"I got to tell you a real freaky idea"
"Can you dig it? Do you know? Would you care to let it show?"

Announcing My Share of the Web's

Soon To Be National

Monkees Love Something Ugly Week

The Los Angeles band- Hearts And Flowers
brought to you by Mike from "Monkees In Manhattan" and the group Hearts and Flowers

Who: In an interview at the end of the "Monkees In Manhattan" episode, Mike tells off camera interviewer producer Bob Rafelson about an idea he heard the local Los Angeles band Hearts And Flowers doing. The idea that it's easy to dig something considered pretty and takes no special talent to do so. But what takes talent is digging something ugly. Mike gave the example of a garage door (which no one would say: "Oh, that's a great looking garage door!").
What: It might seem a really silly waste of cyberspace, My Share Of The Web as a public service is sponsoring the "Monkees Love Something Ugly Week".
Where: anywhere in your little corner of the world
When: There's no special week. I have chosen something to dig for each of the 52 weeks of the year.
Why: Well, because you're bored (Note: since you read this page you must be) or because you can.
Bonus: All the items come from one or several Monkees TV episodes. Do you know which ones? Click here to get the answers (no peeking now).
Week 1- Mike’s psychological warfare of Toto   Week 2- a haystack
Week 3- drumsticks Week 4- headphones
Week 5- an eraser Week 6- a trashcan
Week 7- a birdcage Week 8- a paintbrush
Week 9- a bullhorn Week 10- a note pad
Week 11- a brick Week 12- a gurney
Week 13- a chalkboard Week 14- a light bulb
Week 15- a make-up puff Week 16- a violin bow
Week 17- a half net and a blue gel Week 18- a director’s chair
Week 19- a lab coat Week 20- surgery gowns, masks and gloves
Week 21- a floodlight Week 22- restaurant salt and pepper shakers
Week 23- a helmet Week 24- a filing cabinet
Week 25- a gavel Week 26 a cork top
Week 27- a park bench Week 28- a thermometer
Week 29- a sidewalk Week 30- a broom
Week 31- a paper bag Week 32- a crystal ball
Week 33- stairs Week 34- a soda bottle
Week 35- a jar of peanut butter Week 36- a yo-yo
Week 37- a cardboard box Week 38- peeled grapes and banana peels
Week 39- playing cards Week 40- handcuffs
Week 41- a gasoline can Week 42- a karate outfit
Week 43- binoculars Week 44- rope
Week 45- a steering wheel Week 46- a frying pan
Week 47- checkers Week 48- a typewriter
Week 49- golf clubs Week 50- a wood board
Week 51- a stretcher Week 52-a stethoscope

How: Choose one of these things to do for each week of the year.
  • 1. Call/ e-mail 10 people and tell them how much you love the item (Note: and not just Monkees fans)
  • 2. Think about the usefulness of item in your life- how could you get along without it?
  • 3. Be thankful in your prayers for the item
  • 4. Concentrate on the good, the bad (and instead of) the ugly of the item
  • 5. Spread happiness when talking about the item
  • 6. Answer your phone with the name of the item instead of hello
  • 7. Change your answering machine or voice mail message to include a mention of the item
  • 8. Drive around in your make shift Monkeemobile with a picture of the item on the side of the door instead of the Monkees logo
  • 9. Put a picture on your office wall or change your desktop picture to a picture of the item
  • 10. Write a kid's story about the item living once upon a time in the land of Kirshner
  • 11. Have people call you by the name of the item
  • 12. Paint a painting of the item (Note: like Peter's great paintings of doors)
  • 13. Write a song about the item (Note: but don't sell it to High Class Music Publishers)
  • 14. Make up a dance about the item
  • 15. Create a web site about the item
  • 16. Dream about the item
  • 17. Make up a story about the item as you go along
  • 18. Promote the item with these ideas: use the promotional slogan "You read the book now see the movie" (Note: but first, have someone write a book about the item), seek Dr. Sisters advice on how to promote the item, employ the services of Pete Digger (Note: after all he has the right last name) and buy ad space on a billboard
  • 19. Have MD make a movie about the item (Note: just make sure he is looking through the lens the right way)
  • 20. Realize that you don't need gimmicks to celebrate the item- just music
  • 21. Insist that you're still Jenny from the block even though you have this preoccupation with digging ugly things
  • 22. Have a typical Monkee romp featuring the item
  • 23. Move to 1334 North Beachwood
  • 24. Don't use words with ugly sounds (Note: a lyric from the song "Sweet Young Thing")
  • 25. Have everything monogrammed with the name of the item
  • 26. Walk around town wearing a sandwich board with the name of the item on it
  • 27. Get a temporary tattoo of the item
  • 28. Place the item for sale on E-Bay to see if anyone bids for it
  • 29. Make up t-shirts, hats, notebooks, mousepads and other memorabilia with a picture of the item on it
  • 30. Save the Texas Prairie Chicken
  • 31. Summon the Crocodile Corps to help spread digging the item
  • 32. Lower the drawbridge
  • 33. Place bets on horses at the track that have the same name as the item
  • 34. Have the Frodis hypnotize the whole TV viewing audience into digging the item
  • 36. Have the name of the item written in concrete in front of the Chinese theater
  • 36. Very carefully without them knowing, place a bumper sticker with the name of the item on the back of a cop's helmet (Note: Although this may only work for Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson)
  • 37. Join in on the local celebrations for the item: blow your town wide closed, entertain with a capital E and book a two-headed org for the celebrations
  • 38. Walk around town dropping pistachio nuts with the name of the item on it
  • 39. Eat Kellogg's® Corn Flakes and buy Yardley Of London® products (Note: well, it doesn't have anything to do with digging an item but they were sponsors of the TV series and we should all support their sponsors)
  • 40. Make a speech to your local city council on making digging this item as an observance in your city (Note: remember July 10, 1989 is "Monkees Day" in Hollywood, California)
  • 41. Promise your city council that if they make digging this item an observance in your city: Davy Jones will perform at the local celebrations- after all you are the president of his fan club (Note: well, it worked for Marcia Brady) and if the city council doesn't approve digging the item as an observance then threaten to hold your breath until your face turns blue and to no longer eat your vegetables
  • 42. Research and try to find out the inventor of the item and proclaim them for the week "America's Unsung Hero"
  • 43. Have a party with the decorations and games that contain pictures and ties to the item
  • 44. Have John Brockman do a TV spot by repeating the name of the item several times
  • 45. Arrange to have a skywriter print the name of the item above your town (Note: and if the item has an "i" in the name, use the sun to dot the "i")
  • 46. Take out a front page ad in your local newspaper about the item
  • 47. Go on the "Crazy Micky The D" radio show to talk about the item
  • 48. Use the name of the item when teaching someone how to talk again after they wished on a monkey's paw not to talk
  • 49. Incorporate the phrase "it is better to give than to receive" when talking about the item
  • 50. Write your Senators and Congress People to get a dig something ugly week observed nationally. (Note: Did you know that there are hundreds of silly observations that Congress has passed into a national observance? For example- there's National Truck Driver Appriciation Week, National Pet Peeve Week, National Love Your Files Week, Silent Records Week, National Jell-O Week, Giltter School Week, Get Paid To Shop Week, National Pancake Week, Celebrate Your Name Week, National Bubble Blowers Week, Egg Salad Week, Someday We'll Laugh At This Week, National Carry A Tune Week, Get The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week, National TV Turn Off Week, Superman Week, Take A Kid Fishing Week, Marbles Week, Be Nice To New Jersey Week, National Salad Week, Thanks For All The Gifts Week, Cookie Cutter Week and It's About Time Week)
  • 51. Say "you'll do and I'll be sorry" to people who do not want to dig the item
  • 52. Get the support of all 4 Monkees (Note: Hey it can happen)

    E-mail me with the things you dig
    The door is always open to come Back to the pad with your friends at the pad
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