"They just want to meke me out something special"

33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkees

Premise: A creator (Charles Darwin) brainwashes the World with his creation of the Monkees. The four Monkees have no personal identity. Each Monkees thinks of their way out through their own fantasies. The Creator is alarmed by their fantasies. He hypnotizes the 4 Monkees back into the Creator's image and presents them to the World. They eventually get complete and total freedom.
What I Liked
  • The special effect that made the Monkees appear in the test tube
  • The guys performance of their preferred image reflects their musical taste (Micky is rock & roll and rhythm & blues, Peter is spiritual, Mike is country and Davy is Broadway & show tunes)
  • Peter singing "Prithee (Do Not Ask For Love)"
  • Mike singing "Naked Persimmon" next to himself
  • The creator (Brian Auger) calling them "the greatest rock and roll singers in the World"
  • The pianos stacked on top of each other
  • Little Richard, Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis as guests
  • The symbolism of Julie Driscoll eating the apple (an apple being a symbol for the fall of man is similar to the guys being lured into the Monkees project)
  • Setting a mood by giving a time and place for their 50's medley perfromance
  • The 50's medley especially Peter's solo during "Little Darlin"
  • The dancing skeletons during the Clara Ward Singers performance of "Dry Bones"
  • At the beginning of "I Go Ape", the symolism of Davy sitting in front of a typewriter (it's an old saying that if you let 100 monkeys sit in front of 100 typewriters in 100 years maybe by chance they will write a play by Shakespeare)
  • Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll help the Monkees achieve total freedom from the producer
  • Peter playing Bach's "Solfeggieto"
  • After Davy sings "String For My Kite" he throws string down to Peter and Peter connects them
  • The "Listen To The Band" jam with all the guests gradually joining the Monkees on stage
  • A slower version of "Listen To The Band"
  • A monkey's paw closed a book at the very end of the special

    What I Disliked
  • Too many guests
  • Too much emphasis on the Monkees and their prefabricated image
  • Poor sound quality
  • Micky and Julie singing a jazz up version of "I'm A Believer"
  • The tent like structure Peter sings "Pithree" from inside of it
  • The creator's (Brian Auger) comments after seeing their preferred image seemed rather harsh (Davy is regressive, Mike is schizophrenic, Micky is fixated and Peter is withdrawn)
  • The gorilla outfits during "I Go Ape"
  • "Only The Fittest Shall Survive" musical number (too confusing with heavy breathing, heartbeats and speech being heard)
  • The signs seen during the special ("This space for rent" sign during "Wind Up Man" and "He's really playing this" sign during "Listen To The Band")
  • The Creator's (Brian Auger) introduction for the Monkees just before the 50's medley (called them idolized, plasticized, hypnotized and psychoanalyzed- it seems rather harsh to use all 4 words to describe the Monkees)
  • The skipping effect at the end of "California Here I Come"

    Hey Hey It's The Monkees (Episode #781)

    Premise: The guys are still living at the pad, looking for work and searching for a good storyline. Micky thinks that all they need is a gimmick and invents a drink that creates sparkles when you throw up. They go down to the beach to rehearse for their gig at the most prestigous country club in the city (no, really) later that evening. At the beach Mike tells the guys he has turned the Monkeemobile into a low rider with it's own space dimensions. At the country club, gimmicks and all, they find that they still have a following.

    What I Liked
  • All 4 were involved
  • Mike wrote, directed and produced it
  • Clips from the TV series (although the special probably could not have been done without clips from the TV series)
  • Cameos by John Brockman (the guy in the "Head" ad), Sarah Jones (Davy's daughter) and Bill Martin (songwriter and friend)
  • Included concert footage from the Billboard Live performance on 11/26/96
  • Davy's red and white checkered apron
  • The guys attempting to get new story ideas
  • The fun of trying to figure out plot lines from pervious episdes (although some are made up)
  • Cool special effects (the sparkles from Micky's drink, the people in the refrigerator, the morphing in the Monkeemobile's 4th dimension and added flashing to the "Pleasant Valley Sunday" performance from the Rainbow set)
  • The videos for "Circle Sky" and "Antarctica"
  • The movement from one TV set to another during the "Circle Sky" video
  • Mike's Tasmanian Kabuki impression
  • "000-Mick3y" phone number during the Home Shopping commercial bit and the inside joke about it (years earlier, Mike set up Micky up with an e-mail account but the provider goofed on the spelling of his name adding a 3 to the middle of his name. Micky does not use this e-mail name anymore)
  • Micky's quote: "Who's says our means have to visible"
  • The lizard sunning itself on a rock stock footage
  • The costumes they wore as professional wrestlers
  • The switch to turn on and off the laugh track
  • The pad's doorbell chimes a few notes of "The Monkees Theme"
  • Mike and Peter recreating a scene from the series where they run up to the edge of the water than run away
  • Micky pretends to be attacked by a lobster and gets a laugh out of Mike and Peter
  • Davy singing a bit of the song "Gonna Build A Mountain"
  • Davy's quote: "You got to entertain with a capital E"
  • The paintings on the pad's wall : "This not a pipe" and "This is not a group"
  • Davy's quote: "We're the Monkees and that's all we need to be"
  • Peter funny euphemisms for throw up and dumb
  • Peter calling Micky's drink "magic Monkee dust"
  • Davy's smiley shirt during "Regional Girl"
  • Instead of stars in her eyes, the Princess has either cherries, oranges, spirals or a lemon and the number 7 in her eyes
  • The instruments changing into things while they are performing at the club
  • Mike's quote: "Endings are always hard"
  • That they liked the toilet paper job done to the outside of the pad and they were not angry about it
  • It's full circle in a way in the history of the Monkees (the Pilot episode dealt with the guys performing at a country club too)
    What I Disliked
  • The premise of preparing to perform at a country club was good, but the story begins to get tiresome when they start to recall previous episodes with a been-there-done-that attitude
  • They still live at the pad with "no visible means of support"
  • A concoction that makes people throw up
  • Micky's idea that the guys become "the World's first throw up band"
  • Davy seems to be ordering everyone around
  • Peter's impression of Donald Duck having a temper tantrum
  • The McGruff "take a bit out of crime" looking Dog skating around the guys during "You And I"
  • Shameless plugs for "Justus" album (Davy's quote: "after all these years of being just us, Micky's quote: "we were mostly going to play songs from the new CD. We really need the publicity" and Davy's quote: "we have a new record out, me and the guys. We have a new CD"
  • The Monkeemobile as a low rider
  • Mike always driving the Monkeemobile
  • The lizard sunning itself on a rock stock footage gag went on too long
  • The outside of the pad looks different than the one in the series
  • The funny looking stuffed toy moose on the pad's wall
  • The girl's story about the pad being haunted in order to get her date scared
  • Micky's lecture on kissing
  • Mike's quote: "I'm tired, you drive" then he pulls out the steering wheel and hands it to Peter
  • The "Regional Girl" video looks like a Calvin Klein commercial with 4 old guys in it
  • Micky's home shopping bit as Martha Stewart
  • Davy dressing up as Ethel Merman (that's scary enough to give you nightmares)
  • Mike doing the Forrest Gump line: "Life is like a box of chocolates"
  • Chuck's quote: "If I say the name the Monkees what do you think of (pause) yeah so do I, but we won't get into that. How many of you remember bringing your Monkees lunch boxes to school and getting beat up (pause) it was quite a weapon"
  • Micky using a stethoscope to tune his drums
  • Micky's over excitable reaction to the kids outside the country club wanting him to do his throw up gimmick
  • The medley of hits at the country club (there was no enthusiasm, looked liked they had done it a million times before and looked tired of performing the hits)
  • The instruments turning into different things while performing at the country club went on too long
  • The Princess quote: "you're just as stupid as you ever were"

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