"Hold it! This is for Life"

Full Name: Peter Halsten Thorkelson
Birth Date: February 13, 1942 in Washington D.C.
Parents: John and Virginia
Siblings: Nick, Chris and Anne
Wives: Jody Babb, Reine Stewart and Barbara Innolli
Children: Hallie Elizabeth, Ivan and Erica
Nicknames/Aliases/ Roles/ Descriptions: Tork, Mr. Tork, Mr. Peter Tork, Pete, Peter H. Thorkelson, former member of the Monkees, the 1st of 4 children and 1st son to John and Virginia Thorkelson, a brother, a father, horrendous posture, Peter Tork of the Monkees, Torkphant, ex-Monkee, ex-teen idol, Monkee #2, Spider, shorty, a brain surgeon, Uncle Raccoon, Colossal Mozzarella, Fantastic Mozzarella, The Astonishing Pietro, a contestant on your TV amateur hour, a contestant on "Ted Hack's Amateur Hour", Tormented, one of Norwegian decent, Frogman, Peter DeWitt, Milly's matchmaker, The Charming And Delightful Personality: Peter Tork, Mike's good buddy, insane, a reporter for Hanger Round, a Guest VJ, Jedediah Lawrence (from the TV series "Boy Meets World"), a lutherie (from the TV series "Boy Meets World"), Chris (from the TV series "7th Heaven"), a member of the band The Flower And Vegetable Show (from the TV series "7th Heaven"), a surf guru (from the TV series "California Dreams"), a musician here today, a pro, Bing, a bandleader (from the TV series "The King Of Queens"), a band manager (from low budget film "Mixed Signals"), a composer, a songwriter, the "official" spokesman from the group for "Daydream Believers: The True Story Of The Monkees", an Emeritus Board Member of the Lewisville North Carolina Arts Council, a heartthrob, another bright boy, a judge (from "The Brady Bunch Movie"), The Director Of Forests Of Nahudi, George Washington, Giacoma Casanova, Pronto, injin, a traitor, Micky's best friend, The Professor, Capricorn, this subject, shotgun, Peter with the Monster's brain, The Monster in Peter's brain, Peter in the Monster's brain, Peter's brain in the Monster, the one called Peter, perfect for the monster, no thought in his head, the "Peter Tork" character, a gourmet, a devue madcap boy for whom everyday is just one gay adventure, a typical fun person, the worst looking dummy Madame Quagmire has ever seen, a courageous American youth, fresh & new, all that & more, Son Of Mummy, idolized, plasticized, psychoanalyzed, sterilized, the pathos character dressed as a clown known as harlequin (from the movie "Head"), a one-man band, sort of like a machine, a mechanical toy, not a flash in the pan phenomenon, a heart of gold, the Harpo Marx role, a tortured soul, compassionate, altruistic, sometimes annoying, eternal, a six footer, Far East, fate favored Thorkelson, the gargantuan Peter Tork, Peter-Bear, 5 foot 10 with gray green eyes & a cute little button nose that buttons over his lower lip, same as ever, a circus ring announcer, a boxing ring announcer, a very talented boy, a blond blue eyed guy who's kind of weird looking, Big Peter, the Peter we all know & love, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a silk purse out of a sow's ear, Micky's speech teacher, Micky Dolenz, all heart, a good heart, MD's assistant, a piano player, a bass player, a guitar player, a banjo player, a member of the manufactured boy band The Monkees, you with those stupid expressions, a dime a dozen extra, the dumbest dumb sailor in the World, an experienced sailor, a flaming seagull, the quiet one of the group, Petrov, Face, Alexi, Dork, a sort of Gatsby, a Dum Dum, Davy's Devoted Houseboy, a musician, a member of Oracullo's Famous Dog Act, Oracullo's assistant, a dumb cluck, a good guy, crazy & wonderful, Mr. Russell's invited guest, a member of the firm of Vanessa Russell And Vanessa, a Manhattan peanut vendor, a bellhop at the Compton Plaza Hotel, stranger, our buddy Peter, an eccentric playboy, a miserable musician, a lifeless statue, a lousy doctor, a specialist, a professional wrestler, just a kid, just a little infant, Davy's mother, Micky's child, a servile flatterer in the form of a footstool, a piano tuner, a real tiger, a loadsome teenager, an arrogant egomaniac, a delight & well bred, cared how it looked & sounded, Princess Gwen's Bridge, Unemployed Vagrant of Avon-On-Calling, Peter Peasant Of Tork, a wayword serf, the lowest of the low, a funny looking statue, a peasant, a knight in shining armor, too young to marry, Davy Jones, a sissy, a nice American traitor, The School Of Hard Knocks And Bruises most brilliant student, a speeding bullet, a triangle player, fellow Monkee, introspective, an artist, the most musically adept, actor & entertainer of unusual gifts, dimpled faced, the low key Monkee, the one that plays a character, suspicious of aliens with backwards feet, a chap, a dance teacher at Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go, a dance applicant at Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go, a nice joe, a lady, part of Americana, a member of the bubblegum band The Monkees, a member of the Pre Fab 4, a member of the pop band The Monkees, a luggage handler for Transoceanic Airlines, sir, Not Mrs. Dolenz, Mike's aid-de-camp, a gardener at Henry Cabot Lodge, a psychic slave, Mike's good compatriot, baby, a lady who shaves, a punk, a chef, a waiter, a dishwasher, a hat check girl, a cook, a cigarette girl, a scientist, a light tipper, a beach movie extra, dandruff, God's gift to the eight year old, a simian, one of the greatest rock and roll singers in the World, withdrawn, the bearded Monkee, the Android's buddy, a thief, a bad speller, a guy with perfect timing, not exactly a smash, a sucker, a pushover, an emotional guy who cries at card tricks, shaken up but fine, nerves of steel with cool eye perception & some fancy footwork, a photographer, Hostage, too close to his mother, something special, such agility, such grace, a body out of shape, a prisoner possibly being held against his own will who at this very moment could be in front of a firing squad named Peter Tork, boy, a sick boy in a lot of pain, a case of the plague, a bomb disposal worker, not the best looking dummy, crisp penatrating intelligence, teacher of the Tork Touch Method Of Semi-Professional Banjo Playing, America's secret weapon, a light tipper, not a mister, just a kid, not good by proxy, The Smasher's last opponent, his courtship, talented, can't carry a tune in a bucket, emotional, an old man, fantastic talent on multiple instruments, performer on "The 1966 Miss Teenage Hawaii" pageant, performer on "The 1996 Miss Teen America" pageant, presenter on "The 1987 American Music Awards", an actor with incidental music ability, a federal prisoner, been out in the sun too long, no bargain in the sun, fake, a member of the World's first video band, a member of the World's first rap group, a real buster, a musician's musician, a foreign spy, a baseball coach, a teacher at Pacific Hills High School in Santa Monica California, El Torko-The Bandit Without A Nickname, El Diablo's friend, Quasimodo, a hostage, a wise guy, Davy's musician friend, the referee, a gypsy at heart, a Monkee pigeon, a member of The Budapest String Quartet, a trapeze artist, a show folk, a sister act, a fool, a flower child, a bright but troubled youth, humiliated, shunned, sighted, a member of the Fairfax Street Choir, a chimp act, dreadful, a Chipmunk, a construction worker, a quarryman, a fireman, Mike's trusty cohort, Milly's boarder, a dancing smoothie, the Popsicles booking agent, a stupid wooden expression, that idiot Peter Tork, something to throw out the window to attract a passerby, a soul searching youth of the times, irritating, quarrelsome, inconsequential, the inward mystical of George Harrison, an ethnic purist, a chamber music conductor, a big man, sweetheart, a warm heart of this cruel world, a bum, a panelist on "What's My Scene" & "To Tell A Fib", a scubadiver, Mrs. Weefers' etiquette instructor, Marshall, a nice sensitive boy, a spy trainee, down home folk music, All Hare Krishna Brown Rice Water Beds, the funniest stupidest person Bob Rafelson ever seen bump into a wall, the odd one out, a gentleman, an angel, Wyatt Earp, Charter Chronkite, Bret Chinkley, Long Haired Weirdo, The Picture Of Grace, The Judge, Dig Pete, Not Not What, Mrs. Not Not What, Nit Wit, a mature 12 year old, Micky's patient, shy, very creative & very talented, bearded Peter, Psychedelicized by way of Folk City, no voice at all, a square peg in a round hole, bohemian, a simpleton, a burned out hippie, a member of The Loyal Order Of Chickens, a throne merchant, a member of The Purple Flower Gang, not a member of The Purple Flower Gang, an Italian with a weird looking felt hat, a ticket taker at the Medieval Fair, lovable but somewhat slow-witted, something of a country bumpkin, former Monkee, The Connecticut Counterspy, a member of Shoe Suede Blues, Guitar Beltway Slim, a Creep, a Corporal, Peter Tork: guitar, bass and trombone, a member of a singing group, the boy with the long hair named Peter, a lady who shaves, a bright boy, a big mouth, a rock & roll musician, a wretched boy, The Growl, a born entertainer, a druid, singer of "Your Auntie Grizelda", not such a bad kid, very villianous, marvelous, perfect timing, quite animated on stage, never the Monkees strongest singer, a fraud, Davy's loyal friend, the Huntz Hall dummo, helpful, the one who knows how life works then exposed to positive karma, serious in connection to women, considerate towards the other 3 Monkees, dissatisfied with the Monkees project, plays the nicest part, having a mutual understanding with the viewers, shows forbearance towards the scripts, takes care of the housework, an extremely funny person equal to Harpo Marx & Charlie Chaplin, takes the lead in escaoing the Monkees project, the victim, the protaginist, cares about the others, a light in the darkness, extremely unpredictable, a struggling artist, green as the hills, an undertone of street wise sense, frenetic, charming, inquisitive, destructive, friendly, a great swimmer, the Tommy Smother's character, an economics professor's, a ski-slope nose, Buster, conservative, radical, a sensation, Ringo-like, son of an economics professor, downtroddin by the studio, looks like the dutch boy on the can of Dutch Boy paint, salt of the earth, naivete, sensible, vulnerable, the one the others show consideration for, a Pinocchio complex, arrogant doormat syndrome, an alcoholic, clean & sober, drug abuser, child of the 60's, the naive one, unengaged, indifferent, very musical, very athletic, most masculine of the 4 Monkees, a sort of Gatsby, water to Mike's oil, ironic but gentle guy, the one who know how life works, altrustic, compassionate, a bit of a bohemian & a bit of beatnik, a dishwasher at the Golden Bear in Hunnington Beach California, a babysitter, a specialist, Owner of the Tork Stock Exchange, a rock and roll musician, a disbeliever, like indian wiseman's mouthpiece who doesn't know what he's doing, personable & smiling, goofy, testy, remarkable acumen for music, the only Monkee to show up for the first day of filming "Head", an overnight success, nostalgic, child-like, the most complicated Monkee, a late grower, the 4th banana on the series, dimpled faced, a singing waiter, mastermind behind much of the Monkees original music, 13 year old paperboy in a high school production of "Our Town", can do anything if properly motivated, a Zen teacher, the low key Monkee, the Monkees bassest, a creative brain, legendary, wants more out of life than financial success & fame, the oldest of the Monkees, a knucklehead, a patient (from the Kelloggs commercials), without pop (from the Kelloggs commercials), The Popless One (from the Kelloggs commercials), a typical young person, a Mexican bandit, a tourist, America, a member of El Diablo's bambito camp, a comrade, a boy in the band, an incredible swine, Dr. Mandoza's guest, a show biz type, a Monkee, A Monkeeman, The Quiet Monkee and The Dumb Monkee
Things He Loves: Love, classical music, his kids, touring, Eastern Philosophies & Religion, Folk music, Blues music, Banjo music, his necklace with an ancient coin enclosed in a glass case, electronics, clams from Cape Cod, Long Island NY, his mother, Valerie Cartwright, a stuffed toy tiger, living at the Pad, beads, playing live music, fortune cookies, partying, playing checkers, living in Wisconsin as a child, Lorelei's magic necklace, tricking Mike into milking the cow, giving advice to kids, Astrology, the TV show "I Spy", wearing mismatched socks, wearing his belt to one side, The Beatles' music, Little Richard's music, The music of Rachmaninoff, playing Bach's music, the song "Rhapsody In Blue", the song "Mr. Webster", the song "Eight Miles High", the song "Penny Lane", the song "Strawberry Fields Forever", the song "Fixin' A Hole", Digging It, the song "Randy Scouse Git", the song "Words", the song "Pleasant Valley Sunday", the song "Riu Chiu", the song "One Trick Pony", George Harrison's film "Wonderwall", the song "Early Morning Blues And Greens", the song "I'll Spend My Life With You", the horn overdubs for "Shades Of Gray", interpreting other people's songs, Christmas being His Time Of Year, someday to perform with Nick & Ivan in concert, working with James Lee Stanley, performing with James Lee Stanley, B. B. King performing, Keb' Mo's music, Taj Mahal's music, being clean & sober, wearing moccasins, Oracullo's tea, the color orange, to calm hysteria, to lift depression, nehru jackets, heathfood, reuniting Melvin with his Aunt, make it exactly what he wants, the song "I Want You I Need You I Love You", the song "My Baby Left Me", Lightin' Hopkin's music, Robert Johnson's music, the Modern Folk Quarter (MFQ) version of the song "Nighttime Girl", the album "Bobby Darin Sings His Bank Book", the picture "Carnival Of Coasta Rica", his Auntie Grizelda, somebody appreciating good soup, instant portraits, a bat sipping his blood instead of drinking his blood, his brothers & sister, knowing it's not how you play the game but whether you win or lose, playing go fish, a Milkshake, pheasant under glass, chamber music, organ recitals, croquet, polo, drinking milk, arm wrestling, playing marbles, toy gun dueling, lifting weights, hopscotch, boxing, fencing, jumping concrete stairs, hearing himself on the radio for the first time, choosing fingers when making decisions, Oraculo's, "The Monkees" TV show breaking new ground, being spontanous for the camera while filming the TV series, playing creebage, April Conquest, portobello mushrooms, thinking up euphemisms for throw-up & dumb, being revered by a small minority, helping Chuck keep the club for 99 years, the outside of the pad TP'd, Magic Monkee Dust, The Monkeemobile's 4th Dimension, doing the news in interpretative dance, talking about the problems in the World, the live version of "Cicle Sky" from the movie "Head", the Tao, San Francisco California, the book "War And Peace", actress Liv Ullman, The Lovin' Spoonful's music, Aretha Franklin's music, having fun in the desert, the TV show "The West Wing", Mike's Emmy worthy performance in the TV show's episode "Fairy Tale", quiet walks after concerts, Alvin (the alligator), Reeber Seebers Brain Washing Detergent, his bankbook for security, the story of the pet pig turning into the bacon, the laugh track turned on during rehearsals at the pad, Micky's Moog part during the song "Daily Nightly", Davy noticing that they hit the music "pocket" during a performance in the Far East tour in 1968, how Mike can set up a joke, a Good Looker, brown rice, waterbeds, herbal teas, a macrobiotic diet, yogurt, fans, his childhood pet boxer Addie, growing daffidlis, the police going from flower to flower to catch The Purple Flower Gang, the sight of blood, katsup on everything (even his Corn Flakes), a dish of spaghetti with some ravioli on the side with graded cheese, Shoe Suede Blues, invoking his Constitutional Rights, invoking the Civil Rights Act, Bulgaria, Antarctica, doing Donald Duck having a temper tantrum, suffering for his art, painting doors, New York City, the proverb book "I Cling- The Chinese Book Of Changes", the book "The Naked Lunch", intelligent girls, the harp, Parchesi, Micky singing with his feet, living at the pad, the smell of bay leaves, hot dogs, knowing Stranger Things Have Happened, Micky singing a Billie Holliday song, pratfalls, a circus, snooping, camp, Greenwich Village, using bamboo to clean his nails, speaking German, Micky reviving him from Oracullo's spell, Lady's Baby, treasure hunting, helping out his neighbors, saving his country, Dr. Mandoza's house having all the comforts of home, all day suckers, saying "Yeah" & repeating the last word Micky's said, The "Peter Gunn" TV series theme song, The "Perry Mason" TV series theme song, The "One Day At A Time" TV series theme song, magic tricks, Texas, signing contracts, the "Monkees Vs. Machine" episode, miniskirts, long gowns on girls, rifle shooting, drama, yoga, the book “Stranger In A Strange Land”, Prince’s music, Gladys Knight’s music, Mavis Staples’ music, James Taylor’s music, Jackson Browne’s music, Bonnie Raitt’s music, Miss Buntwell, Natasha, a woman with spirit, english muffins, being a member of NOW (National Organization For Woman), Chic Magazine's cereal of the month, coffee with cream and 2 lumps of sugar, a cheese danish, buying Christmas gifts for the guys, sleeping in a cold room and Paris France
Things He Hates: Hate, meat (Note: he's a vegetarian), private school as a kid, Micky's throw up drink, always playing the dummy, Harold (from "Fairy Tale"), guns, violence, war, Wolfgang wearing a uniform with a tuning fork, the torture of a direct question, similar storylines for the TV show, late kidnappers, the Chinese Ice Torture, Micky's werewolf imitation, being caught without a turtleneck in a vampire's house, people asking where Mike is, having a manufactured image with no philsophies, the JC Penny clothes wardrobe, boots, insects, being put down by Melvin, Micky oversleeping, being so shy around girls, being scared of Hell, fans, hot sand, being a good loser, Davy being trapped by his own staggering good looks, Davy getting distracted by girls during rehearsals at the pad, Rob Roy Fingerhead standing on his foot, being welcomed to the club by a jury of 12 condemmed men from Devil's Island at his trial, thought balloons, the way "Head" was promoted, people in charge always say they will cut it out but never follow through, Micky's euphemism about the Monkees being like Leonard Nimoy, going to prison, agents, British press, Mr. Babbitt, being sued, Wolfgang with a tuning fork, decaffeinated coffee, having 2 failed marriages, being typecast, David Fishof, The Devil, Micky getting hung up on Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, a pie in his face, seltzer squirted in his face, drinking wine, The Black Angles' girlfriends hurting his feelings, "Captain Crocodile" viewers who write letters in crayon, police brutality, having to Do This All Over Again, the TV show "Seinfeld", Micky's autobiography, on line groups and bulletin boards focusing on what people don't like, Wayne Newton's choice of music material, vampires, spilled milk, being found guilty in Judge Mike's courtroom, having his tooth act up with a temporary crown, Frankie Catalina, having people constantly taking his picture, potatoes, a dull routine, having people interrupt his meal for an autograph, his back feeling a nail in a post and the hippie movement being misunderstood by the press
Thoughts on the other Monkees:
"Looking back I have to say that Davy was the one I had the most feeling for, Micky was the one I had the most fun with and Mike was the one I had the most respect for"
Far-out Peter Quotes: "The universe is permeated with the odor of turpentine", "Why am I the dummy? The dummy should be the dummy", "I have loved you from afar lo these many moons. May I carry you across the mud?", "Kretch" and "I'd put my arm in the fire for Micky"
Misc. Info: Peter was the Dumb Monkee. Peter's character on the Monkees was incredibly different from the real life Peter. His character on the show was innocent and dumb, real life Peter was far from it. He was very intelligent and was by no means innocent. Peter's parties in the 60's have become legendary, his house was one of the hot spots for all L.A rock stars. On the show, Peter was most likely to get the other guys in trouble by signing bad contracts or by getting hypnotized or tricked into something. His cooking wasn't too great either. As dumb as he was on the show, he is very smart and loyal to everyone in real life. His most memorable acting moments are when he admits to being shy around girls (drama) and when he was lying on the stretcher in "pain" in "The Christmas Show" (comedy).
Final Comments: "Everybody in the world needs love, and I'd wish that we all would really love one another" -from an issue of 16 magazine

We'll meet Back at the library
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