky record his voice over Fuselli’s voice when he was rewinding the tape?
What happened to the tic tac dough games Mike and Davy did in the lower right corner of the map?
The guys as hat check and cigarette girls?
What's so tough about finding purple flowers like violets?
How did Big Flora know that Fuselli would serve Italian food (so she didn't need to bring her dog taster who hates Italian food)?
What did the members of the Purple Flower Gang do to land in jail?
How did the guys get out of the restaurant in order to come back as The Purple Flower Gang?
Did Mike, Micky and Davy get cleared of being members of The Purple Flower Gang?

I've Got A Little Song Here-
Why doesn't Micky say goodbye to Mike when he hangs up?
Is it a coincidence that the letter from High Class Music Publishers had 5 cents due and Mike was short a nickel for incidentals?
How did Hercules Body Building School get Peter's name?
Did Bernie know Hilda- the phone call Bernie makes pretending to talk to Joanie Jans about Mike’s song?
Why does Bernie allow Micky, Davy and Peter to tune his piano when he didn't call for a piano tuner?
Why did Mike make his pay phone calls so quick?
How did Mike have money to make phone calls on a pay phone after he gave Bernie all his money (and was also 5 cents short)?
Why does Mike tell Bernie that he is 21 when he was actually 24?
Why does Mike bring Bernie a song written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart?
Why does Bernie think “I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog” is a ballod?
Why can’t there be 2 different songs who just happened to be titled “My Funny Valentine”?
(NOTE: in the 80’s when the Monkees release Heart And Soul” as a single there was also another song titled “Heart And Soul” by one hit wonder group T’Paul)
How did Micky know the studio was run by someone named "MD"?
How does Mike easily get on the movie lot when Micky (as "MD"), Peter, and Davy were stopped by the guard?
What did Peter write on his notepad when he is one of MD's assistants?
Why does Peter park the Monkeemobile in a spot reserved for Dean Martin?
Why is there a sign that says "Denver Chamber Of Commerce" on the bedroom wall?
How did Mike get to the studio to sign Bernie's contract when Micky, Peter and Davy had the Monkeemobile?
Why are Mike, Micky and Davy chasing Peter around the studio's catwalk and then shoot at him during the "Mary, Mary" romp?
Why did Peter have trouble flying?
Why would Peter need to change into a Monkeeman at the end of the episode?

One Man Shy (Peter And The Debutante)-
How did Valerie hear about the Monkees?
If Valerie and Peter both liked each other, why didn’t they continue to date?
If the Cyrano De Bergerac method of mouthing the words someone else is saying didn't work for Cyrano, why did Micky suggest it for Peter?
How can the bottle follow Davy out the door?
Why does Micky want to know who get the bottle they use for the spin the bottle game?
Why doesn't the girl partisipating in the spin the bottle game say anything?
Are the guys 3rd rate or 5th rate musicians?
How did Ronnie get a picture of the Monkees?
Why is Ronnie wearing a black cape at the party?
Why did garcon Davy hand the mallet he used to push in the cork of the wine bottle further to a lady in a table next to Ronnie and Valerie?
Why didn’t Valerie and Ronnie find out what music the guys will be playing at the party?
Why didn't Peter say goodbye to Valerie on the phone after she called him for a date?
Why did Peter come to the party by bus when the guys have the Monkeemobile?
How did Ronnie get a picture of the guys?

Dance, Monkees, Dance-
Where are Mike, Micky and Davy during at the beginning of the episode when Peter was on the phone?
Why do the guys keep their phone under a clear glass cake cover?
Why does Mike wear glasses as the judge at Peter's trial?
If Davy is an employee at Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go, wouldn't he know that there would be an open house for possible new applicants?
How can you have a lifetime contract with an option for renewal?
Why is Davy going to show up for all his lessons when he didn't sign a contract?
How did Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go get the pad's phone number?
How does Peter get a contract to show Mike when Renaldo didn't give him a copy after Peter signed it?
Why are the sheets Micky gets from the writers blank and a different color from the ones the writers typed onto?
How come Renaldo does not notice that Micky is dressed in a dance instructor's uniform as he is helping lead the ladies in the room for their free lesson?
Why are Mike, Micky and Peter mumbling the word "rhuburb" and "crackers" while Davy mumbles the British slang "krackers" over and over before deciding to get the Dancing Smoothies?
Why is there a credit in the end credits for a "timid man" (actor Spephan Coit)?

Too Many Girls (Davy And Fern)-
Why is Mrs. Badderly's place called "Ye Old Tea Room" (the sign on the door) and called "Gypsy Tea Room" on the table placecard?
Why didn't Micky take his tea leaves home since he wanted something to read in bed?
Why did Mrs. Badderly come over to read the guys' tea leaves on request but the guys never request that their tea leaves be read?
Why does Mrs. Badderly believe that Fern should have a show biz career with Davy?
Why is Fern wearing a long hair wig when Davy comes back to judge the pagaent?
Why is Fern the only contestant in the beauty pagaent?
Just how is Mike able to blow up tires using his own breath?
Why are Mike, Micky and Peter wearing old-fashioned style suits when Fern takes their picture?
How is it that Mike (as Billy Roy Hodstetter), Micky (as Locksley Mandoza) and Peter (as The Astonishing Pietro) and The Monkees perform on the "Ted Hack's Amateur Hour" without being booked on the show?
If Mike, Micky and Peter are so concerned about Davy leaving, why didn't they lock Davy inside the pad and have someone watch him?
Why does Peter hold up a shirt and hat when asking where Davy was but Davy was never wearing that hat or shirt?
How does Davy pull the 8 inch chain attached to his ankle up to his face?
How can Fern have her tea leaves read when she didn’t drink any tea?
Why did Peter answer the Gypsy Tea Room’s phone?
Where were the guys going when they came across the guy with the Gypsy Tea Room sandwich board?

Son Of Gypsy-
Why is Davy holding a guitar as they are waiting to hear if they got the booking?
Why did Marco have to find out where the guards were stationed when Maria already knew?
Why does Zeppo wear a hat on his head instead of a scarf?
Why didn’t Micky notice that the actor as the party guest was sometime “Monkees” TV series director Jim Frawley?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Marco (actor Vincent Beck) was Sigmund in “Royal Flush”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Rocco (actor Vic Tayback) was George in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Maria (actress Elizabeth Camp) was a dance applicant in “Dance, Monkees, Dance”?
Doesn't Maria look too young to be the mother of Rocco, Kiko, Zeppo and Marco?
Why would Davy need a rabbit to open the safe?
How can a safe play "Last Train To Clarksville"?
A switchblade is a traditional gypsy weapon?
How do the gypsies get boars teeth?
Why does Marco make that horse like "naaay" sound then gets a sugar cube from Maria?
Why does Micky forget to fall down when Rocco had predicted that he would?
Why do Mike and Davy throw a message in a bottle out the window when they are not near any water?
Why is a fire alarm siren heard as Mike and Micky are holding their lit matches but there is no fire alarm seen?
Why do the clamps for the detonation device keep becoming attached to the safe then unattached?
Where did the gypsy vail dancer come from?
Why did Maria tell Marco to find where the guards were stationed when she already knew?

Case Of The Missing Monkee-
Is there a connection between Professor Schnitzler and Godfrey Von Schnitzler (from “I Was A Teenage Monster”)?
Why did Dr. Marcovich and Bruno recognize Peter as one of the doctors?
Why did the guys leave after tying up Dr. Marcovich and Bruno and not call the police?
Why aren't there any patients at the Remington Clinic?
How does Peter recover from amnesia so quickly?
Why would TV Guide call the Remington Clinic?
Just how do you get an ambulance across the ocean?
What was Dr. Mike going to do to Micky with peanut butter?
Why was the nurse so quick to say that the there is no Professor Schnitzler at the clinic?
Why does the Remington Clinic only have a maternity ward for women with last names starting with A to F?
Why did the nurse ask if Davy if he is old enough to qualify for Medicare?
Why would the nurse give Peter a cough drop if he doesn’t have a cough?
Why has the pad's address changed from 1334 N. Beachwood to 1438 N. Beachwood?
Why didn’t the guys notice the girl (actress Valerie Kairys) Mike serenades was Davy’s girlfriend in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”?
Why does Mike’s hat disappear when he hides under the gurney?

I Was A Teenage Monster-
Is there a connection between Godfrey Von Schnitzler and Professor Schnitzler (from “Case Of The Missing Monkee”)?
Why didn’t Davy bring his maracas and tambourine into Dr. Mendoza’s mansion?
Why does Davy’s maracas have an electric cord attached to it at the end of the episode?
If Mike is so scared of the monster why did he allow Peter to have him as a pet?
What is so vitally important about Bossa Nova lessons?
Why does Davy want the monster's name to be Italian?
Why didn't Dr. Mendoza and Groot hear the explosions from Micky's attempts to reverse the spell, but they hear a glass beaker break?
How did the guys recover so quickly from amnesia?
How are the guys and the Monster able to make their sound so loud and clear without using any amps?
Why is Clyde Schneidel of Dusseldorf, Germany the evilest person of all?
If Micky knows "all about this electrical junk", why did it take him several attempts to get it right?
How was Micky able to repair his drums so quickly after the Monster destroyed them?
Why are Micky and Davy wearing improperly fitted wigs as scientists?
How did Dr. Mandoza find the Monkees?
Who are the people who join in the chase and sit around a campfire in the “Your Auntie Grizelda” romp?
Micky stops to talk to the Doctor’s daughter a second time as the others leave to go to the lab, how can he be the second person to enter the lab?
Why did Mike have to ask the name of the street since the guys found the street earlier?

Find The Monkees (The Audition)-
If the guys are starving, how can they afford to rent a tape recorder?
Why is Micky bothered by a fly when there is no fly seen?
How can the guys audition on the street using a phone without creating a big public disturbance?
How are the guys able to audition from the phone booth without using any amps and their music sounds loud and clear?
How are the music groups able to make their sound so loud and clear without using any amps?
Why do Miss Chomsky and Davy refer to Benson's boxer shorts as just "polka dots"?
Why did the other groups come with Benson to find the guys at the beach?
Why didn't the guys change clothes before leaving the pad to become the band Benson is looking for?
Why do Mike and Micky cheat at cards with Mr. Schneider?
Where did Benson's masseuse go when he was following Benson as Benson wheeled his gurney into the other room to talk to Miss Chomsky about the dictaphone?
Didn't Benson fire Miss Chomsky and yet she is still helping him look for the group?
Why does Mike keep putting his sunglasses on then off during the closing interview?

Monkees In The Ring-
Where are Mike and Micky at the beginning of the episode?
Why do the guys keep misprouncing Sholto's name?
What does Davy do if his opponent's mother is dead?
Why don't you hear Davy's lead pipe hit the ground after he tosses it aside?
Is Davy wearing oven mitts as he is training?
Why does Davy have a different colored robe for the championship fight?
Why is Davy using a phone receiver as a weight dumbbell?
Why did Scholto want to get Rocco when Mike, Micky and Peter accompany Davy on his first visit to Scholto's gym?
Why does the pad have a different door (the door used for Cunningham Manor in "Monkee See, Monkee Die", Dr. Mandoza's mansion in "I Was A Teenage Monster" and the mansion in "Monstrous Monkee Mash")?
How does Davy call his mother after he wins a fight since she died when he was 14?
Don't you usually hear the National Anthem before (not after) a sporting event?

The Prince And The Paupers-
What happened to Ludlow's father- the king?
Where is Peruvia?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the courtier (actor Donald Foster) was the Rolls Royce owner in “Success Story”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Max (actor Joe Higgins) was the Guard in “Here Come The Monkees (The Pilot)”?
Where were Mike and Davy (impersonating Prince Ludlow) going when they went into the closet?
Why didn't Mike remember that the door they were going to go through was the closet?
Just what kind of peculiar talents does Davy have?
Why didn't Ludlow/ Davy wear his crown at the wedding?
Did Davy's crown fall off his head by mistake when Mike keeps pushing him down on the throne?
What kind of hosts are Micky and Peter when they are eating a bowl of potato chips and don’t offer a hungry Ludlow any?
Why does Prince Ludlow tell Davy he came to "your country" to find a bride, when Davy is from England?
Why is Micky wearing those ugly round glasses?
Why didn't Davy introduce Prince Ludlow to Mike, Micky and Peter?
Why does Prince Ludlow ask Davy for a favor by whispering in Davy's ear?
How did Davy (impersonating Prince Ludlow) explain who Mike is?
At the last scene at the reception, when Mike is leaning on the window frame, why does his elbow go right through the "glass"?

Monkees At The Circus-
Haven't the guys ever heard of trespassing?
Why is the last knife thrown at Davy thrown after Victor turned to leave?
Why is Peter still wearing his mustache after changing back from being a Mozarella brother?
Why are Mike and Peter able to walk through each other on a tight rope?
How does Peter regain his balance and the tray of glasses when the Mozarella brothers are doing their tightrope trick?
If Victor has no intention to perform, why is he wearing his costume?
How is being a brain surgeon a carry over of skills for farming?

Captain Crocodile-
Why is the Captain so paranoid that the Monkees are going to take over his show?
How does Micky repair his drums so quickly after they explode in order to be used in the "Valleri" video?
Why does Mike has a different gutair for the "Valleri" video?
Why is there a bra hanging on the side of the horse troth when the last kid got out of the horse troth?
How did Junior get Australia on the phone in less than a second?
Why does it take Micky so long to get a dial tone on the phone?
Did Micky drop his drumstick by mistake when he was learning to work with TV cameras?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the stage manager (actor Larry Gelman) was the director in “I’ve Got A Little Song Here”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Pintoff (actor Oliver McGowan) was McQuinney in “Monkee See, Monkee Die”?
What's a wicked step ladder?
Why does Junior ask his father to bring him back a Panda bear from Australia when Pandas are from China not Australia?
Did Junior ever get his panda bear?
Why do they call the new show that replaced "Captain Crocodile" the "Monkees Menagerie" when the host is Howard Needleman?

Monkees A La Mode-
Is there a connection between Rob Roy Fingerhead and Sherry Fingerhead (Mugsy from “Alias Micky Dolenz”)?
Why is Mike hiding a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes when they are one of the TV show's sponsors?
Why do the guys keep an old lantern in the refrigerator and a old ax hidden inside a ceiling lamp?
Just how much is the pad's monthly rent?
When Davy and Micky are patriot Paul Revere (Micky) and British red coat soldier (Davy), why is Davy wearing a blue coat when he is supposed to be a British red coat soldier?
Why is Micky wearing Mike's green hat during the "Laugh" romp?
Why is there a gun next to Mike's poker chips during the "Laugh" romp?
Why did Micky lie, at first, about where he was born?
Wouldn't you think that the guys' friends/ girlfriends know that they don't do those snobbish things written in the article?
Why do 3 sophisticated college educated ladies interview the guys when they are not going to write the article on the guys?
Why didn't the 3 sophisticated college educated ladies interview Peter?
Why is Davy trying to feed a stuffed plush toy giraffe?
Why is Peter carrying around a large gavel?
Why is Mike trimming his hat's pom pom?
Why is there nothing written on the paper supposedly written by Madame Quagmire?
How could Toby get headshot pictures of the guys in order to show Madame Quagmire her choice for “Typical Young People Of The Year”?
How did Toby know what career the guys were pursuing?
Why didn’t the guys notice Toby (actress Valerie Kairys) was Davy’s girlfriend in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers” and the girl Mike serenades in "Case Of The Missing Monkee"?
What is the rest of Monkee Telegram #26A?
How could Mike have hurt his foot with the rock by the way he discarded it?

Alias Micky Dolenz-
Why doesn't Babyface have several aliases like his gang?
Why is Mike carrying around his guitar?
Where are Davy and Peter at the beginning of the episode?
Is there a connection between Sherry Fingerhead (Mugsy) and Rob Roy Fingerhead (from “Monkees A La Mode”)?
Why is Ruby seen unconscious before she is knocked unconscious (during “The Kind Of Girl I Could Love”)?
Why didn’t the police tell Micky about that third member of Babyface’s gang?
If the cop can't tell Micky from Baby Face, why doesn't he just take their fingerprints?
Why don't Mike, Peter and Micky seem to miss Davy during the episode's story?
How did Tony and Vince get into the pad without being seen by Mike, Micky or Peter?
Why does Micky walk into Vince but says "Hi Tony"?
Who is Dale?
Why would a policeman give away evidence (the jewelry)?
Davy was not in the whole episode, so why is there for "Mary, Mary"?

Monkee Chow Mien-
Why are the Chinese sore at the Russians?
When everybody starts chasing each other, why did a Chinese lantern at the top left of the screen disappear between cuts?
At one point during the "Your Auntie Grizelda" romp, why is Davy being carried around by a gorilla?
Why does Peter write such big notes?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Dragonman (actor Joey Foreman) was Captain Crocodile in “Captain Crocodile”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Toto (actor Gene Dynarski) was Zeppo in “Son Of Gypsy”?
Why does Monkeeman Mike keep losing his glasses?
How did Mr. Schneider get back to the pad since the Toto and Chang never returned him?
If Inspector Blaunt saw the guys take the cotton out of their ears, why did he yell “good work men”?
If the guys knew The China Boy Club was run by evil Chinese, why did they go back there to eat?

Monkee Mother-
Why did Milly come into the pad a few minutes after Mr. Babbitt said that she would be there in an hour?
Where is Lynbrook?
If Milly went shopping, where are her packages?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Milly (actress Rose Marie) was Bessie Kawolski in “Monkees In A Ghost Town”?
Did Milly steal a shopping cart when she brought Clarisse home with Clarisse sitting on one?
Why does Clarisse say she doesn't care?
Are they going to keep Clarisse?
Where is Milly going to sleep at the Pad?
Why does Milly get Mike and Micky’s names mixed up?
What did Alice want Mike to talk about?
Why is Micky wearing those ugly round glasses?
What's with the peanut/ popcorn vendor coming into the opened door of the pad selling food?
How can Peter get overheated playing ping pong by himself if the guys don't have a ping pong table?
Did Larry's mom approve of Milly marrying Larry and living with them?
Why is Larry's mom absent from the wedding reception?

Monkees On The Line-
What is Micky is typing?
What is Peter supposed to be doing as Micky is typing?
Why is Mike’s face dry a split second after being spritzed with water?
Why are there a gorilla, a torch runner, a football player and a girl wrapped in a towel chasing around with Davy and the Smiths?
Why didn’t Davy tell the Smiths that he was from Urgent Answering Service?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Mrs. Drehdal was Big Flora in “Monkees A La Carte”?
Why didn’t Micky, Davy and Peter ask Mike where Mrs. Drehdal went after they revived him with water?
Why would Mrs. Drehdal leave the guys alone at the Urgent Answering Service after they were hired just a few minutes earlier?
Why does Mrs. Drehdal leave for Jamaica without any luggage?
Where does Mrs. Drehdal expect to stay in Jamaica since she never made a hotel reservation?
Is Mrs. Drehdal going to surf to Jamaica since she never made any transportation arrangements?
Why did Miss Farnsby call Mike "Jeffrey"?
How can Micky speak to Mike on the phone when the phone is not attached to any cord?
How does anyone know to call Micky at Urgent Answering Service when the guys just got the job a few minutes earlier?

Monkees Get Out More Dirt-
Why do the guys go to a laundromat when they have one complete with a kiln (seen briefly in "A Coffin Too Frequent")?
What's with Peter being inside a washer?
Why does Mike have a “reserved” washer?
Why does April's Laundromat have so many signs on the wall?
If Mike is wearing black boots, why does he hold up a black high top sneaker?
Why did April put on a blindfold at one point to help Davy paint his mural?
If April is too nervous to write a letter how did Dr. Sisters get a letter from her?
What are the odds that Dr. Sisters would read Peter's "tormented" letter just as he turns the TV?
How did Peter write Dr. Sisters without an address?
How did Dr. Sisters get Peter's letter so quickly in order to read it on the air just as Peter turns on the TV?
Why did Davy want to trade Mike for the bathroom right away- did he have to go?

Monkees In Manhattan (Monkees Manhattan Style)-
When Peter falls "sick", why does Davy say "but it's 9 AM" then a few minutes later Micky says it's 10 o'clock?
What is the medical condition "sham"?
Why does Weatherwax's glasses have no glass?
Why does Micky (as a doctor) put on his glasses upside down?
What happened with Medicare?
Why does the waiter have such an unusual name?
What's with the clown with a dog and a juggler in the hall when "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" romp begins?
If Weatherwax tells Baker and the guys to get out of the hotel in 20 minutes around noon time, why is it dark outside when they do leave the hotel for the Millionaires Club?
How do rabbits multiply so fast?
Why does Micky bite his hand as he is eating?
While Mike, Micky and Davy eat very fast because they are hungry, why does Peter cut his sandwich into smaller pieces and eat very slowly?
Just who are the earliest rich people?
How did the millionaires know about the play before the guys had told them about the play?
Why did the guys switch instruments for “Words” video?

Monkees At The Movies-
If the sand is so hot, why didn't the guys cool them off in the ocean instead of just jumping up and down in pain?
Why is Mike carrying around a kite in the pad?
When Kramm and Frankie are reviewing the footage, why does Frankie pop out then back into the beauty pageant scene wearing a different outfit?
How do the guys get into the movie projection room?
Why does "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" song end so suddenly?
Why does Frankie (then Davy) wear a blonde wig for the movie?
Did Frankie come back to Kramm when he found the Mammoth Studios closed and Davy declining the role?
How come Kramm didn't recognize that the top 3 songs on "The Crazy Micky The D" show are the same song?
Why does Micky say that he was counting down the top 5 songs of the week when he only did the top 3 songs?
Why is Mike only person playing an instrument and other instruments besides a guitar is heard on the songs from the “The Crazy Micky The D” countdown?
How did they get Kramm's radio to hear Davy singing?
How come Kramm didn’t recognize Mike, Peter and Micky as reporters from various magazines were the extras he hired for his movie?
Why are there in the end credits 2 people billed for a role of “mother” (actress Aileen Carlisle) and “girl” (actress Pamelyn Ferdin)?

Monkees On Tour-
Why did the guys film the opening teaser on the "Bewitched" TV series and not on the Pad set?
Why are Mike, Micky and Peter wearing long fake beards?
Why is Micky wearing rollerskates while meeting and greeting fans?
Why didn't Mike go horseback riding?
Where is Peter when Mike, Davy, and Micky visit the radio station?
Who are those lucky girls who got to watch Mike, Peter and Davy eat?

It's A Nice Place To Visit-
Why are they in Mexico- a gig?
Where is El Monotono, Mexico?
How did Mike, Micky and Peter get wine in their glasses for the second toast when they never refilled them?
Why didn't El Diablo also take Mike, Micky and Peter to the camp since they may try to rescue Davy?
Does Micky rip El Diablo's letter by mistake?
How did Davy get his hands untied in order to show Peter the shape of an 8?
How do Davy’s maracas change from red & green to blue after finishing “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round” at Pedro’s Cafe?
How does Micky’s hair change from being an afro to straight after finishing “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round” at Pedro’s Cafe?
How does Peter get a bass instead of a banjo after finishing “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round” at Pedro’s Cafe?
How does Mike get his hat so quick after finishing “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round” at Pedro’s Cafe?
Why can’t Davy ride a horse since he had training as a jockey?
Why is Davy carrying a copy of the Beatles album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" during parts of the "What Am I Doing Hangin' Round" romp?
Why does it seem that the end scene (after the "What Am I Doing Hangin' Round" romp) seem to have been edited out?

The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)-
Why does Mike keep losing his sunglasses during the interrogation?
Why is there an Impressionist like painting in Mike, Micky, and Davy’s cell?
How did the guys get such a very speedy trial?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the Sergaent (actor Dort Clark) was the inspector in “Monkees A La Carte”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the bank Vice-President (actor Donald Foster) was the Rolls Royce owner in “Success Story” and the courtier in “The Prince And The Paupers”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the Lawyer (actor Art Lewis) was the Inspector in “Find The Monkees (The Audition)”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the District Attorney (actor Don Sherman) was the patrolman in “Alias Micky Dolenz”?
How was Peter able to sneak 3 nail files into the jail for Mike, Micky and Davy?
Why is Micky wearing those ugly round glasses?
Where does the sound effect (the NBC trademark) come from when Mike, Micky and Davy present each other degrees?
Don't court records use people's formal names (their full first, middle and last name) in court and on any court documents?
Why are Davy, Micky and Mike declared innocent by the judge instead of the jury?
How can Mike open a time locked safe by using his hands as a clock?
Why did Micky say to the bank participants to come to the studio tomorrow at 7:30/ 8 o’clock for make-up and wardrobe?
Is Mike allergic to popcorn?
Where did Mike's sunglasses go when the police threatened to throw the book at them?
Why did a witness say in court that Mike had threatened to blow up the safe with a dynamite stick when he didn’t have any dynamite at the bank?
Why is Mike making faces at the camera during the first verse of "Randy Scouse Git”?

Everywhere A Sheik Sheik-
Where is Nahudi?
Why is Davy's picture in a magazine?
Why does Micky keep losing his sunglasses as Peter, Mike and Micky are reading the wedding invitation?
Why doesn't Peter want to be Nahudi's Director Of Forests?
Why is Mike (as Secretary Of State) writing the Ice Capades?
What are the odds that the small dart hits the necklace instead of Davy?
During the banquet, why is Micky peeling bananas and Peter disposing the peels under the table?
Why is Colette seen at the banquet kissing Davy during the "Love Is Only Sleeping" romp when she is forbidden to attend the banquet by Nahudi law?
Did Micky get poked in the eye during the “Love Is Only Sleeping” romp?
Why does Mike pull a feather out of his hat?
Why does Vidaru put a tarp over Davy's sheik outfit just as he is going to meet Colette?
If Vidaru doesn’t want to be found out, why is he acting so suspiciously?

Monkee Mayor-
If the guys are so poor, how can they afford a maid?
Why does Micky say the maid comes the last Thursday of a month with an “R” in it when she told the guys she comes the last Tuesday of every month with an “R” in it in "The Chaperone"?
There just happen to be a mayoral race when Mike decides to do something about the parking lots?
Why do their neighbors barge into the pad without knocking?
Why are all the guys' neighbors elderly?
Where do all the neighbors sleep at the pad?
What's with that adult midget in a baby carriage during the "No Time" romp?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Mayor Motley (actor Irwin Charone) was the movie producer in “I’ve Got A Little Song Here”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Zeckenbush (actor Monte Landis) was King Hassar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
Why is the folder closed when Peter is reading about a parking lot being torn down to make room for a parking lot?
How did Mayor Motley know that the camera belonged to the guys?
Why does Zeckenbush just barge into the pad without knocking?
Why did Mayor Motley’s secretary say that Mike has “leads a nothing life” with no job firings or arrests but in the episodes “Monkees Vs. Machine”, “Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth”, “Success Story”, “Monkees A La Carte” & “Monkees Paw” he was fired and arrested in the episodes “The Picture Frame” & “Monkees On The Wheel”?
How could someone find out Mike brushes his teeth 3 times a day?
How did Mike get his hat so quickly at the beginning of the “No Time” romp?
How come Mike was not introduced by an announcer when he was on TV?
Why is Mike suddenly wearing his wool hat after the wrecking ball comes into the pad?

Art, For Monkees Sake-
Why is Peter painting in the museum when museums would never allow people to paint next to exhibits?
When the guard starts to come down the ladder rope, it didn't dawn on the guys that it might be the other guard?
Did Peter apologize to the post for running into it?
Why didn't Davy check out Studio 3?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Duce (actor Monte Landis) was Zeckenbush in “Monkee Mayor” and King Hassar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Cuche (actor Vic Tayback) was Rocco in “Son Of Gypsy” and George in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”?
Why does the bearded artist show up during the "Randy Scouse Git" romp?
Why doesn't the curator check the museum out in the morning before conducting tours?
Why is Micky wearing his shirt backwards during “Daydream Believer”?

I Was A 99# Weakling-
What's with that sweeper at Shah-Ku's gym?
Who was that guy sleeping on the beach as Micky jogs past the volleyball net?
Why is Davy's voice heard as the voice of Mr. Schneider?
How come doctors hang out at the beach with stethoscope and bag in hand waiting for someone to call for a doctor?
If the guys are too poor for Micky to join a health club, how can they afford steak from the grocery store and hot dogs from a street vendor?
Why does Peter tell Davy that he will pay Davy back for the hot dog after he gets paid next week since Peter does not have a job?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Shah-Ku (actor Monte Landis) was Duce in “Art, For Monkees Sake”, Zeckenbush in “Monkee Mayor” and King Hassar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
How do the guys suddenly appear as Monkeemen during the "Sunny Girlfriend" romp?
Why Mike does appear walking by on a surfboard during the "Sunny Girlfriend" romp?

Hillbilly Honeymoon-
How come Davy can't keep his face clean?
Where is Swineville?
Why is Davy out from hiding in the bag during “Papa Gene’s Blues”?
With so many shots fired, why doesn’t anyone get killed or wounded?
Where was Maw when Mike, Micky and Peter are teaching Judd manners?
Where are Mike's wife and kid?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the preacher (actor Jim Boles) was Farmer Fisher in “Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth”?
After being attracted to Davy since the beginning of the episode, why does Ella Mae suddenly get cold feet about marrying Davy when she had to be coaxed to answer "I do"?
Why do hillbilly people live a long life built on hate and vengence?

Monkees Marooned-
Who is the person in the background during the opening and closing scene?
Where did Sheldon Leonard get the treasure map?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Jim Frawley (sometime director and the party guest in “Son Of Gypsy”) was Dr. Schwartzkof?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Sheldon Leonard (actor Don Sherman) was the District Attorney in “The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)” and the patrolman in “Alias Micky Dolenz”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Major Pshaw (actor Monte Landis) was Shah-Ku in “I Was A 99 Pound Weakling”, Duce in “Art, For Monkees Sake”, Zeckenbush in “Monkee Mayor” and King Hassar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
If the guys were really going to go treasure hunting, wouldn't you think they should bring some shovels?
Why don’t the guys consult the map instead of just walking around the island looking for the treasure?
How did Dr. Schwartzkof get on the island without Major Pshaw knowing it?
How does Kimba stay on the island without Major Pshaw knowing it?
How can Kimba know what happens in the next scene if it hasn’t happened yet?
How does Kimba's wife and Mike's aunts survive all those years inside the treasure chest?
How did Kimba know what happened to his son?
Didn't Kimba's wife run off with a casting director?
Why didn’t Major Pshaw ask about Kimba the second time the guys were captured by Major Pshaw?
How does a deserted island get electricity?
Why does Peter think the missing boat could be under a small rock?

Card Carrying Red Shoes-
Where is Druvania?
What song are Micky, Davy and Peter attempting to play on the Druvanian instruments?
Why is there a lady in a towel backstage at the ballet?
Why does Micky keep repeating "Ward I don't wanna be a chicken" when he is changing into the chicken costume?
Where did their instruments go so Natasha could hide inside the case?
Why does Peter keep losing the horn instrument he supposed to play during the beginning tag?
How does Natasha recover from a sprained ankle so quickly?
Why didn’t Ivan and Nicolai take Natasha when they apprehended Peter?
How can a wall be disconnected?
Why didn’t Micky, Davy and Peter notice that Ivan (actor Vincent Beck) was Marco in “Son Of Gypsy” and Sigmund in “Royal Flush”?
Is Davy knocking Micky’s cossack hat off on purpose?
Why does Micky feel honored to be a chicken in the ”Wild Monkees” episode but doesn’t want to be a chicken in this episode?

The Wild Monkees-
Why is the video for "Goin' Down" seen first?
You can scare someone out of choking?
Isn't water from a car's petrol tank toxic?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Mr. Blauner (actor Henry Corden) was their landlord Mr. Babbitt in “Monkee See, Monkee Die”, “Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth”, “The Chaperone” and “Monkee Mother”?
Why didn't Davy notice that Queenie was the same actress who played the nurse that he looked over with a magnifying glass in the hall in "Case Of The Missing Monkee"?
If there is a big annual riding contest, why are the guys along with Queenie, Ann, Jan and Nan the only people staying at Henry Cabot Lodge?
Why are the Black Angels and the guys (The Chickens) the only participants in the annual riding contest?
If Peter is the Henry Cabot Lodge's gardener, why is he wearing overalls that say "Parks Department" on the back?
If The Loyal Order Of The Chickens are going to have a course on ear piercing, why does Peter already have one of his ears pierced?
If the guys were going to leave Henry Cabot Lodge, why didn't the guys change clothes before they walked out the door?
What's with the stuffed monkey seen hanging on Micky's back at one point during "Star Collector" romp?
Why does Micky not want to be a chicken in the “Card Carrying Red Shoes” episode but feels honored to be a chicken in this episode?

A Coffin Too Frequent-
If they are in the wrong beds, why do they go back to the same beds?
Why does Henry want to use the Pad for the séance?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Henry Witherspoon (actor George Furth) was Ronnie Farnsworth in “One Man Shy (Peter And The Debtante)”?
What is Elmer going to do for Henry that he has never done in life?
Why didn't anyone recognize Micky's voice when he impersonates Elmer?
Why is Mike seen not holding Micky's hand before it is revealed that Micky impersonating Elmer?
Why does Peter wear glasses as the judge?
Why didn't Davy put on a disguise when attempting to rescue Peter from Mrs. Weatherspoon?
Why is Mike not seen as an angel?
Where did Mike go during most of the "Goin' Down" romp?
Why didn't Peter learn how to read until he was 14 years old?
If they are packing to leave, why is the wicker suitcase empty?
Why doesn't the coffee cup that Mrs. Weatherspoon gives Micky have any coffee in it?
Why is Boris eating lunch at midnight?
How did the Boy Scouts get Micky's phone number?
Why is Micky wearing his shirt backwards during “Daydream Believer”?
Why do Henry, Boris and Mrs. Weatherspoon leave the coffin at the pad?
Why do the guys go to a laundromat (in "Monkees Get Out More Dirt") when they have one complete with a kiln (seen during the "Goin' Down" romp)?
How does Boris knock the front door off its hinges but later opens it normally?
How does Henry throw Mike burning candles when Mike is seen already surrounded by burning candles next to the totem pole?

Hitting The High Seas-
Where is Mike at the beginning of the episode?
Why is the ship's rouster not in alphabetical order?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Harry (actor Norm Pitlik) was Shazar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
After Peter says “same as ever”, why does Micky say “that’s too bad”?
Why doesn’t the lighted cannon that Micky, Peter and Davy steal never go off?
Why is Peter doing a parody of Giacomo Casanova when Davy is bringing the captain some food?
Was it a mistake that the ship’s pothole on the wall fall when Davy opens the door and discoverd Giacomo Casanova (Peter)?
Why does the “Captain" sign fall down on one side after Davy knocks on it?
Wouldn't the captain see the tape around Horace's beak?
Why does Micky say "meow" when he imitates a dog?
If Mike is supposed to be resting after getting seasick, why is he not seen in their quarters?
Why can't Micky, Peter and Davy keep their glasses of buttermilk filled?
Why did the captain give the guys lyrics to the better known pirate songs?
How did the captain know Micky impersonated a parrot and the captain charge him for it?
How did Micky go from kneeling under the curtain in the Captain’s cabin during the close-ups to standing to the far left when the camera pans out?

Monkees In Texas-
They drive in a golf cart half way across the U. S. and they didn't pack any luggage?
Why did the guys drive a golf cart instead of the Monkeemobile?
Why can't Mike spell his last name correctly?
How does Davy put out the fire in the sink by turning the faucet when it is not connected to water pipes?
Why did Mike only introduce Davy to his Aunt?
Why didn’t Peter and Micky notice that Red (actor Len Lesser) was George in “Monkees In A Ghost Town”?
How did Micky and Peter know Black Bart's true identity despite never hearing it?
Why did the Marshall say that he was going to attend the Emmy Awards later in the evening when there was no Emmy Awards that day?
What Emmy Award category would a marshall be up for?
Why is Davy is in disguise when Micky and Peter enter the saloon to get some hired guns?
How did Mike get to the Assayer’s office?
Why can’t Davy ride a horse since he had training as a jockey?
Why does Peter wish that he had vintage 65?
Where did Lucy go during most of the episode?
Was the phone falling off the wall a mistake?
Why does the episode end without a conclusive scenario?

Monkees On The Wheel-
Why does everybody start taking each other's lines?
Where did they get a stretcher in a casino?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the policeman (actor Dort Clark) was the Sergeant in “The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)” and the inspector in “Monkees A La Carte”?
Why didn’t Micky notice that Zelda (actress Joy Harmon) was the bank teller in “The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)”?
What does the guy (David Pearl) have against Wizard Glick?
Why does Peter put his hand over Mike's mouth when the maintenance man comes into the room?
Why is Peter allergic to fake flowers?
Why did Micky ask how to make a capital M?
Why does the roulette dealer say "could you die?" and "separate checks, please"?

The Christmas Show-
What happened to Melvin’s parents?
Why did the guys leave the Vandersnoot Mansion without the $400?
How come Melvin didn't bring any luggage to the pad?
How did Melvin get back to the Vandersnoot Mansion?
Why didn't the guys notice that the butler (actor Burt Mustin) was Kimba in "Monkees Marooned"?
Do you think it was safe for Melvin to go back to the Vandersnoot Mansion by himself?
How come Melvin couldn't figure out that Mike and Peter were playing two different instruments since one has 6 strings and one has 4 strings?
Why does Micky offer Melvin a cardboard box and an empty bottle of Coke in their fantasy shopping spree?
Why does Melvin keep throwing his glasses off during the fantasy shopping spree?
Isn't Melvin a little old (not to mention heavy) to be carried around during the fantasy shopping spree?
Why does the doctor put his stethoscope on Peter's temple and not on his chest?
Why is a picture of Micky from the closing interview from the "Everywhere A Sheik Sheik" episode used when Melvin sees him in the silver platter?
How did the guys know where to contact Melvin's Aunt?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the salesman (actor Larry Gelman) was the stage manager in “Captain Crocodile” and the director in “I’ve Got A Little Song Here”?
How did the guys decide that Micky would be Santa Claus?
How did Davy and Micky get on the Vandersnoot Mansion's roof?
Why are the sheets Davy and Micky are reading “Deck The Halls” from blank?
Why is actress Toby Adler billed in the end credits for the role of "salesgirl" when it was actress Jill Chandler who played the role?

Fairy Tale-
Why is Mike (as Princess Gwen) flat chested?
Why is Princess Gwen wearing a man’s watch and boots?
Why does Mike (as Princess Gwen) keep putting his finger under his chin?
Why does Micky put a piece of cloth over Mike's mouth when Mike is admiring Princess Gwen?
Why are the tailor, the cobbler, the innkeeper, the vagrant and the town crier baby the only residents of Avon-On-Calling?
Did Mike almost lose his princess hat when he was getting back into the carriage?
How are wing tip style shoes good for scaling walls?
There's an automobile club for two guys in horse costumes carrying a lifesize carriage replica?
Why does Peter call out his own name?
Do Mike and Davy work part time at Micky's Inn?
Why does Micky's Inn serve such items as a plastic pig, a stage light, a wooden bench and rubber fruit?
Why didn't Micky send out for sandwiches as Harold had requested?
Why did the guys go searching for the castle (which took several days) without any food or water?
Why did Mike suggest to Peter that Peter propose to Princess Gwen when it is actually Mike?
Why didn’t Mike encounter a character from fairy tales when searching for the castle?
Why didn't Princess Gwen and Harold decide who was going to feed the goldfish?

Monkees Watch Their Feet-
Did Mike drop his mic by mistake?
Why was the Chief wearing a cap that said "doorman"?
Why don't Peter and Davy look into why Mike wasn't around instead of just asking for him?
Micky wears nylons?
What is that strange contraption on the male space alien's face at the beginning of the episode?
Why does Robby The Robot (Micky) have his feet forward as he is leading Davy and Peter to the spaceship?
Why is there a fly in the closing scene?

Monstrous Monkee Mash-
Why is Micky sleeping in the chaise?
Mummys wear red flannel underwear?
Why is the umbrella that Davy carries into the castle folded and dry when it is raining outside?
What happens to the umbrella that Micky is using when Peter knocks on the castle door?
Why does the Uncle carry around an eraser in his pocket?
Why is there a bed in the background inside the underground crypt?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Loreli (actress Arlene Martel) was spy Madame Olinsky in “The Spy Who Came In From The Cool”?
Why didn’t the guys notice the girl (actress Valerie Kairys) that wolfman Micky calls for was Davy’s girlfriend in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”, the girl Mike serenades in “Case Of The Missing Monkee” and Toby in “Monkees A La Mode”?
Why is Mike's name deleted in the end credits for writing "Goin' Down"?

Monkees Paw-
Why did Micky find the paw distasteful while Mike thought it was kind of groovy suddenly switch their opinion?
Why can Micky only say the word "crayon"?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the psychiatrist (actor Severn Darden) was J. B. Guggins in “Monkees Vs. Machine”?
When the club’s owner throws Mike a quarter to buy the paw and Mike fails to catch it, why didn’t they redo the scene until he caught the quarter?
Why didn't the spaghetti come with tomato sauce? (I guess it was lucky for Micky that it didn't because he would have been covered in it)
Why was Micky so desperate to finish off his 3 wishes before they performed on stage?
Why couldn’t Mike, Peter or Davy sing at the gig?
Wouldn't you think Micky would wish for success in the music business?
Why did the manager come into Mendrick’s place without knocking?
How does the IRS track down people who just wish for a large sum of money seconds before so they will pay their taxes on it?
Why is Peter allergic to fake flowers?
How did the manager find out the guys had union troubles? (that's for those people who don't believe in wishing on a monkey's paw)
How did Davy know that Mendrick was interested in purchasing Tazmania and North America?
How did Peter know that Mendrick had a talk show in order to book Mr. Carson?
Who is this pushy guy Mike talks to on Mendrick's phone?
Why is Micky answering Mendrick’s phone when he can’t speak?

The Devil And Peter Tork-
Why couldn't Mr. Zero find Peter some sort of case to carry home the harp in?
Why does Micky bump into the wall when he is going into the downstairs bedroom?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Blackbeard (actor Ted De Corsia) was Frank in “Hitting The High Seas”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the Devil/ Mr. Zero (actor Monte Landis) was Major Pshaw in “Monkees Marooned”, Shah-Ku in “I Was A 99 Pound Weakling”, Duce in “Art, For Monkees Sake”, Zeckenbush in “Monkee Mayor” and King Hassar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Attila The Hun (actor Lee Kolina) was Yakimoto in “The Spy Who Came In From The Cool"?
How does Harry's Booking Agency know the pad's phone number?
Mike stresses to the Devil during the trial the Peter can play the harp despite the Devil's influence, why, at the beginning of the episode, does Mike tell Peter to take it back because he can't play the harp?
Why is Peter declared innocent by the judge instead of the jury?
What makes Davy believe that the Devil could take just anyone?
Why didn't the guys notice that Billy The Kid (actor Peter Canon) was the Bully from "Monkees In The Ring"?

Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)-
Is it a coincidence that T. N. Crumpetts is looking for a mechanic and Mike, Peter and Davy are repairing the Monkeemobile?
What was wrong with the Monkeemobile at the beginning of the episode?
Why are Mike and Peter seen wearing pantsuits before Baron calls them over the loud speaker then return to Crumpetts' garage wearing lab coats?
Who is Micky’s mechanic since he is seen repairing the car (Monkeemobile) himself in the episode “Monkee Mother”?
How does the pad's phone able to move on its own and able to open/ close the pad's door?
Where was Micky at the beginning of the episode when Mike, Peter and Davy were fixing the Monkeemobile?
When they first go see T. N. Crumpetts, why does Micky follow Davy, Mike and Peter into T. N. Crumpetts' garage a few minutes later?
What makes Crumpetts think that the guys can help him repair his racecar?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the racing official (actor Don Sherman) was the policeman in “Monkees A La Carte”?
What's with Micky pulling off a tiger's tail that is hanging out of the car's gas tank and a "yelp" sound of a sick animal?
Why is Peter so quick about replacing Micky with no objection from Mike and Davy?
If the guys are unconscious, wouldn't they fall on the floor?
Why didn't Davy introduce Mike, Peter and Micky to Crumpetts?
Wasn't Davy driving the car when Baron Von Klutz and Wolfgang go into Crunpetts' garage to steal it?
Why did Davy take off his lab coat when they go to see Baron Von Klutz and for the rest of the episode?
Why is Bob Rafelson seen in the "What Am I Doing Hangin' Round" romp eating flowers?

Monkees Mind Their Manor-
Were the guys and Mr. Friar the only passengers on the flight to England?
How did they arrive in England so quickly?
How did the airlines allow Mike, Micky and Peter to travel in mummy cases?
How did Davy get everything in his suitcase that the guys brought to pack in his suitcase?
Why didn't Mike, Peter and Micky bring any luggage?
If they can't afford the airfare, how can they afford to buy 3 mummy cases?
Where would you get 3 mummy cases?
Why is the show's property man (Jack Williams) playing a customs inspector?
Why are the people laughing when they hear in Lord Malcom Kibee’s will that he is “of sound mind and body”?
In the scene in the bedroom where they are all sitting being bored, why is Peter is wearing one glove and Micky is wearing the other matching glove?
Why does Davy have "Dynamite Davy Jones" on the back of his robe for the fencing match?
At the fair, how did the butler (who has extremely bad eyesight) know to step over where Mr. Friar had fainted from hearing Middlebottom was the jousting champion?

Some Like It Lukewarm-
Why does Davy bring his drag clothes to the restaurant?
How did Davy get his drag shoe on when he was carrying it in a bag?
Why does Peter have a book on how to be a feminine female?
Why is "Last Train to Clarksville" speeded up for the lead singer of the West Minstrel Abbeys in order to get a male voice?
Why is Davy (as Miss Jones) flat chested?
After seeing Davy with Mike and Micky when they attempt to sign up for the contest, why doesn't Blavat notice Davy (as himself not Miss Jones) is missing from the group?
Why didn't Peter go with Mike, Micky and Davy to sign up for the contest?
Why did Davy need a bone for his drag disguise?
Why doesn't Miss Jones have a first name?
Why didn’t the guys notice Melody (actress Valerie Kairys) was the girl wolfman Micky calls for in “Monstrous Monkee Mash”, Davy’s girlfriend in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”, the girl Mike serenades in “Case Of The Missing Monkee” and Toby in “Monkees A La Mode”?
How is Micky able to play drums when he is constantly trying to keep Davy on stage during "The Door Into Summer"?
Why are only 2 of the West Minstrel Abbeys are listed in the end credits: Maxine (actress Sharon Cintron) and William/ Daphne (actress Deanna Martin)?
Why does the episode end without a conclusive scenerio?

Monkees In Paris-
Why does the lighting of the pad look different with a bluish tint to it?
Why did the note say to get off the ranch when they are at the pad?
Why didn't the guys bring any luggage?
Why are the guys the only passengers on the flight to Paris?
How did they arrive in Paris so quickly?
What's with Peter and Davy and 2 of the models wearing those old fashion bathing suits then going for a dive in an indoor pool?
Why didn’t the guys notice that the 4 policeman (Bill Chadwick, David Price, Charlie Rocket and Ric Klein) chasing them were the Monkees stand-ins and cameo role actors seen in several episodes?
I'm sure the French government does not allow anyone to climb the outside of the Eiffel Tower so how did the guys get permission to climb it?

Monkees Blow Their Minds-
Why is Mike's interview with Frank Zappa first?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Oraculo (actor Monte Landis) was the Devil/ Mr. Zero in “The Devil And Peter Tork”, Major Pshaw in “Monkees Marooned”, Shah-Ku in “I Was A 99 Pound Weakling”, Duce in “Art, For Monkees Sake”, Zeckenbush in “Monkee Mayor” and King Hassar in “Everywhere A Shiek, Shiek”?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Latham (actor Milton Frome) was Manny in “Monkees On The Line”?
Why didn’t Peter, Micky, and Davy notice that Rudi (actor as the party guest in “Son Of Gypsy”, actor as Dr. Schwartzkopf in “Monkees Marooned” and sometimes “Monkees” TV series director) was Jim Frawley?
If Oraculo is so "great", why doesn't he fool the audience into thinking he does good tricks instead of relying on psychic slaves?
How can Mike, Micky and Davy rent out Peter's room when Peter doesn't have his own room at he pad?
Why does Oraculo have long nails only on his pinky and forefinger of his right hand?
How can Davy and Micky be in disguise in the audience when they are supposed to be in a trance?
Why did Peter thank Micky for slapping Oraculo's spell out of him while Mike and Davy don't like him doing that?
How did 2 bikini clad women, Tarzan, and Mr. Schneider get into Oraculo’s House Of Mysteries?
How can Davy be 35 when he was only 21 at the time this episode was filmed?

The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)-
Why does Mike wear his black outfit with gloves and sunglasses to bed?
Why is everyone by the end of the episode wearing black?
Why is a gun shot is heard at the very end of beginning tag?
Why does the lighting of the pad look very different with new carpet and furniture?
How did Davy's friend Niles get into the TV studio without being detected by Wizard Glick?
Why is Davy absent from the scene with Mike and Micky chanting as Hindu musicians?
How can Micky know what happens in the next scene if it hasn’t happened yet?
Why doesn't the phone booth have any glass?
Why did Peter tell the police that they were being held at Mammoth Studios when they were at the KXIW station?
Why do the guys carelessly throw an MC-17 missile gun on the floor in order to make room on the table to play cards?
What's with the jailer pulling out the deck of cards from inside his mouth?
Why is Bob Rafelson on a stretcher at the end of the "Zor And Zam" romp?
Why did Mike, Davy and Micky think that they could destroy the Frodis with a pea shooter?
Who is the guy who hung the “Frodis Room” sign on the door?
How can there be a guy to hang the “Frodis Room” sign on the door, Isn’t everyone under the Frodis trance?
Why is there a shot of the beach and ocean seen when Mike, Micky and Davy are searching the TV studio?
Why does the third tv repairman (trying to get the Monkees) become hynotized by an eye chart (incidentlly, the same one hanging in the pad)?
How does Mike get untied and not the others?
Why didn’t the guys notice that Wizard Glick (actor Rip Taylor) was the Casino Manager in “Monkees On The Wheel”?
Why does Wizard Glick say “could you die” and "separate checks please" when the police are untying him?

The upstairs/ downstairs bedroom controversy-
In "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers" and "Monkee Chow Mein", Peter and Davy sleep downstairs while Mike and Micky sleep upstairs. However, they all sleep upstairs in "A Coffin Too Frequent" and "The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)".

The Mammoth Studios controversy-
In "I've Got A Little Song Here" the studio is open. However, in "Monkees At The Movies" and "The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)", the studio has been "closed for years". Of course, this is the same abandoned studio that Jed Clampett buys on the "Beverly Hillbillies".

"It's/ She's/ He's/ They're Gone" controversy-
In several episodes, the guys have to deal with the sudden disappearances of people and things: in "Monkee See, Monkee Die" Ralph, Kingsley & Madame Roselle, in "Case Of The Missing Monkee" Peter & Professor Schnitzler, "Find The Monkees (The Audition)" Peter, in "Monkee Chow Mein" Peter, in "Monkees On The Line” Peter, in "Art, For Monkees Sake" Peter, "Monkees Marooned" their boat, "Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)" Micky & T. N. Crumpets and T. N. Crumpets' car, "Monkees Watch Their Feet" Micky's clothes, Micky's tom tom & Micky, "Monstrous Monkee Mash" Davy, Peter & Micky, "Monkees Blow Their Minds" Peter, Peter's mind & Mike and "The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)" Peter.

Dialing the phone without looking at the numbers controversy-
In "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers", "Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth", "I've Got A Little Song Here", "Monkees On The Line" and "Monstrous Monkee Mash", Mike dials a number but does not look at the numbers on the phone. In “The Prince And The Paupers” and “Monkees In Texas”, Mike picks up the phone and simply asks for someone. In "I Was A 99 Pound Weakling", Peter calls Shah-Ku on the phone without looking at the numbers and not dialing the phone.

The red sparkled tuxedo controversy-
When the guys wear tuxedoes, Davy always wears a sparkled red tuxedo while Mike, Micky and Peter wear standard black tuxedoes. This is seen in the "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers", "Dance, Monkees, Dance", "Captain Crocodile" and "Monkee Mother" episodes.

The sudden costume changes and props controversy-
In many episodes there are unexplained costumes changes and props. In one scene, they have different clothes than the next scene. And, costume for disguises and props are seen but without an explanation as to where they got the costume for disguises and props.

The alcohol-milk controversy-
In several episodes the guys are drinking milk: Junior gives them milk in "Captain Crocodile", Peter orders milk in "Monkees In Texas", Peter, Davy & Micky drown their sorrows with buttermilk in "Hitting The High Seas" and Mike, Micky & Davy drink milk in a stein at Micky's Inn in "Fairy Tale". However, they order liquor in other episodes: Micky asks for red eye in "Monkees In Texas" and Micky downs a shot glass of liquor in "Alias Micky Dolenz". In other episodes wine is used for a reason: Peter uses liquor to test his theory of the equalization of ratios in "Monkees On The Wheel", Mike, Peter & Micky drink wine to fit in at the bambito camp in "It's A Nice Place To Visit" and they drink wine at the banquet in "Everywhere A Sheik Sheik". I guess they can't decide whether or not they are on the milk wagon.

Where's Mike controversy-
In "I Was A 99# Weakling", "Card Carrying Red Shoes" and "Monkees Watch Their Feet", Mike is absent and is hardly missed by Davy, Peter and Micky. Let's hope our Nez was not abducted by aliens.

The pop into the scene controversy-
There are several episodes where the guys suddenly jump into a scene wearing new clothes: in "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers" they change clothes for the kidnapping, in "I've Got A Little Song Here" Micky, Peter and Davy appear as Monkeemen, in “Too Many Girls (Davy And Fern)” Mike, Micky & Peter pop back into their regular clothes after the photo flash bulb goes off, in "Find The Monkees (The Audition)" during the "Papa Gene's Blues" romp they individually pop onto a stage as a country band when they are auditioning for Benson, in "Monkees At The Circus" the guys appear as the Mozarella brothers, in "Monkees Chow Mein" Mike and Davy appear as Monkeemen, in "It's A Nice Place To Visit" Mike, Peter & Micky appear as bandits, in “The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)” Mike, Micky & Davy changing to bank robbers, in "Wild Monkees" the guys appear in their work outfits for the Henry Cabot Lodge and in “Fairy Tale” Peter getting dressed as a knight.

The unrelated music video to the episode story controversy-
There are several episodes where a video clip of the guys performing a song but it has no purpose to the story: in I’ve Got A Little Song Here the video for “Mary Mary”, in Monkees A La Mode the video for “You just may be the one”, in Alias Micky Dolenz the video for “Mary Mary”, in Monkees In Manhattan the video for “Words”, in Monkees At The Movies the video for “Valleri”, in The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery) the video for “Randy Scouse Git”, in Everywhere A Sheik Sheik the video for “Cuddly Toy”, in Monkee Mayor the video for “Pleasant Valley Sunday”, in Art For Monkees Sake the video for “Daydream Believer”, in I Was A 99 Pound Weakling the video for “Love Is Only Sleeping”, in Monkees Marooned the video for “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round”, in Card Carrying Red Shoes the video for “She Hangs Out”, in The Wild Monkees the video for “Goin’ Down”, in A Coffin Too Frequent the video for “Daydream Believer”, in Hitting The High Seas the video for “Star Collector”, in Monkees In Texas the video for “Goin’ Down”, in Monkees On The Wheel the video for “Cuddly Toy”, in Fairy Tale the video for “Star Collector”, in The Devil And Peter Tork the video for “No Time” and in Monkees Mind Their Manor the video for “Star Collector".

The no introductions are necessary controversy-
In several episodes, people seem to have ESP and know each other's names without being properly introduced: in "Royal Flush" Otto & Sigmund knowing Davy's name, in "Monkees Vs. Machine" Daggert knowing Mike's name, in "Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth" Dr. Mann knowing Mrs. Purdy's name and Johnny knowing Davy's name, in "The Chaperone" a female party goer knowing Mr. Schneider's name and Leslie knowing Davy's name, in "I've Got A Little Song Here" Bernie knowing Mike's last name (even though he pronounces it wrong), in "Too Many Girls (Davy And Fern)” Davy knowing Fern's name, in "One Man Shy (Peter And The Debutante)" Ronnie knowing the guys' names, in "Case Of The Missing Monkee" the guys knowing Dr. Marcovich's name and Mike knowing Bruno's name, in "Monkees In The Ring" the ring announcer knowing the group's name, in "Son Of Gypsy" Mike knowing Zeppo's name, in "I Was A Teenage Monster" the doctor's beautiful daughter knowing Davy's name, in “Dance, Monkees, Dance” Miss Buntwell knowing Peter’s last name, Davy knowing Miss Buntwell's name and Renaldo knowing Davy’s last name, in "Monkees At The Circus Susan knowing Davy's name and Davy knowing Susan's name, in "The Prince And The Paupers" Davy knowing Ludlow's name, Ludlow knowing Davy's last name and Davy knowing Max's name, in "Monkee Chow Mein" Dragonman knowing Peter's last name and Micky knowing Chang's name, in "Monkee Mother" Milly knowing Mike's last name, in "Monkees On The Line" the guys knowing Mrs. Drehdal's name, Manny & Arnold knowing the group's name and Miss Farnsby knowing Mike’s first name, in “Monkees Get Out More Dirt” April knowing the guys’ names, in "It's A Nice Place To Visit" Mike knowing Lupe's name, in "Monkees Marooned" Major Pshaw knowing the guys' name, in "Monkee Mayor" Mayor Motley knowing the group's name, in “Hitting The High Seas” seaman Harry Hooker knowning Micky's, Peter's & Davy’s names, “A Cofffin Too Frequent” Davy knowing Mrs. Weatherspoon’s last name, in “Card Carrying Red Shoes” Peter knowing Ivan’s name, in "Wild Monkees" Davy knowing Queenie's name, in "Monsterous Monkee Mash" Peter knowing that Lorelei was The Count's niece, Lorelei knowing Peter's name and Micky & Peter knowing Lorelei's name, in "Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)" Baron Von Klutz knowing the guys' names and Baron Von Klutz knowing the guys were musicians, in "Monkees In Paris" the French ladies/ models and the guys run around Paris but never introduced each other and in "Monkees Blow Their Minds" Oraculo knowing the group's name and Oraculo knowing Mike's last name.

The cigar not lit controversy-
In several episodes when the guys have a cigar either as a prop or as part of a disguise it is not lit: in "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers" Micky carries a cigar with his disguise as Groucho Marx, in "I've Got A Little Song Here" Micky (as MD) has a cigar with his disguise, in "One Man Shy (Peter And The Debutante)" Micky (as Peter's stockbroker) gives Peter a cigar, in “Monkee Mayor” Micky, Peter and Davy carry cigars while discussing a political image for Mike, in "The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery)" Mike, Micky and Davy have cigars when they rob the bank, in "Monkees Paw" Mike has a cigar with his disguise as Groucho Marx and in "Monkees Watch Their Feet" a clip of Micky (as MD) in the documentary film showing Micky as a typical teenager with his own TV series.

The breaking the "4th wall" controversy-
In many episodes the guys make mention of either the TV series or the episode's script: in "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool" Davy tells the audience that the genie of the lamp is the wrong show & Micky directs the spy confession, in "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers" Peter tells the audience the results of the judges will be after the commercial, in "The Chaperone" Micky tells Davy (as a TV poll taker) that he hopes Leslie watches our show, in “Monkees In A Ghost Town" Micky updates the audience on what happened during the beginning teaser sequence, in “Too Many Girls (Davy And Fern)” when Mr. Hack mentions a word from our sponsor, Mike, Micky & Davy correct them that it is their sponsors, in "Monkees A La Carte" Micky stops the shoot out to show off a girl, in "Dance, Monkees, Dance" Davy mentions the huge costs of the costumes for the "I'll Be Back Upon My Feet" romp & Micky walks off the set to talk to the writers, in "Monkees in The Ring" Davy mentions no letters on his comment about America, in “The Prince And The Paupers" Ludlow mentions the idea for him to find a bride before he's 18 was the producer's idea, in “I Was A Teenage Monster" the doctor's beautiful daughter mentions a scene from the sequel to the episode and Davy knew that "amorous ambitions" was on page 28 in the script, in "Monkees Get Out More Dirt" Micky tells Peter to improvise when the writers don't think of a way to open April's Laundromat, in "Monkees On The Line" Mike asks wardrobe for his hat, in "It's A Nice Place To Visit" after seeing Peter doing a gun twirl Mike says he usually plays the dummy and Micky says the lead on the television series always wins at duels, in "Monkees In Texas" Micky mentions this is a family show when a saloon girl comes up to him, in "Monkees Marooned" Kimba asks after seeing clips from previous scenes of the TV series "Who writes this stuff?", Micky says there going around in circles with Mike, Peter & Davy telling him that it's just a small set like the Lone Ranger set and Thursday saying that the hiding place will be revealed in the next scene, in "Card Carrying Red Shoes" Peter tells Davy that it can't be him who the girl falls in love with every week & Micky (proud of his speech against gun violence) says "not bad for a long haired weirdo, huh America?", in "Hillbilly Honeymoon" Mike, Micky & Davy look over the script after Mike & Micky rescue Davy from the Weskitts, in "Wild Monkees" during the Chickens meeting Micky keeps calling the handbook the script, in "Monsterous Monkee Mash" Micky does a medium scare for the director & Davy and Micky explain to the Uncle about the show's famed romps, in "The Christmas Show" Davy tells the saleslady how Peter got onto the set, in "Monkees On The Wheel" Davy stops Micky in mid sentence to ask Sharyn Hillyer (the actress playing Della) if she has a line & Mike explains the Here We Go Again tag, in "The Devil And Peter Tork" Micky mentions that there needs to be more witnesses due to time constraints of the TV series, in "Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)" Micky mentions several times about the terrible role of a mostly gaged Crumpetts character & Peter is upset that the Wolfgang character had a gun and in "Monkees Mind Their Manor" Davy tells the audience the customs inspector is really the show's property man Jack Williams.

The no directions are necessary controversy-
The guys and several people from many episodes just seem to know where the place they want is located without looking the address up: in "The Pilot (Here Comes The Monkees)" the guys finding the Riverdale Country Club, in “Royal Flush” Sigmund and Otto knowing the throne merchants (the guys) room number, in "Monkee See, Monkee Die" the lawyer finding the pad, in "Monkees Vs. Machine" Peter finding the toy factory, in “The Spy Who Came In From The Cool” Madame Olinsky & Boris finding where the guys were performing and the guys finding Madame Olinsky in China, in “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers” Trump finding the pad and the guys finding The Vincent Van Gogh-Gogh, in “Success Story” the restaurant chef, the ice cream vendor & the Rolls Royce owner finding the pad, in “One Man Shy (Peter And The Debutante)” Ronnie and Valerie finding the pad, in “Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth” Dr. Mann finding the pad and the guys finding farmer Fisher’s farm, in “The Chaperone” General Vandenburg finding the pad, in “Monkees A La Carte” the police finding the restaurant and the guys finding Fuselli’s office, in “Too Many Girls (Davy And Fern)” Fern finding the pad, in “Dance, Monkees, Dance” Peter finding Renaldo's Dance Au Go Go and the guys finding Renaldo’s office, in “I’ve Got A Little Song Here” Peter, Micky and Davy finding Bernie’s office and Mike finding the old man’s place, in “Case Of The Missing Monkee” Mike, Micky and Davy finding the Remington Clinic, in “Monkees In The Ring” Davy finding Scholto’s gym and Vernon finding the pad, in “Find The Monkees (The Audition)” Benson and the guys finding the Bureau Of Missing Persons, in “Son Of Gypsy” the guys finding the gypsies camp, in “Monkee Mother” Milly's sister and her family finding the pad, in "Monkees A La Mode" Rob Roy and Toby finding the pad, the guys finding Chic Magazine's Office and the guys finding the awards banquet location, in “Alias Micky Dolenz” Micky finding The Purple Pelican, in “The Monkees Get Out More Dirt” the guys finding April’s house, in "Monkees On The Line” Mike and Micky knowing the location of the theater, "Monkees In The Movies” the guys finding the movie location on the beach and Mike, Micky & Davy finding Kramm’s trailer, in “It’s A Nice Place To Visit” Mike, Micky and Peter finding the bambito camp, in “Everywhere A Sheik Sheik” the Nahudi’s finding the pad and Mike, Micky and Peter finding the Nahudi’s place, in "Monkee Mayor" Zeckenbush finding the pad, in “I Was A 99# Weakling” Shah-Ku finding the pad and Davy & Peter finding Shah-Ku's gym, in “Card Carrying Red Shoes” Micky & Davy finding the Druvanian Ambassador and Nicolai finding the pad, in “Monkee Mayor” Zeckenbush finding the pad, in “Hillbilly Honeymoon” Mike and Micky finding the Weskitts' place, in "Monkees On The Wheel” Della and Biggy finding the guy’s hotel room, in “Monkees Paw” the manager finding the pad & Mendrick's place and the guys finding Mendrick’s place, in “Monkees Watch Their Feet” the Chief of UFO Information finding the alien’s ship at the beach, in “Monsterous Monkee Mash” Mike, Micky and Peter finding the castle, in “The Devil And Peter Tork” the Devil finding the pad, in “Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)” the guys finding Crumpet’s garage, in “Some Like It Lukewarm” Mr. Blavat finding the pad, in “Monkees Blow Their Minds” Oraculo finding the pad and Davy & Micky finding Oraculo’s House Of Mysteries and The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO) the guys finding the Frodis spaceship.

The “Batman” TV series controversy-
There are several episodes with references to “Batman”: in “Dance, Monkees, Dance” Peter answers the red phone hidden under a transparent cake cover just like the phone that Commissioner Gordon uses to contact Batman, in “Case Of The Missing Monkee” Micky asks for a Bathook, in “Captain Crocodile” during the fantasy sequence Peter & Davy do a parody of “Batman” as Frogman & Reuben The Tadpole and there’s an abundance of nonsense action words, in “Captain Crocodile”, “Monkees Watch Their Feet” & “Monkees On The Wheel” the popular "Batman” crooked angle camera shot is used, in "Fairy Tale" Harold & Richard and Mike shout out fight words ("Bam! Boffo! And another hit in the armor!!"), in “Monkees Blow Their Minds” The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) is seen in the audience at the Club Cassandra, two actors who played villians on “Batman” also appeared on “The Monkees” (Burgess Meredith as Penguin and Julie Newmar as Catwoman), and The Monkeemobile, a redesigned, fire engine-red 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible, was built by customizer George Barris who also designed The Batmobile.

Misspelled songs in credits controversy-
In several episodes song titles are missplelled and it was never corrected: in “Monkee See, Monkee Die” Tomorrow Is Another Day instead of “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day”, in “Success Story” I Want To Be Free instead of “I Wanna Be Free”, in “Case Of The Missing Monkee" & “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers” I’m Not Your Stepping Stone instead of “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”, in “One Man Shy (Peter And The Debutante)” You May Just Be The One instead of “You Just May Be The One”, in “Find The Monkees (The Audition)” Papa Jean’s Blues instead of “Papa’s Gene Blues”, in “Captain Crocodile” & “Monkees Blow Their Minds” Valerie instead of “Vallleri”, in “Monkees In The Ring” I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet Again instead of “I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet”, in “Dance, Monkees” Dance” I’ll Be Back On My Feet instead of “I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet, in “It’s A Nice Place To Visit”, “Monkees Marooned" & "Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)” Hangin’ instead of “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round?”, in “Monkees Get Out More Dirt” A Girl I Knew Somewhere instead of “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” and in “Art For Monkees Sake" Day Dream Believer instead of “Daydream Believer”.

Miscredited songs in credits controversy-
In several episodes song titles are miscredited and it was never corrected: in “Royal Flush” (syndication version) Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears instead of “Take A Giant Step”, in “The Spy Who Came In From The Cool” Saturday’s Child instead of “Last Train To Clarksville”, in "The Chaperone" (syndication version) Midnight Train instead of "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day", in “Monkees At The Movies" When Love Comes Knockin’ At Your Door instead of “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” and in "Monkees On Tour" (in syndication version) Steam Engine instead of "I'm A Believer".

Mike always driving the Monkeemobile controversy-
In the episodes where the Monkeemobile is being driven it is usually Mike who is driving. Of the 14 times the Monkeemobile is being driven Mike drives it the most: "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool", "Monkees In A Ghost Town", "I've Got A Little Song Here" (during "Gonna Buy Me A Dog" romp), "One Man Shy (Peter And The Debutante)", "Too Many Girls (Davy And Fern)", "Case Of The Missing Monkee" (to the Remington Clinic), "Monkees At The Circus", "Monkees On Tour", "It's A Nice Place To Visit", "Wild Monkees", "Hillbilly Honeymoon" and "Monkees Blow Their Minds" (video of "Gonna Buy Me A Dog" romp). Micky drives the Monkeemobile in: "Case Of The Missing Monkee" (from the Remington Clinic), "Find The Monkees (The Audition") and "Alias Micky Dolenz". Peter drives the Monkeemobile in "I've Got A Little Song Here" (as MD's assistant). Davy only drives the Monkeemobile in "Monkees Race Again (Leave The Driving To Us)".

Hey, didn’t I see them in another episode controversy-
In many episodes an actor/ actress appears in 2 different episodes playing 2 completely different roles. In each episode, there is no mention of the actor/ actress playing a different role in another episode.

The Madame controversy-
In several episodes a female character is given the generic name "Madame": Madame Roselle in "Monkee See, Monkee Die", Madame Olinsky in "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool", Madame Rantha in “Son Of Gypsy” and Madame Quagmire in "Monkees A La Mode”.

Peter and gun violence controversy-
In “Monkees Race Again” and “Monkees In Paris”, Peter expresses his distaste of guns and violence yet in “The Pilot (Here Come The Monkees)”, “Monkees A La Carte”, "One Man Shy" and “It’s A Nice Place To Visit” he has a gun.

The Monkees pad and other observations controversy-
Ever notice these things about the Monkees pad: there's no bathroom (although Mike mentions a "moat" in "Monkee See, Monkee Die" and Davy mentions one in "Monkees Get Out More Dirt"), there's no glass in the patio's windows, there's no doors to the patio, there's no number on the pad's door, the posters & stuff on the walls change through out the airing of the series, no one carries around keys for the pad or Monkeemobile, the guys never have fights, the guys all have doubles, the guys make decisions by "choosing fingers" for it, the guys can't properly blow open a safe, the guys don't have wallets (although Peter mentions that Davy has one in "Monkees In The Ring"), the guys reuse props & disguises and the guys often share clothes. Ever notice these things about Davy: always checks the door’s peep hole even though he’s too short to see out of it (although in “Monkees A La Mode” when he answers the door to see Toby he forgets to look through it), does this cute little “OO” sound a lot and files his nails a lot. Ever notice these things about Mike: Mike’s hat color goes from green to blue to white then disappears altogether, Mike’s hat goes from having no buttons to 6 buttons, never smiles in pictures, holds the money that the guys get from people in the episode and often says “Now hold it. Wait a minute”. Ever notice these things about Peter: keeps his mouth wide open when he is scared, cries a lot, wears his belt buckle on his left side, during performances on the rainbow set he has a temporary tattoo on his hand and has a facial mole. Ever notice these things about Micky: likes to say “gosharoonie”, the Monkeemobile’s navigator, always has ideas on how to solve the problem and often does quick fright reactions. Ever notice these things about “The Monkees” guest actors/ actresses: many of them appeared on "Star Trek", "Batman", "Bewitched", "Mission Impossible", "The Addams Family" and in more than one “The Monkees “ episode.

The episode ending interview controversy-
In several episodes they seem to come up a minute short after all the editing was done: “Royal Flush”, “Success Story”, “Monkees In A Ghost Town”, “Son Of Gypsy”, “Find The Monkees (The Audition)”, “Alias Micky Dolenz”, “Monkees In Manhattan (Monkees Manhattan Style)”, “Monkees At The Movies”, “Everywhere A Sheik Shiek”, “Fairy Tale” and “Monkees Paw”. The Secretary for the Department of UFO Information

"So There you have it: the ugly summarization, let me say once more, emphatically, we are being attacked by outer space"

When the Uncle comes Back in pretend that everything is groovy
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