"That's funny it doesn't look like a vast wasteland"
"It's 7:30/ 6:30 Central- time for the Monkees. I wonder if anyone around here has a television set"

The Monkees Monitor
Episode Guide Introduction
The Monkees TV show was unlike any other TV show at the time when it originally aired on NBC from September 1966 to September 1968. The show was one that truly did reach all audiences. Everyone could find something they liked. This is what made the humor, plots and personalities so versitial and timeless. The show provides a sense that no matter how depressing or imtimidating the situation may be, the Monkees enthusiatically show that nothing is too tough to handle and the Monkees will make it alright. Many Monkees TV show episode plots used allusions or references from classic movies, plays, novels and historical characters. Using this theme of being connected to the past gives the Monkees TV show its own classic status now with its own references in pop culture. This is the reason why I love the Monkees TV show. I dedicate this episode guide to those, like myself, who were not around during the 60's and love it for these reasons. Also, a big dedication to Mike, Micky, Peter and Davy for their gifts as actors, musicians, artists and comedians.
(Note: This introduction is based partly on Love Is Only Sleeping web site's introduction to their Monkees episode guide page. Thanks- I give credit where credit is due!)

Episode Guide Contents And Description
First season episode titles are in this color
Second season episode titles are in this color
(Note: My personal observations about something in the episode will be in parathesis and arial font)
All episodes are listed in order of air date
Broadcast Date(s)- The date the episode originally aired on NBC and repeats during the Summer
Synopsis- A brief one sentance about the episode
Song(s) featured- The titles of the songs performed or heard in the episode
(Note: this excludes any incidential singing of songs heard during the episode)
1- What We Learned Kids- The things we learn about Mike, Micky, Peter and Davy as well as general things in life
2- Papa Nez- The many ways Mike shows his leadership and being the big brother of the group
3- Super Micky- The many ways Micky's ideas save the day and gets the group out of trouble
4- Smart Peter- The many ways Peter shows his ideas are thoughtful and clever
5- Pretty Davy- The many ways Davy's attraction to girls causes problems for the group
6- Personal Rating- My 1 to 5 rating of the episode story and songs featured
= Poor (Note: very little funny and didn't like storyline or the songs featured)
= Fair (Note: story has a few laughs and the songs featured were alright)
Average (Note: several funny scenes and songs featured I like for the most part)
= Good (Note: episode is very funny except for a few scenes and liked the songs featured)
= Excellent (Note: episode is hilarious and loved the songs featured)
7- Favorite Quotes- Specific quotes from the episode I liked
8- Quotes that I would most likely use in everyday conversations- Specific quotes from the episode that could be used in an everyday situation
9- This episode's romp/ fantasy sequence- A list of the ways the guys catch the "bad" guys (romps) and places/ things/ situations imagined by people (fantsay)

But Beware: Monkees episodes can be addictive

E-mail me with you comments about my episode guide. I really want it to be a very detailed review of each episode

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