"Life, the unsuspecting captive"

Full Name: Robert Michael Nesmith
Birth Date: December 30, 1942 in Dallas, Texas
Parents: W. A. and Bette
Siblings: None
Wives: Phyllis Barbour, Kathryn Hill and Victoria Kennedy
Children: Christian DuVal, Jonathan Darby, Jason and Jessica Buffler
Nicknames/ Aliases/ Roles/ Descriptions: Michael, Mike, Nez, Papa Nez, Da Nez, only child of Warren and Bette Nesmith, a father, a grandfather, Mr. Bandit, superficial, a desire to be consistent in his integrity, "Not My Job" guest panelist on NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" news quiz show, a struggling artist, green as the hills, an undertone of street wise sense, a plainclothes detective (from the Kelloggs commercials), former member of the Monkees, The Nez, Michael Blessing, Mr. Nesmith, Mike Nesmith of the Monkees, The Marvelous Mike Nesmith, Nezgator, The Nez Signature, ex-Monkee, a celebrity, a heartthrob, a singer, a composer, Producer, Executive Producer, Wool Hat, that wool hat guy, the one with the green wool cap, Monkee #3, the leader of the group, a spy trainee, a scubadiver, a matador, a panelist on "What's My Scene" & "To Tell A Fib", Davy Jones, Humphrey, a pro, an expert noseplayer, Texas Blues & Brown Wool Seat Covers That Soak Up Root Beer And Leave A Sticky Stain, Jeffrey, a Food and Drug Inspector, an Italian restaurateur, fresh & new, stoned legal, cute, a Manhattan cop, a bellhop at the Compton Plaza Hotel, all that & more, a gourmet, a typical fun person, a devue madcap boy for whom everyday is just one gay adventure, the fighter, owner of the Internet site Videoranch.com, a very gifted folk singer, Billy Roy Hodstetter, Billy Roy, a contestant on your TV amateur hour, a contestant on "Ted Hack's Amateur Hour", a racketeer, lanolin that won't upset your stomach, a hot dog vendor in robbery court, the pad's meeting caller, a six footer, Magnetic South, the next Governor Of Texas, Hollywood's Next Leading Man, Neckyorlon, a nestor, the good guy in white, the rugged character known as Marlboro Man dressed as a cowboy (from the movie "Head"), witty, the most vocal, non political, Davy's woolied headed chauffeur, an entrepreneur with an enviable solo career, the guy who invented MTV, the mercurial arrogance of John Lennon, the most independent Monkee, the weakest singer, inconsequential, a mechanical toy, not a flash in the pan phenomenon, a host of his own TV series, multi-millionaire extradonaire, a street fighter, a severity of countenance, a sullen disposition, quick witted, hot headed, uncompromising sense of fairplay, somewhat gruff demeanor, not an angry young man, not like James Dean, self-conscious, ambitious, out spoken, a man who faces the computer age without fear, a forward thinking man of the future, progressive oriented, entrepreneur, a touch of Texas spice, Magnificent Monkee, somber in dark glasses, bullish, electro-country, a guest on the TV series "Laugh-In", Sir Lancelot (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Counsel for the opposition of moving the District Court (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Carl Bruhedges of the Encyclopedia Company (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), a wounded frontiersman (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), a force to be reckoned with, very fatalistic, a bomb disposal worker, a harmonica player, not the best looking mummy, a vault timer, America's secret weapon, a scientist, a light tipper, a beach movie extra, dandruff, God's gift to the eight year old, a simian, one of the greatest rock and roll singers in the World, schizophrenic, a wiseguy, a nice kid, an amnesia stricken millionaire, an ugly woman, the ugliest, looks exactly like Tork, not a plumber, a scale, The Witness, sweetheart, nice but doesn't have the looks, too honest, Inspector Shrink's young friend, that purple guy, talented, a judge on the 1982 National Cable Television Association's Awards for Cable Casting Excelling, presenter at The 2nd Annual American Video Music Awards, fake, a member of the World's first video band, a member of the World's first rap group, a babysitter, subtle deadpan humor, not such a bad kid, very villianous, marvelous, fair jewel of the East, a fraud, perfect with that wave of hair & little green hat casually cocked on his head with a certain comfortable feel to it, rather stupid, not interested in leaving the Monkees project cause it gives him the opportunity to dominate, a respected man, the quiet Monkee with the drawly groovy voice, cool without trying to be, contained, onetime protest singer, not a team player, sensitive, Skinny The Snide, dynamic ability to go into the studio with a song written, a real charmer, brooding, ornery, terrible, Commodore, a stoic ability to endure pain, a leader among men, leads a nothing life, creates his own hotbed, a strong & silent girl, can't carry a tune in a bucket, feeling quite wonderful free (from the song "Rio"), performer on "The 1966 Miss Teenage Hawaii" pageant, Andy Griffith to John London's Gomer Pyle, the ski-hatted guy, a car technician in "Time Rider", a member of the folk band Survivor, an actor with incidental music ability, a protest singer, nervous, guitar player with the Monkees, pioneer of country rock music, a country boy at heart, impolite, a serious thinker, legendary, driver of the whole Monkees phenomenon, award winning musician, a scrawny funny looking guy with a brillo pop of black hair, a scrawny funny looking gut with a brillo pop of black hair, Mr. Woolhat, the dreamy Monkee, very steely-eyed, not a team player, a real idiot, a Merle Haggard voice, a dry sense of humor, fellow Monkee, self taught guitarist, the one that got away, the thinking Monkee, funny, the galvanizing force behind "Hey Hey It's The Monkees" ABC Special, an artist, a music video pioneer, current philantrophist, perpetual man with a mission, cool, somewhat insecure, a control freak, cared how it sounded & looked, nothing subtle about this Texas kid, All Texas Oil, pragmatic, Private Citizen Michael Nesmith, Nesmeyer, a typical young person, a Mexican bandit, a tourist, American, El Nesmito-The Bandit Without Any Conscience, El Diablo's friend, The Towering But Modest Texan, old boy, Chet Hinkley, Dave Barkley, John Smith, Tex Nesmith, always into bigger & better, thoughtless, a Hindu musician, Amazing Mozzarella, you with that silly green bonnet, a dime a dozen extra, a professional wrestler, Nipsmouth, Nestleruth, Nashmirth, Nesbaum, Nishwash, Nishmosh, The Dashing Debonair Mike Nesmith, Blackbart, Slade, a brain surgeon, Wanted For Fraud, the guy who nobody knows his name, the guy whose mother invented white out, a farm hand, a cotton picker in the Summer, a chimp act, Dreadful, a Chipmunk, a construction worker, a quarryman, a fireman, Milly's boarder, a dancing smoothie, a student of the School Of Hard Knocks & Bruises, Skip (from the movie "Tapeheads"), an employee for Urgent Answering Service, Peter's Yacht Captain, not Wizard Glick, Davy's musician friend, a very very important person, George Washington, Crazy George, Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, a motorbiker, Mummyman, a reporter for Variety, a musician, a member of Oracullo's Famous Dog Act, Lauren St. David, KRUX farm reporter, a lover (from the song "You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover"), all he has, Long Hair Weirdo, one of the little people, Joanie Jans' good friend, a Salesman, Admiral Mike, Dr. Frigmund Fried, Milly's matchmaker, a gentleman, the tallest & the strongest, a Loudmouth Yankee (from the song "What Am I Doin' Hanging 'Round"), Princess Gwen, the selfish conceited overbearing one with a Texas accent, the one that's always complaining, a groovy looking chick, a dumb peasant, 24 years old and spry, a maiden, fair jewel of the east, the one Harold was going to marry, Harold's lady, a woman, the mother image, fair pearl, languish, official traffic, Micky Dolenz, W. H. Woolhat, H. L. Nesmith, the S.S. Mike Nesmith, Mike Nesmith: Eagle Scout ' 61, babe, young blood, new blood, not Davy's real mother, fella, a rock & roll musician, a wretchred boy, The Monster's rock & roll teacher, a hired killer, Secretary Of State Of Nahudi, The Witness, George Washington's father, a cab driver (from the movie "Burglar"), a loadsome teenager, an arrogant egomaniac, a delight and well bred, a kindly little old building janitor, a bank robber, a pussy cat, innocent, my good man, a warm heart of this cruel World, a bum, Clyde "Lefty" Greedy's lion, idolized, plasticized, psychoanalyzed, sterilized, a member of the bubblegum band The Monkees, a member of the Pre-Fab 4, a member of the pop band The Monkees, stranger, kinfolk, Weskett's cousin, Clem Weskett, a nose player, a specialist, Vicious Killer, Regular Llama, Reg, Regular, Aquarius, Frank Zappa, dirty gross & ugly (as Frank Zappa), World's famous participant & leader of The Mothers Of Invention (as Frank Zappa), a creative genius (as Frank Zappa), a real spiffy conductor (as Frank Zappa), Mazemize, trouble maker, a strolling musician at Henry Cabot Lodge, a psychic slave, a member of The Purple Flower Gang, a guy with a long nose a mustache & a smelly cigar, a cross between a serial killer & Groucho Marx, a cross between Steven Speilberg & Forrest Gump wearing a baseball hat, Daggert's personal assistant, the odd finger, that purple guy, Milly's Micky, a Mr. Mouth, Cobbler of Avon-On-Calling, Will Rogers country & western dry humorist, high spirited, a naive person who's constantly wondering about things he doesn't understand, always cool, has a firm grasp on things, the best at acting sensitive, totally weak around women, hopeless in connection with women, the one who comes across the best on TV, threatening towards the other 3 Monkees, addicted to luxury, Air Force recruit, slow speaking, long thinking, the one who can find solutions to all problems, unpopular at school, the intelligent one, child of the 60's, Texas drawl, happy, high spirited, lively, kind of a smart ass, a naive person who is constantly wondering about things he doesn't understand, best at acting sensitive, a groovy guy, paranoid, quite tall when he wants to be, kind of a loner, broad mindlessness & warmth, cool, Andrew Carnes in school production of "Oklahoma”, actor in school production of "The King And I", equal amounts of dry humor & childish joy, competitive, patronizing, cynical, misjudging solutions & people, anxious to please, interceptive, oil to Peter's water, the father figure, the even tempered Monkee with the ever present watch cap on the back of his head, President of Santa Fe Pictures, an over night success, sports car winner, producer of financially successful and critically hailed motion pictures, music video director, an 80’s renaissance man, the return to the old fashioned storyteller, host of new talent night at the Troubadour Club in Los Angeles California, incredibly witty, very funny, a purist, spontaneous, a rare one here, looks like he came down from the mountains, a business man, doesn't fit neatly into the smooth pop marketing niche sound, the big brother of the group, Texas native, down to Earth style, inspired by the country greats, sheer Texas stubborness, no nonsense attitude, a sharp sardonic mid-range tenor, the father image, the mother image, sweetheart, a disbeliever, Davy's loyal friend, looks as if he was the intelligent leader which he really was not, Texan pioneer, a genuine cult hero, Hip, a fine feathered Monkee, an honest & straight forward kind of guy, President of The Loyal Order Of The Chickens, a member of The Loyal Order Of Chickens, a member of the manufactured boy band The Monkees, Jesse James, a park man, a throne merchant, a gypsy at heart, sonny, a good guy, crazy & wonderful, knows what responsibility means, Miss Buntwell's tiger, a dance applicant at Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go, a member of the firm of Vanessa Russell And Vanessa, Mr. Russell's invited guest, a Grammy Award winner, a renaissance man, a Christian Scientist, a judge at the 1989 Cintex Comedy Awards, a member of the Cinetex Comedy Advisory Committee, a show folk, a member of the Budapest String Quartet, a trapeze artist, a sister act, a Monkee pigeon, a comrade, a boy in the band, an incredible swine, Micky's speech teacher, X-17, a star, a biker, like a brother to April, a skydiver, Aunt Kate's nephew, Lucy's cousin, Clara's cousin, a Sergeant, a fight racketeer, a Creep, a punk, a chef, a waiter, a dishwasher, a hat check girl, a cook, a cigarette girl, a foreign spy, the kind of Monkee that sings, Aaron Burr, a chap, hung up, strong & silent, a girl, Micky's doctor, a trainer from the Boxing Commission, Davy's Private Chef, a songwriter, occupant, sweetheart, kiddo, Foyer the butler (from the small Pacific Arts release movie "An Evening With Sir Wiliam Martin"), a short order diner cook (from "Elephant Parts"), Randy Nader (from "Elephant Parts"), Sir Enrique Foster Geddies DeMilo (from "Elephant Parts"), Sir Enrique (from "Elephant Parts"), undercover narcotics officer from the Beverly Hills Police Department Jim Raffony (from "Elephant Parts"), the greatest living sportsman alive (from "Elephant Parts"), a lounge singer (from "Elephant Parts"), a flight instructor (from "Elephant Parts"), Arnold Finsucker (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), an average man in an average job (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), a reluctant man (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), a stubborn & uncorporate man (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), a total wimp (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), Jack Handey (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), Legendary film noir director Dirkson Von Past (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), The Idiot With The Sponges (from "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce"), creator of "Pop Clips", a music explorer, a World renowned anthropologist & explorer Tour De Fluka (from "Elephant Parts"), Captain of the Kona Tiki Pork Restaurant (from "Television Parts"), a janitor (from "Television Parts"), Cole Porter (from "Television Parts"), an book author, an author of early hypertext fiction, a pretty rotten kid, a failure, not a loser, not a goof, not a victim, Dr. Mandoza's guest, a show biz type, a Monkee, former Monkee, ex-Monkee, A Monkeeman and The Smart Monkee
Things He Loves: playing guitar, his kids, his wife Victoria, April Conquest, Miss Buntwell, helping Chuck keep the club for 99 years, the outside of the pad TP'd, turning the Monkeemobile into a low rider, Rose City Chimes, "Sahara" album by Dracy, The film "Kiki's Delivery Service", being able to hear himself play in front of an audience, the TV show "Fernwood Tonight", The Book "The Alexandria Quartet" by Lawrence Durrell, More drive-ins & better parking, The guy playing the organ in the music store next to the Country Club Pharmacy in the Inwood Shopping Center in Dallas, learn to levitate, The Gihon Foundation, being a Trustee for The American Film Institute, Videoranch, playing creebege, sunsets, Magnolia Simms, Listening To The Band, The Ladies Aid Society, Oklahoma Ballroom Dancer, going To Saginaw Again, hearing the echos of a penny whistle band (from the song "The Door Into Summer"), laughter from a distant caravan (from the song "The Door Into Summer"), circus wagons fading to the door into Summer (from the song "The Door Into Summer"), Major Pshaw's assistant Thursday, being very fatalistic, cutting class to play to an empty house like it was full of people screaming, being sanitary, winning the lawsuit over PBS, his Cadillac Limousine, 60's politics, the changing world in the 60's, work that interests him, his performance robbing the 9th National Bank, pheasant under glass, chamber music, organ recitals, croquet, polo, drinking milk, The Rolling Stones for being such a good group, The Mamas & The Papas for making it good, The Lovin' Spoonful for making it happy, The Beatles for starting it off, The Sons Of The Pioneers music, the song "Cuddly Toy", the song "Love Is Only Sleeping", hearing himself on the radio for the first time, choosing fingers when making decisions, The Council Of Ideas from The Gihon Foundation, his mother for inventing white out fluid, making it exactly what he wants, reuniting Melvin with his Aunt, style, his British chauffeur/ bodyguard Alfrie Weaver, Jerry Yester's music, the Modern Folk Quartet's (MFQ) stage act, guns, speeding, the song "Communication Breakdown", country music, cars, Christian Scientology, saying "Now hold it. Wait a minute", saying silently "Rob Roy Fingerhead", saving the Texas Prairie Chicken, groovy buttons, the writing of Lewis Carroll, gadgets for his cars, reading car magazines, his "Black Beauty" Gretech Guitar (Note: until it was stolen), his custom made western suit from the Nudie Company, digital media, spending time on the internet, Penny Arkade's music, Artist Drew Friedman, the band Keane's music, 3-D technology, music downloads becoming an music album norm, Micky singing with his feet, Impressionist artist Renoir, Rusha, Henry Miller, helping Ellen Farnsby with her role in a play, motorcycling, digging something ugly, being revered by a small minority, Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, doing Tazmanian Kubuki, doing the news in intrepretive dance, the way Bronis Lockolonofski says "I'm sorry sir", www.MySpace.com, church music, organ music, Organist Chester Thompson, Calvin- is digital controlled organ, The group Lambchop, doing DVD commentary, a Texas beach, hamburgers from his favorite Dallas restaurant, The Rivera, Baja California, the "Fairy Tale" episode, "Conducting" Frank Zappa smashing a car, the music from the harp, relaxing in his stereo chair, Southwestern Art, Antarctica, the laugh track turned on, Paris France, John Wayne, writing stand alone poetry, eating rose petals, Suzanna Hoff's version of "Different Drum", writing poetry to music, the film & visual arts, cigarette wrappers, Christmas bubble lights, performing "Circle Sky" for the movie "Head", performing with the guys at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in September 1986, watching a Monkees concert in disguise, fans, putting emotions he feels about a song to video, the Gene Aurty/ Betsy King Ross 1930's movie cliffhanger serial "Radio Ranch", dogs, the movie "The Grapes Of Wrath", his Sunny Girlfriend, comedian Arnold Stang, actor Danny Hutton, Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons, the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", author Douglas Adams, Paul Crum cartoons, Hoyt Axton's music, Texas blues, the movie "Head", Bonaparte's Retreat, Lady Love, Joanne, Mama Nantucket, his school choir teacher Annalee Huffaker, miniskirts, watching an organ player in a display window of a music store as a kid, Stax and Volt artists, helping out his neighbors, saving his country, his Calico Girlfriend, Love's First Kiss, Tanya, Neffie, Rio, Crusin', a Prairie Lullaby, tending The Garden, Brazil, Navajo Trail, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Twilight On The Trail, Total Control, general good times with health wealth wisdom freedom activity friendship & joy, the Internet industry, the Marshall McLuhan's book "Understanding Media", MP3s, the DVD industry, the extremely bright Jack Nicholson, listening to music, a very large gooey & messy pizza with peppers & no anchovies, Mama Rocker, a Sweet Young Thing, Lady Of The Valley, the magic of love (from the song "Magic"), happiness all wrapped in you (from the song "Papa Gene's Blues"), knowing you love him (from the song "Papa Gene's Blues"), a love as bright as the sun (from the song "You Just May Be The One"), the love right in your eyes (from the song "You Just May Be The One"), resisting all attempts to bring him down (from the song "Sweet Young Thing"), taking his pink Eldorado To The Moon, Chow Mien And Bowling, Bob Rafelson eating flowers, owning a house so he doesn't get wet in a parking lot when it rains, The "Here We Go Again" tag, card tricks, The Beatles' music, a harem girl massaging his shoulders, kids in the country wearing their hair the way they would like to wear it, reciting the closing scene of "The Grapes Of Wrath" to cheer up a kid, trimming his wool hat's pom pom, Liberace smashing a piano, Micky saying "Gosharoonie", checkers, Juliana, The Moon Over The Rio Grande, finding The Kind Of Girl He Could Love, cheating at cards, putting fleas on then off a dog, being hip, knowing where it's at, his dog Fraak (Note: until Fraak died), pretzels, leftovers, winning at tic tac dough over Davy, telling the truth and writing books
Things He Hates: People who call him "Wool Hat", wool hats, you selling ads (from the song "Admiral Mike"), Peter's Cream Of Root Beer Soup, anchovies, critics, smiling, Donnie Kirshner, Dragonman, motorcycling, being featured in teen magazines, having to write songs about Good Clean Fun, people constantly asking him about the Monkees, having his picture being taken in outfits that were going to be sold at JC Penny, abuse with his paranoia, liars, Writing Wrongs, doing nothing, frauds, being tortured by gypsies, the rack, Micky gambling, Madame Quagmire tapping her fingers under his chin, a pie in his face, something funny about gasoline prices (from "Elephant Parts"), mixed nuts, having his picture being taken all day, contracts, fans yelling for Davy during concerts, having people interrupt his meal for an autograph, surprise birthday parties, Christmas, paying every year he can't buy back with his tears (from the song "The Door Into Summer"), fans, Mr. Babbitt, being sued by PBS in 2000, Multimedia, People who don't take the time to see what's going on in the Internet, people stealing, Using the words "latchkey" & "tollgate" to describe the distribution on the Internet, the emptiness in her eyes was cruel to see (from the song "Love Is Only Sleeping"), being scared if he was all alone in The Count's house, Micky's werewolf imitation, being a good loser, Davy getting distracted by girls during rehearsals at the pad, a Lazy Lady, The Devil, being typecast, drinking wine, being confined to The Prison, "Captain Crocodile" viewers who write letters in crayon, promoters, Bob Rafelson's closing interview questions, being trapped in the Black Box, Mr./ Mrs. Ace, boxing promoter Scholto, people not answering the door or the phone, lawn games, being conned, hot sand, Oracullo freaking Peter's mind, people calling the group plastic, having 2 failed marriages, touring, the way "Head" was promoted, school, the misconception that he is the only one with talent, people interpreted "Head" as the Monkees bitter sweet swan song, "The Monkees Greatest Hits" album from Arista, his neighbors being thrown out of their homes to make way for parking lots, Pop losing his restaurant to the mob, Pop Harper losing his job at the toy factory, The Monkees being passed off as something they are not, hearing loss from the racket of fans, overtones, the British press, people asking him to tell the story about how he turned over a General's airplane while he was in the Air Force, ugly sounds (from the song "Sweet Young Thing"), similar storylines for the TV show, banal & insipid pop songs, the lawyer telling him plead guilty because his looks won't get him off, the look of Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, Micky getting hung up on Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, people talking to popsicles, Hollywood, calling when you feel footloose & fancy free (from the song "Don't Call On Me"), life without touching you (from the song "I Won't Be The Same Without Her"), smiling then shaking your head (from the song "Admiral Mike"), People Who Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover, people who think he's the only Monkee with talent and the only musician, stupid questions when asked about the Monkees, people who think he has all the talent & fustrated by other 3 manufactured guys, not knowing what's going on, Harold (from "Fairy Tale"), the song "Valleri", nostaglia, spending himself bankrupt, vampires, Chang, politics, insects, being put down by Melvin, the movie "Beach Party Honeymoon", Frankie Catalina, Micky trying to work his new camera while trying to take Mike's picture, being called a goof, Micky being crafty & selfish, Ronnie Farnsworth, the guard the Riverdale Country Club, the JC Penny clothes wardrobe, agents, the NBC censors, Seltzer squirted on his face, being slapped in the face by Micky to cure Oracullo's spell, people who don't believe the Monkees play instruments, being offered $1000 for information on treason, "Captain Crocodile" viewers who write letters in crayon, seeing the "More Of The Monkees" album released without his knowledge, filming 16 "The Monkees" TV show episodes in a row, reporters asking stupid questions and most music reporters
Thoughts On The Other Monkees: "I have a very high regard for the fellows. Always had."
Great Mike Quotes To Live By: "First we'll escape then we'll play baseball", "You're the only fool I know who deserves that kind of luck", "Never send a boy to do a man's boj...uh job...", "It's a drag, a stone drag", "Yeah, well I'm hip, that's why I don't trust him", "Man you better get me out of here or you're in big trouble", "I bet you're a real swinger when you're turned on", "Harold you better get this carriage out of the MUD!", "You got it babe" and "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken"
Misc. Info: Mike was the smart Monkee. Mike was the Monkee who was always in charge, the leader, the tall Texan with the witty responses. He is very fond of saying "Now hold it, wait just a minute here". Mike invented the concept of MTV and his mom invented liquid paper. His most memorable acting moments are when he stood up to Zero in court in "The Devil And Peter Tork" (drama) and when he portrayed Princess Gwen in "Fairy Tale" (comedy).
Final Comments: "If you love music you can play music and all it takes is love"

Mike we got Peter Back
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