"My place is here with the guys and our music"

With inspiration from The Monkees files, I have compiled a list of all the songs in which only a brief clip of the song is heard and song paradies

SongArtist/WriterYear writtenFeatured in episodeWhere in episode
The 12 Days Of Christmastraditionalunknown#47 The Christmas Showheard during Melvin’s dream shopping spree
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel1966#49 Monkees Watch Their Feetbriefly sung by the Secretary
L'Alouettetraditonalunknown#16 Son Of Gypsyheard as gypsy girl is dancing around Peter
The Anniversary WaltzAl Jolson and Saul Chaplin1942#27 Monkee Mothermentioned by Milly as a song that is music
Auld Lang SyneRobert Evansbefore 1707#45 Monkees In Texas and #56 Some Like It Lukewarmheard when Peter celebrates a new year (Monkees In Texas) and background music (Some Like It Lukewarm)
Battle Hymn Of The RepublicJulia Ward Howe 1861#3 Monkees Vs. Machine, #36 Monkee Mayor and #49 Monkees Watch Their Feet heard when Mike is introduced to J. B. Guggins (Monkees Vs. Machine), heard during Mike's imitation of Abraham Lincoln (Monkee Mayor) and background music (Monkees Watch Their Feet)
Call To The PostKeonigunknown#40 Monkees Marooned and # 53 Monkees Race Again heard when Kimba summons his jungle friends (Monkees Marooned) and heard from the trumpet player in the coffin (A Coffin Too Frequent)
DaydreamJohn Sebastian1966 #49 Monkees Watch Their Feet“Got A Date With A Blender” parody of the song heard when Peter is saying goodbye to Robby The Robot
Deck The Hallstraditionalunknown#47 The Christmas Showsung by the guys to cheer Melvin up
Deck The Halls With Boston CharlieWalt Kelly1951#47 The Christmas Showsung by Mike as the guys go Christmas tree shopping
Ding Dong The Witch Is DeadHarold Allen1939#58 The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)“Ding Dong The Wicked Org Is Dead” parody of the song when Mike, Davy and Micky are celebrating the killing of the Two Headed Org
Different DrumMichael Nesmith1966#15 Too Many GirlsBilly Roy Hodsetter’s song for “Ted Hack’s Amateur Hour”
Don’t Call On MeMichael Nesmith and John London1967#27 Monkee Motherplayed by Mike and Peter as they are serenading Milly and Larry
Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don’t Want Nobody But Me)Jack Palmer and Spencer Wilson1924#7 Monkees In A Ghost Town sung by Bessie before the crooks were going to knock the guys off
For He's A Jolly Good Fellowtraditionalunknown#45 Monkees In Texasheard when celebrating Black Bart's retreat
Frere Jacquestraditionalunknown#40 Monkees Maroonedone of Kimba’s last words
Girl Named LoveDavy Jones and Charlie Smalls1967#56 Some Like It LukewarmCharlie and Davy singing during their exchange on the soul in music
God Save The Queen (British National Anthem) Henry Carey 1740#55 Monkees Mind Their Manorheard as Davy and Mr. Friar arrive in England
Goin’ DownMichael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Diane Hilderbrand1967#51 Monkee's Pawheard when the guys are auditiong and playing at The Club Cassandra
Greensleavestraditionalunknown #55 Monkees Mind Their Manorthe song used for the Troubadour contest
Gonna Buy Me A DogTommy Boyce and Bobby Hart1966#57 Monkees Blow Their Mindsheard during Oraculo’s dog act
Good Morning, Good MorningJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney1967#58 The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO) the guys wake up alarm
Goodnight, Sweetheart, GoodnightCarter/ Hudson1954 #10 Here Come The Monkeesheard as The Swedish Rhythm Kings were leaving the stage
Hello Dolly Jerry Herman1963#12 I’ve Got A Little Song Herementioned by Bernie Class as his favorite song
Hello GoodbyeJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney1967 #58 The Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)sung briefly by Davy
Hi NeighborOwensunknown#7 Monkees In A Ghost Townsung by Bessie before the crooks were going to knock the guys off
Hooray For HollywoodRichard A. Whiting and Johnny Mercer1938#12 I’ve Got A Little Song Here, #30 Monkees In Manhattan, #31 Monkees At The Movies and #34 The Picture Frame heard when Bernie talks about Mike’s name being up in lights (I’ve Got A Little Song Here), heard as Mike is talking to the waiter about being in show business (Monkees In Manhattan), heard when the guys arrive on the movie set (Monkees At The Movies), sung by Mike during the robbery and heard as Mike, Micky & Davy arrive at the studio (The Picture Frame)
Iranian Tangounknown unknown#55 Monkees Mind Their Manorheard when the guys are rehearsing
Jesu, Joy Of Man’s DesiringJohann Sebastian Bach1723#20 Monkees In The Ringplayed by Peter on the banjo as Davy prepares to leave for his boxing tour
Jimmy Crack CornDavid Emmett1846#18 I Was A Teenage Monstermentioned by Mike
Jingle Bellstraditionalunknown#47 The Christmas Showheard during Melvin’s dream shopping spree
I Really Love YouStu Phillips1967#31 Monkees At The Moviesthe top 3 songs on The Crazy Micky The D show countdown
I Wanna Be FreeTommy Boyce and Bobby Hart1965#10 Here Come The Monkees and #39 Hillbilly Honeymoon heard when Davy and Vanessa are seen chained together (Here Come The Monkees), heard as Davy is walking along the beach (Here Come The Monkees) and sung by Davy during his forced marriage proposal to Ella Mae (Hillbilly Honeymoon)
Last Train To ClarksvilleTommy Boyce and Bobby Hart1966#16 Son Of Gypsy, #26 Monkee Chow Mein and #56 Some Like It Lukewarm heard from the safe when Davy was trying to open it (Son Of Gypsy), sung by Micky and Peter to show Dragonman they are musicians (Monkee Chow Mein) and The West Minstrel Abby’s song for the Rockathon contest (Some Like It Lukewarm)
Let’s Dance OnTommy Boyce and Bobby Hart 1966 #16 Son Of Gypsyplayed by Mike, Micky, Davy and Marco at the party
London Bridgestraditionalunknown#23 Captain Crocodileheard as background music
Mary, MaryMichael Nesmith1966#19 Find The Monkees heard on the tape recorder
Melancholy BabyWatson/ Burnett/ Norton1938#19 Find The Monkees and #52 The Devil And Peter Tork requested by phone operator (Find The Monkees) and requested by judge (The Devil And Peter Tork)
Mother PeopleFrank Zappa1968#57 Monkees Blow Their Mindsheard during Mike and Frank’s interview
My Funny ValentineRichard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart1937#12 I’ve Got A Little Song Herementioned by the old man as the name of his song
New Girl In SchoolBrian Wilson1964#31 Monkees At The Movieslip synched by Frankie during the beauty pageant
New York, New York Leonard Bernstein1944#30 Monkees In Manhattansung by Davy when the guys arrive at The Compton Plaza Hotel
Oh, Promise MeDeKoven/ Scott1890#35 Everywhere A Sheik Sheikmentioned by Mike at the wedding banquet
Oh, SusannaStephen Collins Foster1847#45 Monkees In Texasheard as the guys are celebrating finding oil on the ranch
The Old Trail (Boot Hill Theme)Rex Koury 1955#7 Monkees In A Ghost Town, #32 Monkees On Tour and #54 Monkees In Paris heard when Chester answers Davy’s phone call (Monkees in A Ghost Town), heard when Micky is putting a band-aid on his blistered feet (Monkees On Tour) and heard as the guys are being chased by the girls (Monkees In Paris)
Papa Gene’s BluesMichael Nesmith1967 #37 Art For Monkees Sakesung by Mike during the ending tag
Pennies From HeavenJohnny Burke and Arthur Johnston1936 #4 Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers and #10 Here Come The Monkees Davy’s selection from the jukebox in order to clear everyone out of the pad (Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers) and sung by the Swedish Rhythm Kings for their audition (Here Come The Monkees)
Pink ShoelacesMickie Grant1959#49 Monkees Watch Their Feetplayed by Peter with Robby The Robot calling it “harmonic disturbances”
Pop Goes The Weaseltraditional unknown#47 The Christmas Show heard during Melvin’s dream shopping spree
The Ride Of The ValkyriesRichard Wagner1856 #54 Monkees In Parisheard when the guys were waiting for the water to rise in the canal
Rule BritanniaThomas Augustine Arne1740 #55 Monkees Mind Their Manorheard when Davy and Twiggly's sword fight turns into a dance
Song Of The Volga Boatmentraditionalunknown#7 Monkees In A Ghost Town, #8 Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, #34 The Picture Frame, #41 Card Carrying Red Shoes, #44 Hitting The High Seas and #57 Monkees Blow Their Minds heard when the guys are pacing around the cell (Monkees In A Ghost Town), heard as Mike is a matador in order to milk the cow (Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth), heard as Mike, Micky and Davy are pacing around the cell (The Picture Frame), heard as Micky and Davy do Russian dancing (Card Carrying Red Shoes), heard as background music (Hitting The High Seas) and heard as the guys are pacing around the stage (Monkees Blow Their Minds)
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ StoneTommy Boyce and Bobby Hart1966#15 Too Many Girlssung by Davy as he breaks out of his trance
Swanee River (The Old Folks At Home)Stephen Collins Foster1851#5 The Spy Who Came In From The Cool, #17 Case Of The Missing Monkee, #45 Monkees In Texas and #54 Monkees In Paris sung by Davy as he is being secretly film by the CIS (The Spy Who Came In From The Cool), sung by Davy after taking a very powerful cough drop (Case Of The Missing Monkee), heard when Micky and Peter enter the saloon (Monkees in Texas) and heard when the guys are on the barge (Monkees In Paris)
The Swedish National AnthemRichard Dybecklate 19th century#10 Here Come The Monkees (The Pilot)sung by Sven Helstrom and his Swedish Rhythm Kings as they are leaving the stage in order to report to their embassy
Sweet Young ThingMichael Nesmith1966#19 Find The Monkeessong performed in the guys attempts to audition for Hubbel Benson
Symphony #4 in F minorPytor Illyich Tchaikovsky1878#41 Card Carrying Red Shoes heard when Davy and Micky are practicing their dancing
Symphony #5 in B flat majorLudwig Van Beethoven1807#5 Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappersthe guys performance for the contest
Tea For TwoIrving Caesar and Vincent Youmans 1924 #43 A Coffin Too FrequentDavy and Boris doing Davy and partner's high/ low act
Tear The Top Right Off My Head Peter Tork1967 #44 Hitting The High Seassung by Micky and Peter in their ship’s quarters
Theme from Bonanzaunknown1959#45 Monkees In Texasheard when Ben Cartwheel and sons arrive at Kate Nesmith’s ranch (Monkees In Texas) and Black Bart’s need to have statehood for his ranch (Monkees In Texas)
Theme from Circus Boyunknown1956#22 Monkees At The Circussung by Micky when he is remembering the circus as a boy
Theme from The Good, The Bad And The UglyHugo Montenegro1968#54 Monkees In Parisheard when the girls have the guys trapped on the canal
Theme from Gunsmokeunknown1949#45 Monkees In Texas background music
Theme from Jerry Blavat's PlaceJerry Blavat1962#56 Some Like It Lukewarm"So How's By You" parody of the song sung by Mike, Micky and Davy when they sign up for the contest
Theme from Jungle Jimunknown1955#40 Monkees Maroonedsung by Mike just before Micky gets bug spray
Theme from The Lone Rangerunknown1949#45 Monkees In Texasheard as Micky and Peter go to the Marshall for help
Theme from The MonkeesTommy Boyce and Bobby Hart1965#1 Royal Flush, #7 Monkees In A Ghost Town, #18 I Was A Teenage Monster, #24 Monkees A La Mode, #29 Monkees Get Out More Dirt, #32 Monkees On Tour, #40 Monkees Marooned, #48 Fairy Tale, #50 Monstrous Monkee Mash and #51 Monkee's Paw heard during Davy’s attempts to rewind the tape recorder (Royal Flush), sung by Bessie before the crooks were going to knock the guys off (Monkees In A Ghost Town), the monster’s voice (I Was A Teenage Monster), heard every time someone says “typical young people” (Monkees A La Mode), heard when the guys try to get April’s attention with their new hobby (Monkees Get Out More Dirt), heard as the guys arrive at the radio station (Monkees On Tour), sung by the guys when they decide to split up (Monkees Marooned), sung by the guys during the ending tag (Fairy Tale), sung by Micky as he worried about being the only Monkee left (Monstrous Monkee Mash) and sung by the guys during the ending tag (Monkee's Paw)
Theme from The Adventures Of Robin HoodEich Korngold1938#48 Fairy Talesung by the guys when they are celebrating their victory
There She Is Miss AmericaBernie Wayne 1955#1 Royal Flushsung by Mike when Micky assured him that the door is secure
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’Lee Hazelwood1966#31 Monkees At The Movies“These Boots Are Made For Kickin' " parody of a song that's one of The Crazy Micky The Show’s countdown songs
Three Blind Micetraditionalunknown#55 Monkees Mind Their ManorMike and Davy whistling it when they are bored at Kibbee manor
Toccata And Fugue in D minorJohann Sebastian Bach1712-1719?#54 Monkees In Parisheard when Micky and Davy are exploring the cemetery
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another DayTommy Boyce and Steve Venet1966#18 I Was Teenage Monsterthe monster’s voice
War Of 1812 OverturePytor Illyich Tchaikovsky1880#35 Everywhere A Sheik Sheik, #41 Card Carrying Red Shoes and #54 Monkees In Paris heard during Micky's Napoleonic speech (Everywhere A Sheik Sheik), heard during the Dance Of The Chicken (Card Carrying Red Shoes) and heard at the end of the episode with the montage of unseen footage (Monkees In Paris)
UndecidedCharles Shavers and Sid Robin1939#15 Too Many GirlsDavy and Fern’s act for “Ted Hack’s Amateur Hour”
The Wedding March (Here Comes The Bride)Richard Wagner1848 #21 The Prince And The Paupers, #30 Monkees In Manhattan, #35 Everywhere A Sheik Sheik and #39 Hillbilly Honeymoon heard when Wendy walks down the aisle (The Prince And The Paupers), heard every time you see the honeymoon couple from next door (Monkees In Manhattan), mentioned by Davy at the wedding banquet (Everywhere A Sheik Sheik) and heard when Ella Mae, Davy and Paw come down the aisle (Hillbilly Honeymoon)
We Wish You A Merry Christmastraditionalunknown#47 The Christmas Showheard during Melvin’s dream shopping spree
When Johnny Comes Marching HomePatrick S. Gilmore1863#3 Monkees Vs. Machine and #53 Monkees Race Again heard when Peter makes a shambles of putting a toy together (Monkees Vs. Machine) and background music (Monkees Race Again)
When You Were Sweet SixteenJames Thornton1898#10 Here Come The Monkeessung by the guys when they realized the sweet 16 party could be $150
Where The Blue Of The NightRoy Turk, Bing Crosby and Fred E. Ahlert1931#55 Monkees Mind Their Manorsung by Twiggly when Lance Kibbee orders him to sing
Yankee Doodle DandyGeorge M. Cohan1890#42 Monkees On The Wheelheard during the Boss and Micky’s James Cagney impressions
You Just May Be The OneMichael Nesmith1967#13 One Man Shyheard as Peter is staring at Valerie during the guys’ audition
ZilchMike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork1967#34 The Picture Framesung by Mike, Micky and Davy while being interrogated by the police

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