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Where "The Face" loves Natasha
Where Clem Whiskett plays his nose
Where Miss Jones tries to get off stage
Where Micky the D does his radio show

" After all the spotlights and the flowers. After all the parties and goodbyes. There was something in the air. Something that we realized we would always share.
And it was You and I
After all the music and the madness. After all the late night fantasies. We knew that we would make it through. There was little in our way nothing they could do.
Cause it was You and I and promises not broken
You and I and magic memories. After all was said and done they never understood. How we always made it. We knew we always would.
Cause it was You and I
Now it seems that we are still together and all the others never made it through. Someday they'll learn our secret way. It isn't such a secret, it isn't hard to do.
Cause it's You and I and promises not broken "
Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz "You And I"

Why do I like the Monkees? Roll over the patio

"Four equal parts that's a joke"
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It is with sadness that we remember David Jones 1945-2012
We Knew this day would come but not this soon

It's the Monkees 50th anniversy
It was 50 years ago when we saw a woman walking on the beach

Gene Ashman (wardrobe), Leon Askin (actor), Jacques Aubuchon (actor), Wiliam Bagdad (actor), Paul Beaver (musician), Vincent Beck (actor), Henry Beckman (actor), Ross Bellah (art direction), William Benedict (actor), Oscar Beregi Jr. (actor), Dave Berry (actor), Malcom C. Bert (art direction), Jim Boles (actor), Tommy Boyce (songwriter), William Bradbury (songwriter), William Bramley (actor), Peter Brocco (actor), Foster Brooks (actor), Jimmy Bryant (musician), Tim Buckley (musician), Godfrey Cambridge (actor), Hamilton Camp (actor), Timothy Carey (actor), Violet Carlson (actress), Owens Castleman (songwriter), Lon Chaney Jr. (actor), Ray Charles (musician/ songwriter), Stanley Z. Cherry (script writer), Diana Chesney (actress), Vassar Clements (fiddler), Sidney Clifford (set decoration), Dort Clark (actor), Jerry Colonna (actor), Hans Conreid (actor), Bob Cooper (musician), Jackie Cooper (Screen Gems President), Henry Corden (actor), Rege Cordic (actor), James Comack (director), Wally Cox (actor), Rupert Crosse (actor), Billy Curtis (actor), Louis Dage (set decoration), Svern Darden (actor), Pepper Davis (actor), Ted DeCorsica (actor), Fats Domino (musician), Jacqueline DeWitt (actress), Willie Dixon (musician/ songwriter), Jesslyn Fax (actress), Lester Flatt (musician), Mary Foran (actress), Joey Forman (actor), Donald Foster (actor), Byron Foulger (actor), Stan Freeberg (actor), Elizabeth Frazer (actress), Milton Frome (actor), George Furth (actor), Annette Funicello (actress), Nacho Galindo (actor), Vincent Gardenia (actor), Paul Garner (actor), Ned Glass (actor), Richard C. Glouncer (assistant cameraman), Gerry Gofflin (songwriter), Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez (actor), James J. Griffith (actor), Jimmie Haskell (songwriter), Reverand J. Hascall (songwriter), Percy Helton (actor), Joe Higgins (actor), Milt Holland (percussion musician), Clegg Hoyt (actor), John Hoyt (actor), Charles Irving (actor), Antonio Carlos Jabin (songwriter), Walter Janowitz (actor), Felton Jarvis (music producer), Dean Jeffries (car designer), Keeva Johnson (make-up artist), T. C. Jones (actor), Joel Kane (actor), Stubby Kaye (actor), Jack Keller (musician and music producer), Richard Kiel (actor), Don Kirshner (Music Surpervisor), Lee Kolima (actor), John Kuehne/ London (Mike's stand-in), Ben Lane (Make-up Supervisor), John Lawrence (actor), Phil Leeds (actor), Harvey Lembeck (actor), Len Lesser (actor), Jerry Lester (actor), Bill Lewis (musician), Bobo Lewis (actress), Forrest Lewis (actor), Liberace (comedian), Irving "Lippy" Lippman (cinematographer), Sonny Liston (boxer), Karl Lukas (actor), Barton MacLaine (actor), Charles Macaulay (actor), Laurie Main (actress), Theodore Marcuse (actor), Hal March (actor), Lea Marmer (actrees), Tiger Joe Marsh (wrestler), Arlene Matrel (actress), D'Urville Martin (actor), Victor Mature (actor), Paul Mazursky (creator and producer), Owen McGiveny (actor), Oliver McGowan (actor), Joseph Mell (actor), Peter Meyerson (writer), Hugo Montenegro (composer), Mickey Morton (actor), Arnold Moss (actor), Burt Mustin (actor), Stuart Nesbit (actor), Harry Nilsson (singer/ songwriter), Ray Nitschke (football player), Jack Nitzsche (music arranger), Cliff Norton (actor), Richard Nunis (director), Phillip Ober (actor), Richard O'Brien (actor), Milton Parsons (actor), Pat Paulson (actor), Joseph V. Perry (actor), Milton Parsons (actor), Andre Philipe (actor), Norman Pitlik (actor), Louis Quinn (actor), Chips Rafferty (actor), Logan Ramsey (actor), Ben Raleigh (songwriter), Jerry Renino (Monkees tour director), O.J. "Red" Rhodes (musician), Shorty Rogers (producer), Murray Roman (actor), Stanley Ralph Ross (writer), R. Robert Rosenbaum (assistant director), Phil Roth (actor), Bing Russell (actor), Mark Sandrich Jr. (assistant director), Peter Schilitt (writer), Bert Schneider (producer), Diane Shalet (actress), Norbit Schiller (actor), Abraham Schneider (President of Columbia Pictures), Janelle Scott (songwriter), Reta Shaw (actress), Vitto Scotti (actor), Lester Sill (producer), Georgia Smith (actress), Queenie Smith (actress), Charlie Smalls (songwriter), Abraham Sofaer (actor), Jeanne Sorel (actress), Olan Soule (actor), Gloria Stavers (magazine editor), Richard St. John (actor), Robert Strauss (actor), John Stewert (song writer), Vic Tayback (actor), Walter "Dub" Taylor (actor), Tommy Tedesco (musician), Joe Tex (songwriter), Robert Tobey (cinematographer), Morton Tubor (editor), Larry Tucker (writer), Mike Wagner (actor), Clara Ward (musician), Winstead Sheffield "Doodles" Weaver (actor), Lawrence Werner (post production supervisor), Peter Whitney (actor), Helene Winston (actress), Ben Wright (actor), Frank Zappa (musician) ...
and lest we not forget any other names not listed above


The Monkees and Monkees logo are registered trademarks of Rhino Records, Inc.
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