"If you want me to, I'll spend my life with you"

Full Name: George Michael Dolenz Jr.
Birthdate: March 8, 1945 in Los Angeles, California
Parents: George and Janelle
Siblings: Gemma Marie (Coco), Debbie and Gina
Samantha Juste, Trina Dow and Donna Quinter
Children: Ami Bluebell, Charlotte Janelle, Emily Clair and Georgia Rose
Nicknames/Aliases/ Roles/ Descriptions: Micky, Mick, Mickey, Micky Braddock, Mickey Braddock, George Jr., Michael Dolenz, Mickster, oldest and only son of George and Janelle Dolenz, a brother, a father, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, Dolenzraffe, ex-Monkee, ex-teen idol, ex-child star, former teen idol, former child star, the lead singer, actor/ director Micky Dolenz, the enormously famous Micky Dolenz, good ol' Micky Dolenz, a songwriter, a heartthrob, a composer, the victor, a pig player, a nice chicken, all dirty, not all clean, not the best looking dummy, an astronaut, America's secret weapon, a light tipper, an experienced sailor, a beach movie extra, the kidnappers' answering service, a contestant on "Break The Bank", a punk who gets beat up by Norman Harrington (from the TV series "Peyton Place"), the mischievous character known as pan dressed as a satyr (from the movie "Head"), Fuzzy, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Micky The D, Astropuff, The Los Angeles Leopard, The Pantherman, Mrs. Arcadian, a lion tamer, Clyde "Lefty" Greedy, moderator of "What's My Scene" & "To Tell A Fib", Charlie, a pro, note taker for the pad's meetings, the good guy in white, a celebrity, a pop singer, a member of the manufactured boy band The Monkees, a renaissance man or a dilettante, cute, fresh & new, all that & more, a star, a courageous American youth, a Manhattan street sweeper, a lifeguard, a devue madcap boy for whom everyday is just one gay adventure, a typical fun person, a gourmet, Vernon's cornerman, a Hollywood phony, a big phony, skillet face, a different skillet of a fish altogether, the kind of guy who buys a do-it-yourself gyrocopter assembles it in his living room then finds it's to big to get outside, a skinny blond kid, a natural ham, lead tenor in the big beat group The Missing Links, a mechanical toy, a show stopper, happy go lucky, the commercial element in selling records, a hired actor, not a flash in the pan phenomenon, the free wheeling wise cracking demeanor, gregorious, out going, inexhaustible, the essence of the Monkees image, a clown, the spirit of Monkeemania, a bit of a put on, always mischievous never malicious, an all around great guy, a guy who is easy to get to know, a jack-of-all-charades, free spirited, charming, invieterate prankster, The Count's Kid (from the musical "The Point"), The Leafman (from the musical "The Point"), Californian, Mike Swain, an LA born pop natural, a puppet on a string, Chuck Berry Rock And Roll, a classic Dennis The Menace, his sick aunt's nephew, pathetic, pitiful, deaf, a wiseguy, crafty & selfish, not evil, a mean little girl, owner of Mammoth Studio, a farmer, signaler of high noon, from Scranton Translyvania, Miss, robot with a silly grin, total lack of muscles, knobby knees & slouchy shoulders, Josh Goldsilver (from the TV series "The Ben Stiller Show"), not exactly a smash, W. H. Nesmith's ink stamper, The Prosecutor, a mild case of poison ivy, Inspector Shrink's young friend, not a fool, a fool (from the song "She"), a powerful voice, not at all a diva, an actor with incidental music ability, idolized, plasticized, psychoanalyzed, sterilized, a member of the bubblegum band The Monkees, a member of the Pre-Fab 4, a member of the pop band The Monkees, Monkee #1, Corky (from the TV series "Circus Boy"), Huck Finn (from "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer"), a judge (from "The Brady Bunch Movie"), a teen idol, a former teen idol, a guitarist, a scarecrow in shorts, a dime a dozen extra, El Dolenzo-The Bandit Without A Soul, Zoser (from "Aida"), The Prime Minister of Egypt (from "Aida"), Radame's father (from "Aida"), Vince Fontaine (from "Grease"), a razzle dazzle DJ (from "Grease"), David Bunkley, Chuck Weekly, The pad's 23 Hour Doorman, The Big Man, Sigmund Freud, a bellhop at Henry Cabot Lodge, a brain surgeon, a piano tuner, You, One-Take Dolenz, a drummer, an unemployed drummer, Milly's matchmaker, nice looking handsome face, ugly, sneaky vicious mean type of person, The Most Vicious Killer in America, a dirty rotten liar, stranger, a cityslicker, kinfolk, Weskett's cousin, Roland Weskett, Davy's best friend, the fuzzy one on the end, Ella Mae, Davy's roommate, a dum dum, a slot machine, Davy's future mother-in-law, a warm heart of this cruel world, a bum, a six footer, Winter North, the dumbest dumb sailor in the World, a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter, Peter's mother, Davy's child, The Chaming And Delightful Left Moderator: Micky Dolenz, Micky Dol..., a gypsy at heart, a bank robber, a show folk, a Monkee pigeon, a mummy, a member of the Budapest String Quartet, an artist, a sister act, a lady who shaves, a punk, a chef, a waiter, a dishwasher, a hat check girl, a cook, a cigarette girl, a foreign spy, Micky "James Brown" Dolenz, the hardest working man in show business, not the sexiest man, his royal majesty, a talent scout, Davy's musician friend, a Has Been, an Am Is, Micky Danger Chicken, Paul Revere, Mic3ky, 000-Mic3ky, YELL 000-Micky, Peter's stockbroker, just going to make you laugh, a master of impersonations, Locksley Mendoza, man of 1000 voices, a contestant on your TV amateur hour, a contestant on "Ted Hack's Amateur Hour", Stupendous Mozzarella, Babyface Morales, Babyface's cousin from Sandusky Ohio, Sheik Veroob Dolenza, a Hindu musician, like a member of the Charm Club in high school tryin' to blow a horn (from the song "Jerico"), announcer of the troubadour contest at the Medieval Fair, a ticket taker at the Medieval Fair, a handsome single young man (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), a quiet sincere gentleman (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), a lonely understanding man (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), a traveller of the World (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), well rounded and mature (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), humble loving sensitive considerate and shy (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), affectionate and true (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), Secretary Of Defense Of Nahudi, Peter's doctor, MD, you know who, THE you know who, M, a great disc jockey, shorty, a miserable musician, a lousy dancer, a loadsome teenager, an arrogant egomaniac, a delight and well bred, a poll taker for the Nelson Polling Service, innocent, a pussycat, a ticket clerk for Transoceanic Airlines, Captain Ahab, Captain Hornblower, a Micky Dolenz Monkee, white man, The Lone Stranger, The Insidious Strangler, Magic Fingers, Hansel, Goldilocks, a cossack, a replacement, Mickovich Dolenovich, a musician, the musical mechanic, The Evidence, a hostage, Peter's best bud pal & friend during hardship & toil for years & years, a rock & roll musician, a wretchred boy, a poor unfortunate boy, a foot singer, David Jones, a tree surgeon, the only fool that the Regular Lama deserves the luck of a Monkey's Paw, a weakling, so weak, a loser, Control, some kind of a complete nut, a lecturer on safe kissing,a museum tour guide, Shaggy (voice on "Scooby Doo"), Ralph (voice on "The Secret Files Of The Spydogs"), Scribble (voice on "The Secret Files Of The Spydogs"), Todd Devlin (voice on "Devlin"), Skip (voice on "The Funky Phantom"), Arthur (voice on "The Tick"), Willie Sheeler (voice on "The Skatebirds"), Wally (voice on "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids"), Harvey (voice on "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids"), a panelist on "Politically Incorrect", Ed (from the TV series "Mr. Novak"), a student of the School Of Hard Knocks & Bruises, a poll taker from radio station MOT, a ballet dancer, like a brother to April, a bright boy, a Shakespearan actor, a carnival barker, a scubadiver, the same funny person who always joking & jovial, not one of our ranks, a rank with his feet backwards, an alien, an alien double, a space alien, the alien, a killer, a robot from Zlotnik, Robby The Robot, the beginning of confusion, a typical young American teenager with his own TV series, a poor American teenage criminal, new around here, not so exact clone, mankind's friend truthful to the end, the World's fastest exhibitionist, an amorous teenager, this young man, Alexander Hamilton, a chap, a good guy, crazy & wonderful, Mr. Russell's invited guest, a member of the firm of Vanessa Russell And Vanessa, an incredible swine, a dance teacher at Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go, a dance applicant at Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go, The Monster's rock & roll teacher, Pisces, Dirty Commie, Young Man With A Corn, Flat Foot Floojy With A Floy-Floy, a fool, A Paragon Of Quiet Gentility, Davy's Papa, Mike's campaign manager, Dourantse, Davy's Chauffeur, a bomb inspector, a matador, Col. "Dodo" Dolenz, Dodo old man, babe, a Guest VJ, Goo Goo Eyes, Peter Tork's Solicitor, counselor, a member of Oracullo's Famous Dog Act, Captain Goodness, a single, scared, a werewolf, Wolfman, Long Haired Weirdo, a member of The Loyal Order Of Chickens, former Monkee, a psychic slave, Americano, American, a typical young person, a member of El Diablo's bambito camp, El Diablo's friend, a Mexican bandit, a tourist, Miss America, the wrong man, no Laurence Olivier, a member of a singing group, Mike's good compatriot, a throne merchant, The Only Weak Link In Our Chain, Mrs. Dolenz, mother od Micky Dolenz, Mr. Bandit, the lead in a television series, a gringo, Mike's patient, a trainer from the Boxing Commission, Billy The Kid, a doll salesman, a member of The Purple Flower Gang, an author, a fuzzy hair mutant harpist, The Great Dolenzo, The Prosecutor, The Barrister Dolenz, Peter's doctor, a Believer, a professional wrestler, Santa Claus, from the BVD, a chimp act, dreadful, a Chipmunk, a construction worker, a quarryman, a fireman, a farm hand, Mike's trusty cohort, Milly's boarder, a dancing smoothie, D. W. Washburn, don't work & don't get paid (from the song "D. W. Washburn"), feeling fine (from the song "D. W. Washburn"), a Jeweled Traveler (from the song "Daily Nightly"), D. W. Washburn, Innkeeper of Avon-On-Calling, a Private, a Calvary Soldier, a Creep, Mike Nesmith, a mean little girl, a Gomez Addams type villain (from the film "Invisible Mom 2"), Bernard (from the film "Invisible Mom 2"), Mayor (from the TV series "Pacific Blue"), Lt. Fernwick (from "Linda Lovelace For President"), Bert (from "Dreadfall"), Vince (from the TV series "Adam-12"), a Vicar (from the TV series "As The World Turns"), Psuedolus (from "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"), Mr. Metcaff (from the TV series "The Drew Carey Show"), Norm (from the TV series "Boy Meets World"), Gordy (from the TV series "Boy Meets World"), car designer Donny Scholtz (from 1997's "The Love Bug" Made For TV Movie version), a wacky drummer, a comrade, a boy in the band, dandruff, God's gift to the eight year old, paying tribute to Ringo Starr, one of the greatest rock and roll singers in the World, fixated, hungry sleepy wet & cold (from the song "Goin' Down"), floating like a mama cow (from the song "Goin' Down"), a simian, good with kids, hampered by low resistance to the night air, a German Corporal, the former singer for one of the first-ever boy bands, "The Monkees" star, talented, the pad’s chaperone, performer on "The 1966 Miss Teenage Hawaii" pageant, performer on "The 1996 Miss Teen America" pageant, guest actor on "My Three Sons", guest actor on "Owen Marshall", guest actor on "The Brother", guest actor on "Cannon", a director, a presenter on "The 1987 American Music Awards", a guest on the TV series "Laugh-In", Sidney Suckendalk of Nashville Trust and Insurance (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), counsel in favor of moving the District Court (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Sir Gallahan (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), a telegrapher (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), father of Ami Dolenz, a bleach blond kid, caretaker of the Monkees songs, PVS (Pre-Monkees Singing), sometimes severely hidden & brilliant, cares about things that Peter doesn’t think are important, throws his heart & soul into everything, pug nosed, pug faced, a nailbiter, a good sense of rhythm, a freak, an overnight success, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, no pushover, legendary, a babysitter, Davy's roommate, The Grimace, inventive and clever with a wondeful mind twist, the funniest Monkee always with a smile, a Jerry Lewis clown, an angry man singing an angry song (from the song "Midnight Train"), an imposter, a yankee, a disbeliever, a fraud, Davy's loyal friend, a counselor, superficial, self-induligent, Andrew Carnes in his high school production of "Oklahoma", blithering space case, skinny as ever with wild fried hair, a rather smart alecky kid with the bride of Frankenstein coffure, a jazz drummer in the play "Remains To Be Seen", a show biz survivor, an intuitive genius, a children's book author, Scott Warren- private eye (from the TV series "Mike Hammer"), a racing commentator (from the Kelloggs commercials), a keystone cop (from the Kelloggs commercials), former member of the Monkees, the childish impersonator, can impersonate his way through any situation, doesn't always think twice then exposed to negative karma, affectionate, an actor constantly in contact with his audience, portrayed as stark raving mad, somewhat unlucky, always optimistic, good at technology, crazy but fun & sharp-whitted, nutty crazy comic who did imitations, fed up with the Monkees project, green as the hills, a struggling artist, an undertone of street wise sense, radio DJ, radio talk shost host, a Broadway actor, a deejay on WCBS radio's "Micky Dolenz In The Morning" show, WCBS radio's new morning time show host, has a million things going on inside his head at the same time, a major geek, dinger, all-around nutty noise-maker, quite an athlete, the sort of guy that does well on the things he knows best and what he doesn't know about he leaves alone, a wonder in some ways, a totally conventional completely trailer trash biker quality of sophistication, always impersonating, being on the outlook for a joke, life of the party, a crazy comedian, child of the 60's, professional actor, always optimistic, warm heartness, the easiest voice to work with, a childish impersonator who doesn't always think twice, a bit cynical, affectionate to women he finds attractive, indifferent to the other 3 Monkees, very talented, actor in "Linda Lovelace For President", actor in "Night Of The Strangler", actor in "Don't Walk On My Grass", dramatic actor in the stage play "Remains To Be Seen", puts his personal touch on everything, Mike Swain, a member of the group Starship, recipient of a Baniff Festival Award, voice of twins Min and Max in "Batman" cartoon, Skippy in "The Wonderful Wonderyears", a dumb peasant, very villianous, marvelous, not such a bad kid, television's first rock & roll drummer, Charlemenge in "Pippin", can't carry a tune in a bucket, a druid, an angel, Martha Stewart, Dr. Mandoza's guest, doing nothing, fake, a member of the World's first video band, a member of the World's first rap group, a show biz type, a Monkee, A Monkeeman and The Craziest Monkee
Things He Loves: Gleeb, his daughters, his wife Donna, photography, chili, a chocolate malt, girls, rock music, the Beatles' music, impersonations, raking leaves, cats, calling people "babe", badminton, his sisters, his performance robbing the 9th National Bank, pheasant under glass, chamber music, organ recitals, croquet, drinking milk, calling girls "darlin' ", Paris France, Antarctica, tricking Mike into milking the cow, saying silently "Rob Roy Fingerhead", Mr. One's football helmet, wearing cut off jeans, groovy buttons, thinking up euphemisms about the Monkees experience, the song "Randy Scouse Git", the song "Sometime In The Morning", science fiction books, "Head" becoming a chronicle for an age, the song "Some Enchanted Evening", the Prince song "Kiss", hearing himself on the radio for the first time, choosing fingers when making decisions, sports car racing, The "Headquarters" album, the song "Zor And Zam", tinker toys, erector sets, apples, softball, expensive antique cars, reuniting Melvin with his Aunt, wearing his shirts backwards, his B Flat tuning fork, "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy of books, science, building things with his hands, going to a house that a man built all by himself, making something that will last, making something that's important, making something that he can say is his own, sliding down staircases, ballet, telling people that they're all heart, go-carts, painting, writing, architecture, architecture draftsmanship, electronics, electronic gadgets, Zelda, treasure hunting, helping out his neighbors, saving his country, doing his werewolf imitation, groovy days, a TV studio set, a frontal attack, playing Creebege, a blender on Zlotnik, his ski chateau inspired home in Laurel Canyon California, quantum physics, invisible as his favorite color, Alpha Centuri, Tamla, the laugh track being turned off during rehearsals, watching movies at home, eating cereal with orange juice poured over it, wearing indian headdresses, his indian heritage, making beads necklaces, the feel of silk, show biz, Shaggy's music, education & documentary TV shows, the color white, the color blue, comedian Hans Conried, horse jumping, Danny Kaye, Jerry Lewis, Red Skelton, to someday be known as a serious Broadway actor, radio transmission, sports, overbidding Davy for more close ups from the cameraman, fans, his father's singing as a child, fake bushes painted red, his dad teaching him how to use tools, a parent & child bonding after watching "The Monkees" TV show, making metal sculptures, working with wood, breaking tension with a bit of clowing, keeping his private life private, Mike's magic glasses, the song "Johnny B. Goode", driving cross country with Donna, the arts, theater, never being able to sit still, actor James Cagney, directing, his science teacher, saying "gosharoonie", buying city blocks & turning them into orange groves, the movie "The Breakfast Club", the movie "Back To The Future", the movie "Cocoon", polo, destroying an empty Coke® machine in the middle of the desert, Little Girl, flight, wondering around the catwalks at Columbia Pictures studio with Henry Diltz, being in front of the camera, playing squash, cardboard boxes, tricking Mike into rewashing plates, Lorelei's magic necklace, tennis, table tennis, playing checkers, cheating at cards, dominoes, the "Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)" episode, a woman whose good to him, roller skating, helping Chuck keep the club for 99 years, the outside of the pad TD'd, The Monkeemobile's 4th Dimension, having no visible means of support, doing yo-yo tricks, your love showing him things that he never thought he could see (from the song "Sometime In The Morning"), a phantomasgoric spleandor (from the song "Daily Nightly"), knowing She'll Be There, making it up As We Go Along, making it exactly what he wants, experimenting with holography, chasing flying saucers around the California desert, ham radio broadcasting, raising pigeons, raising horses, Rosemarie, Alicia, Lovelight, Lady Jane, floatin' here lazy on his back (from the song "Goin' Down"), movin' slow & floatin' free (from the song "Goin' Down"), flowin' on down to New Orleans and pick up on some swingin' scenes (from the song "Goin' Down"), A Lover's Prayer, Loving You Better, Miss November (from the song "I Love You Better", Doing It In The Name Of Love, Pillow Time, singing songs of love (from the song "Acapulco Sun"), a Ticket On A Ferry Ride (from the song "Ticket On A Ferry Ride"), writing country songs, golf, being revered by a small minority, hoping she knock on his door Anytime Anyplace Anywhere, giving you Apples Peaches Bananas And Pears to show he cares, Buddy Holly's music, April Conquest, having Heart And Soul, Mommy And Daddy, a Rolls Royce, Christmas being His Time Of Year, Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, Spending His Life With You, Buying A Dog, a Pleasant Valley Sunday, looking Through The Looking Glass, meeting you at the train station for coffee flavored kisses (from the song "Last Train To Clarksville"), Saturday's Child, England, English television, Tim Buckley's music, Dr. Seuss, The book "The War Of The Worlds", The Grimm Brothers' books, Little Golden Books stories, anthropology, writer Ray Bradbury, Spencer Davis Group's music, playing the Moog Synthesizer and wearing tablecloths
Things He Hates: Peter loudly eating potato chips, being called a dummy, being a chicken, vampires, the TV show's closing interviews, Frankie Catalina, morals, hearing about the sequel to the episode "I Was A Teenage Monster", his head getting hit on Peter's door paintings, Mike turning the Monkeemobile into a low rider, getting weird side effects when he gets really neat ideas, killing, harming any living creature, showing up for the showdown, seeing grown bushes cry, Harold, people who love him only for his money, Honey And The Bear's protest music, a deserted island that is too quiet, a deserted island that is too noisy, Ronnie Farnsworth, boxing promoter Scholto, his Army helmet, lawn games, David Fishof, losing his clothes, standing on a balcony looking like bloody "Evita", Mr. Babbitt, being gagged and tied up, trusting anyone when the chips are down, empty Coke® machines in the desert, being trapped in The Black Box, Mr./ Mrs. Ace, his inner voice telling him to be quiet, the Chinese Ice Torture, Dragonman, Dragonman's goon, the lawyer telling him plead guilty because his looks won't get him off, The Count in the Monkees TV series fantasy sequence, monsters, The Count's house, Mrs. Weatherspoon's Egyptian head banging cure, seeing the "More Of The Monkees" album released without his knowledge, people who always fawn, being hit with Mrs. Weatherspoon's umbrella, hot sand, physical torture, being called skinny, being a good loser, ballet, being deeply troubled by the problems of growing up, Davy being trapped by his own staggering good looks, the look of Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, a web site that claimed to have nude pictures of Ami, having 2 failed marriages, life on the road, the studio, casting agents who thought he was just a drummer, being typecast, The Devil, Davy getting distracted by girls during rehearsals at the pad, someone answering the pad's phone (a Zlotnik cat) & tearing its head off, the pad's refrigerator (a Zlotnik girl) wearing too much make-up, Chang tightening a rope around him, Oracullo freaking Peter's mind, She devouring all his sweet love (from the song "She"), She breaking his heart (from the song "She"), looking back in silent gloom (from the song "Take A Giant Step"), telling her that shortly he has to leave (from the song "Randy Scouse Git"), being your Steppin' Stone, floatin' down a river with a saturated liver (from the song "Goin' Down"), getting his tummy pumped (from the song "Goin' Down"), being hungry sleepy wet & cold (from the song "Goin' Down"), that town (from the song "Goin' Down"), find questions but no answers (from the song "Daily Nightly"), having Never Enough, having No Time, a pie in the face, seltzer squirted in his face, an empty canteen in the middle of the desert, drinking wine, being offered roles to just play himself, being a stunt cast in "Grease", doing a wrong at the wrong time (from the song "Tear Drop City"), the World getting him uptight (from the song "Kicks"), dreams about disappointments (from the song "I'm A Believer"), Words that were never true (from the song "Words"), Words with lies inside (from the song "Words"), not liking what he is typing (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), describing himself very poorly (from the song "P. O. Box 9847"), another cat coming in to stay (from the song "Shorty Blackwell"), Dyin' Of A Broken Heart, a Regional Girl, Unlucky Stars, similar storylines for the TV show, doesn't like the way the guard is acting (in the "Son Of Gypsy" episode), the way "Head" was promoted, people asking where Mike is, having a manufactured image with no philsophies, The Monkees always being compared to the Beatles, fans, being sued, smoking, looking at your cheatin' face (from the song "Midnight Train"), being just like All Of Your Toys, being called a long haired weirdo, Horace The Parrot, being called "miss", being conned, Davy's second song, doing nothing, frauds, the time signature of the song "As We Go Along", the British press, the press using the word "riot" instead of the word "demonstration" cause it's easier to spell, watching music videos, his habit of sniffing his nose when he is nervous, "Captain Crocodile" viewers who write letters in crayon, being tortured by gypsies, the rack, rotten houseguests, having people constantly taking his picture, having people interrupt his meal for an autograph, the JC Penny clothes wardrobe, agents, the NBC censors, PFB (Powers That Be), General Vandenburg coming onto Mrs. Arcadian, being called bisexual when he is not bisexual, the hoax that he is dead, critics, fake sets, fake arrows, promoters, phony people, the laugh track turned on during rehearsals, limousines, political correctness, Peter scaring him, insects, being told what to do and being put down by Melvin
Thoughts On The Other Monkees:
Mike: "One of the funniest men I have ever known"
Peter: "One of the kindest men I have ever known"
Davy: "One of the nicest men I have ever known"
Micky Quotes:"You Do And I'll Be Sorry!", "Little Joke, About That Big", "Don't Forget to Free The Serfs", "I don't like it, paint it red", "A brilliant idea- that's what we need, a brilliant idea", "Cool it baby my porcelain crowns", "Age only matters if you're cheese" and "Captain Hornblower man, groovy, sock it to me"
Misc. Info: Micky was the funniest Monkee. He was known for his impersonations. He always had ideas on how to get the guys out of a jam. He always had ideas and gimmicks on the TV show on how to promote the Monkees. You could always count on Micky for a good laugh. His most memorable acting moments are his speech about guns and violence when Natasha pulls a gun on him in "Card Carrying Red Shoes" (drama) and when he portrayed Mrs. Arcadian in "The Chaperone" (comedy).
Final Comments: "Love Is The Ultimate Trip"

You can have the room Back
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