"But for me, life can be a sweet holiday"

Full Name: David Thomas Jones
Birth Date: December 30, 1942 in Manchester, England
Parents: Harry and Doris
Siblings: Hazel, Beryl and Linda
Wives:Linda Haines and Anita Pollinger
Children: Talia Elizabeth, Sarah Lee, Jessica Lillian and Annabel Charlotte
Nicknames/ Aliases/ Roles/ Descriptions Davy, Dave, Davey, DJ, The 4th and only son of Harry & Doris Jones, Davy Jones of the Monkees, David T. Jones, Davy Jones of yesteryear, Jonesy, Jones, Davy Baby, Juhans, the real David Jones, a nephew, all forgiven forgotton, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a godfather, a guest on VH-1 Classic's "A Very Classic Thanksgiving" special, goes with the flow, green as the hills, plenty of street smarts, giving cause it's the right thing to do, loses his temper when under pressure, a woodsman, former member of the Monkees, Jonespanzee, charismatic, a man in love, a newspaper boy in Manhattan, a bellhop at the Compton Plaza Hotel, an expert with a gun, fresh & new, all that & more, a devue madcap boy for whom everyday is just one gay adventure, a gourmet, a typical fun person, the lead singer, all swagger frug & hugs, a very heavy cat, vulnerable, a Mr. Jones, freedom fighter, a father, one angry Monkee, a celebrity, a heartthrob, a songwriter, a composer, ex-teen idol, ex-Monkee, a big star, quite wealthy, real sweet, The Cutest Guy of 1987 (a year end Nickelodeon poll), a rare creature from the rocky black lagoon, genial, inoffensive, punctual, unpretentious, consistently sincere, a Prince Charming, naivete, the impish Monkee with the cute British accent, wide eyed innocence, somewhat vain, congenial, a 5 foot 4 inch ball of energy, clean shaven, hung up, Inspector Shrink's young friend, not a great fighter, in training, generally kind & sincere, a good friend, a great musician, a great man, a big success, an artist, a passable ballad voice, a hired actor, Vegas via Manchester England, the little guy, the least threatening, flat out Broadway, impish, neat as Barbie's friend Ken, a puppet on a string, a dancing puppet, very comfortable, a member of the bubblegum band The Monkees, a member of the pop band The Monkees, a rich country gentleman, The Maintenance Man, not The Maintenance Man, a scrapper at school, a maracca player, a tambourine player, Whoever You Are, a pro, a pop singer, a hot dog vendor in robbery court, the pad's meeting caller, a Congessman's son who forms a rock & roll band (from the TV series "The Farmer's Daughter"), fellow Monkee, an energetic performer, really shallow, a nice clean cut kid, pretty boy, baby faced, a member of the Pre Fab 4, a British import, a flower child, the romantic character known as Rudolph dressed as a sheik (in the movie "Head"), a wiseguy, Inspector Shrink's young friend, Milly's matchmaker, This little Manchester Jockey, the Manchester Cowboy riding into the sunset, Monkee #4, the English boy, Manchester Midget Greenie, Abdullah The Turkish Magician, The Artful Dodger (from the musical "Oliver"), Dodger (from the musical "Oliver"), Fagin (from the musical "Oliver"), The Artful Dodger (voice on "Oliver Twist"), Jim Hawkins (voice on "Treasure Island"), Michael (in the play "Peter Pan"), Greg Carter (from the TV series "Ben Casey"), a glue sniffing wife beater (from the TV series "Ben Casey"), an Italian restaurateur, the guy who Peter used to know, star of the beach movie "I Married A Creature From Outta Town", a teen idol, a former teen idol, a fallen idol (from the TV series "My Two Dads"), Malcom O'Dell (from the TV series "My Two Dads"), chopped liver, golden teeth, a million dollar face, David Armstrong Jones, a reporter for the BBC (Better Be Clean), Davy Jones as in Davy Jones' Locker, a balladeer, a crooner, Grand Marshall of the 2000 Octoberfest/ Zinzinnati Parade in Cinnaniti Ohio, A Jingle Elf for the 1998 Chicago Illinois Marshall Fields Jingle Elf Parade, rich & famous, alive & well, rather fortunate, challenger, winner of the troubadour contest at the Medieval Fair, Sam Weller (from "Pickwick"), Ena Sharples' Grandson Colin (from "Cononation Street"), Colin Lomax (from "Puss In Boots"), Oblio (from "The Point"), Jesus Christ (from "Godspell"), Reginald...Reginald Fairfield (from the TV series "Boy Meets World"), a cossack, a replacement, a musician, a ding a ling, a fool, The Captain's Cabinboy, a handsome Prince, a warm heart of this cruel world, a bum, The Firm Of Vanessa Russell And Vanessa's most brilliant man, a child star, an ex-child star, a member of the manufactured boy band The Monkees, Manchester Maurauder, the Manchester lad, the pint sized Englishman, Jonah, Foxy Davy, Tiny, a gentleman, a Daydream Believer, A Man Without A Dream, WWW.DavyJones.net, the dumbest dumb sailor in the World, a dime a dozen extra, a judge (from the "Brady Bunch Movie"), a waiter at Henry Cabot Lodge, a brain surgeon, a professional wrestler, The Delightful And Charming Personality, a raggy hairy bone, a beautiful girl, suspicious of aliens with backwards feet, the good guy in white, a British subject, Ethel Merman, not a stable boy, a door to door magazine salesman, Chuck Hinkley, Hank Chunkley, Danny, Peter's Private English Tailor, a bank robber, a pussycat, innocent, sir, Prince Ludlow, my dear boy, Prince Ludlow's double, a Prince with wealth & position, a gentleman, a pathological liar, slime, malicious, a sadist, Mr. Charm, High, Your Highness, The Crown Prince of Peruviana, a great guy, witty, handsome, tall, Mr. Jailer's Prince, Incredible Mozzarella, the short English one, The Great Zambini, The Invincible Victor, sweetie, The Lord Of The Manor, Master Davy, very short, stranger, an innocent bystander, Renaldo's Dance Au Go-Go's prize teacher, an Englishman, The blood of an Englishman, a city slicker, a dang Red Coat, a very nice English gin, a loadsome teenager, an arrogant egomaniac, a delight and well bred, The Kid, a Manchester Boy (from the song "Manchester Boy"), me mum's pride and joy (from the song "Manchester Boy"), a chip off the old block me dad (from the song "Manchester Boy"), a gypsy at heart, a show folk, a Monkee pigeon, a member of The Budapest String Quartet, a trapeze artist, a dummy, a perfect specimen, Count Dracula reborn, the Wolfman's agent, that little one, all clean, not all dirty, age between 8-11, age 13, a spirited child, Reuben The Tadpole, Bat Masterson, a garcon at Jacques Cafe, cowboy, shorter than most, The Grind, feisty, a stable boy, a piano tuner, a no talent kid, most eccentric, a fraud, the cute singer who got all the girls, acts inpertinent, acts like a spoiled child, the most agressive, athletic, rash, the most spontanous, his specialities are being romantic & horses, an extreme womanizer, course, militant, old fashioned, little man full of piss and vinegar, great to work with, real humane, not phony, a friendly guy, baritone, puppy dog eyes with long flowing hair, a Grammy Awards presenter, cute as a button, full of energy, an Anthony Newley frashion crooner, mature, perspective, Host of the BBC show "Get It Together", Host of the BBC show "Presenting", partner in the Zilch Corporation, landlord of the shopping center "The Street", The Real Davy Jones, The Snapless One (from the Kelloggs commercials), without snap (from the Kelloggs commercials), Sherlock Holmes (from the Kelloggs commercials), average Snyder County resident, zany character on a TV series, a Food And Drug Inspector, Mexican bandit, a tourist, regressive, Ronnie Farnsworth's mother, a young sailor, a golden goose, a lawyer, little teeny weeny little Davy, The Defendant, Mike's campy aid, Vince Fontaine (from the musical "Grease"), Tom Sawyer (from "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer"), Jerry Vicuana (from the TV series "Sledgehammer"), Doug Sanders (from the TV series "Disneyland"), Mrs. Weefers' etiquette instructor, a good fella, a good guy, crazy & wonderful, Mr. Russell's invited guest, Arlo, fantastic, a guest on the TV series "Laugh-In", District Court Judge (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Sir Dwayne (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), a prison guard (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Romeo (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), a small child in Johannesburg South Africa (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Wasserman (from the TV series "Laugh-In"), Son, a scientist, a light tipper, a beach movie extra, an experienced sailor, dandruff, God's gift to the eight year old, the face that shipped a thousand lunchboxes, impish, hon, almost as tall as Melvin, talented, can't carry a tune in a bucket, a contestant on your TV amateur hour, a contestant on "Ted Hack's Amateur Hour", the last contestant of the evening, part of that adorable twosome Fern and Davy, too short, no ear for music, a little bit wrong (from the song "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"), Not Mrs. Weatherspoon, a comrade, a boy in the band, an incredible swine, a rock & roll musician, a wretched boy, Micky's speech teacher, a pop artist, like a brother to April, a bright boy, a panelist on "What's My Scene" & "To Tell A Fib", standing up, a bomb shelter inspector, a scubadiver, a matador, a spy trainee, a student of the School Of Hard Knocks & Bruises, a contestant on "The Weakest Link", poster boy, a bonafide daydream believer, a native Brit, "Meet The Royals" TV series host, a sex icon, standing up, a chimp act, dreadful, a Chipmunk, a construction worker, a quarryman, a fireman, a farm hand, Mike's trusty cohort, Milly's boarder, a dancing smoothie, a miserable musician, a lousy dancer, MD's assistant, Frankie Catalina's make up man, a new teenage idol, a name to remember, lovely, the chick, practically a shoo-in, the new sex symbol of the teen set, the dreamy smile with a groovy bod, a fish out of water, a little fish in a big pond, a different kind of fish, our hero (from the song "The Day The Artful Dodger Didn't Dodge'er"), our kid (from the song "The Day The Artful Dodger Didn't Dodge'er"), the right Monkee (from the song "The Day The Artful Dodger Didn't Dodge'er"), a Believer, a Manchurian, too knackered, hardly a big time wheeler & dealer, a recipient of Gold Records, a mechanical toy, the cuddly cuteness of Paul McCartney, Prontostar, the commercial elements in selling the records, an OK voice for musical comedy, not a flash in the pan phenomenon, idolized, plasticized, psychoanalyzed, sterilized, cherubic good looks, a natural stage presence, a hot prospect on the London scene, the lion's share of the romantic lead roles on "The Monkees" TV show, a farm hand, performer on "The 1966 Miss Teenage Hawaii" pageant, performer on "The 1996 Miss Teen America" pageant, Marcia Brady's favorite singer (from the TV series "The Brady Bunch"), that untouchable young man (from the TV series "The Brady Bunch"), guest on "The Hank Coleman Show" (from the TV series "The Brady Bunch"), Marcia's prom date (from the TV series "The Brady Bunch"), Jack (from the play "Jack & The Beanstalk"), host of syndicated series "Hot City Disco", guest actor on "Love American Style", guest actor on "Make Room For Granddaddy", host of "Rock & Roll And The Movies" radio special, guest actor on "Lush Life", guest actor on "The Single Guy", a young man who came from nothing, a young man who is so short-sighted he hardly recognizes his girlfriends, Dick Whittington (from the play "Dick Whittington"), an actor with incidental music ability, a golfer, master chef, guest cook on "Country Kitchen with Florence Henderson", award presenter on The 1997 Billboard Awards, presenter on "The 1987 American Music Awards", guest on BBC children's serial "Puzzle Trail", actor in the pantomime of "Cinderella", fake, a member of the World's first video band, a member of the World's first rap group, The World's Best Looking Midget, a Private, pretty white, a Creep, a boxer, big shot, a millionaire (from the song "Ceiling In My Room"), a teenage idol just starting a tune (from the song "Ceiling In My Room"), a happy fellow (from the song "If You Have The Time"), a white knight on your steed (from the song "Daydream Believer"), a Someday Man, a maybe child (from the song "Someday Man"), always wild (from the song "Someday Man"), free (from the song "The Greatest Story Ever Told (Free)"), the lover in so many scenes (from the song "The Greatest Story Ever Told (Free)"), act accordingly (from the song "The Greatest Story Ever Told (Free)"), play the part so well but still not sure what it means (from the song "The Greatest Story Ever Told (Free)"), the Fool in school (from the song "The Greatest Story Ever Told (Free)"), a vampire, from the BVD, Santa Claus' assistant, the youngest judge ever to sit on the Supreme Court, age 35, dynamite in his left hand, thunder in his right hand, flilthy, looking like one of the Chubber clan, a fast runner, an iron head, a married man, not exactly a smash, Tailor of Avon-On-Calling, a dumb peasant, Peter Tork, a member of The Loyal Order Of Chickens, former Monkee, the little one, Mike's good compatriot, a lady who shaves, a punk, a chef, a waiter, a dishwasher, a hat check girl, a cook, a cigarette girl, a foreign spy, a close friend of Rex Harrison, spokesperson for the Colonial Downs Horse Racing Track in New Kent VA, a swordsman, 5' 3" in boots, a psychic slave, a poor lovesick fool, Miss Jones, a fine feathered Monkee, Junior Goodness, a member of Oracullo's Famous Dog Act, a psychic slave, a little high, an author, a British Red Coat, guest on radio play "This Is A Happy Land", host of "Pop Goes Davy", a young Danny Kaye, guest host of one installment of "Pop Quiz”, co-host of “TV’s All-Time Favorites” special, actor on stage pantomime "Puss 'N' Boots", the little kid at school, a sunburst smile, precocious, critical sense, keen intelligence, a thespian, reserved & self-centered, independent, a nailbiter, doesn’t need much sleep to feel great, the true blue Monkee, legendary, the youngest of the Monkees, an apprentice jockey, a marginal actor, Prince Valiant style like bangs, passionate about his art, counted on to be cool under pressure, an overnight success, an amazing improviser, a song & dance man, cute with a twinkle in the eye that made all the girls scream, Monkee frontman, a British accent worth its weight in gold, Tony nominated actor, a rock & roll star, a confident & capiable young man with the World with beautiful woman at his side, a sincere guy always ready to help a friend, rather shallow, European, our maracca shaking hero, Judd's Best Man, the one due to his neat looks & neat accent wins all the girls, a child of the 60's, a professional actor, impertinent, a spoiled child, always serious & devoted, athletic, rash, self-centered, an expert on horses, extreme womanizer, self-satisfied, militant, course, old fashioned, aggressive towards the Monkees project, a hippy, not such a bad kid, very villianous, marvelous, always alert & always on the go, great to hang with, sometimes very difficult, stylish, puckish, unselfish, street wise, a babysitter, an employee from Urgent Answering Service, a druid, stars in his eyes, a disbeliever, a ladies man, sympathetic towards others, vunerable, insecure, a member of The Purple Flower Gang, The Embodiment Of The Chic Coiffure, a coward, a good Samaritan, a good boy, Scholto's boy, the most harmless fighter in the business, Dynamite Davy Jones, a simian, Dr. Mandoza's guest, a show biz type, a Monkee, A Monkeeman and The Cute Monkee
Things He Loves: horses, Broadway music, his girlfriend Renee, tall girls, watching TV at home in the evenings, photography, playing the tambourine, plays, Paris France, the book "Stu Who" (Note: about Monkees TV show's incidental music composer), supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Guinness brand beer, beads, Nehru Jackets, boxing, golf, a very hot medium pizza with anchovies sausage onions & lots of cheese, bagels with cream cheese & chicken, lamb chops, his circular bed, suits, cuff links, rings, Barbra Stresiand, Tony Newley, his four daughters, his dog Suzy (Note: until she ran away), Antarctica, eating a good meal, a good steak dinner with a salad, coconut candy, training horses, girls finding him real sweet, a Friday night movie, a Saturday morning bike ride from Brentwood California to the Pacific Ocean, fresh bread from Normandale Bakery in San Genaro California, breakfast at the Biltmore Hotel in Hollywood California, lunch at the King's Head British Pub in Santa Monica California, a walk down 3rd Street to Promenade in Brentwood California, dinner at Le Colonial in Santa Monica California, to someday perform on Broadway again, his replica of a 1929 Ford Roadster, his 1982 Ford Crown Royale car, his 1984 Ford truck, supporting The March Of Dimes, April Conquest, filing his nails, Gillian Holt, riding some winners (horses), writing songs with Charlie Smalls, a Dream Girl, The Road To Love, calling girls "darlin' ", being at the right place at the right time, taking an "anything is possible" attitude toward his life, utilizing his pint size to his advantage, the limelight, vaudeville, pantomime, playing snooker, gardening, watching kid's pets, making fun of the way Micky eats, Fabian's music, Frankie Avalon's music, Bobby Rydell's music, caring for the feelings & welfare of his fans, giving hugs, hearing himself on the radio for the first time, choosing fingers when making decisions, Dick Clark Productions, his father's advice, shirts better than sweaters, going out on the road, soccer, the colors blue, white, black & gray, mushroom pie, miniskirts, teasing Peter that he sold everything he own in the 60's, The Thompson Twins' music, Al Jarreau's music, Dire Straits' music, animals, to eat, playing doctor as a kid, ballroom dancing, the TV show "Gunsmoke", the TV show "The Lone Ranger", peeled grapes, biker chicks with dirty black leather boots, his goddaughter, his horse TE winning a race, instead of being remembered after death rather never leave your life, being a teen idol, rice pudding with the foam on top, stuffed lambs hearts and chicken giblets, George Harrison's movie "Wonderwall", Peter's song "Lady's Baby", the song "French Song", the dream of being a Yorkshire farmer to tap dance only on the weekends, a fish fry, Middlecreek Community, The 800 Club, remembered by people, Billy Joel's music, R. E. M.'s music, as a child faking tiredness so he could be carried by his dad, joking about when he started drinking, having the time for everything & everyone, being 5 foot 7 inches in boots, Basil Foster, performing at Disney World in Orlando Florida, Friday night VFW pot luck suppers, The Good Times Cafe in Indiantown Florida, Vanessa Russell, the color yellow, collecting saddles, being unconventional, The Eyes Of A Woman In Love, his Labrador dog Kenya, his Auntie Jessie, his sisters, The Girl From Chelsea, his Dream Girl, Sitting In The Apple Tree, being After Your Heart, seafood, a tunafish sandwich, his beads from his friend Charlie, Kidney Pie, playing Creebege, his grandsons, swimming, staying in shape, watching soccer, ballroom dancing, the real world (from the song "Dream World"), entertaining friends with dinner & conversation at his home, Beavertown Pennsylvania, Indiantown Florida, South Africa, a circus, dancing, the doctor's beautiful daughter, Peter's watch from Mike, being very comfortable because he is very rich, promoting the guys' new CD, doing the news in interpretive dance, the outside of the pad TP'd, watching horse racing, checkers, fencing, composing a poem while fencing, Valleri, Spring rain, Summer sun, Autumn leaves, Winter snow, Lorelei's magic necklace, Arrow (from "The Point"), The "Hitting The High Seas" episode, being at an outside the studio location filming the TV series, English flower gardens, succeeding in playing a practical joke on someone, the movie "The Great Escape", The Beatles' song "Penny Lane", bagels & tea, nice crooks, Jessica as his road manager, to challenge himself musically, watching "What's My Line" a lot, The Beatles' album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", The Lovin' Spoonful music, tricking Mike into milking the cow, Micky as Mrs. Arcadian, kids, telling stories about his family, the book "Mister God This Is Anna", singing "Swanee River", The China Boy Restaurant, treasure hunting, helping out his neighbors, saving America, finding he's a little bit right, saying "you must be joking", being revered by a small minority, Christmas being His Time Of Year, helping Chuck keep the club for 99 years, The Monkeemobile's 4th Dimension, doing his "OO" reaction, Junior Pinter's office, being Free, being True To You, Believing in Daydreams, the girl putting a dime in his mind's eyes (from the song "My Share Of The Sidewalk"), the girl he met in his daydreams (from the song "My Share Of The Sidewalk"), The Day We Fall In Love, Fern Badderly, Ellie Reyonalds, Miss Malibu Topanga And Sunset, Entertaining You, Doing It In The Name Of Love, making it exactly what he wants, going out to the barnyard, wishing the 6 o'clock alarm would never ring (from the song "Daydream Believer"), cheering up sleepy Jean (from the song "Daydream Believer"), being his mum's pride & joy (from the song "Manchester Boy"), being a chip off the old block his dad (from the song "Manchester Boy"), finding a girl (from the song "Manchester Boy"), seeing the World (from the song "Manchester Boy"), going on a Ferry Ride (from the song "Ticket On A Ferry Ride"), hooked on the things you do (from the song "You're So Good To Me"), a love for a long long time (from the song "Time And Time Again"), a love that is oh so true (from "Time And Time Again"), finding It's Nice To Be With You, the way you do the things you do (from the song "It's Nice To Be With You"), Clarisse Rowlings, doing things that make you Smile (from the song "Smile"), things wrapped up for him at Christmas time, jokes, a Teeny Tiny Gnome, Penny Music, Laughing, Love To Love, You Forever, You Better, The Good Earth, Lady Jane, Looking For The Good Times, performing the song "Daydream Believer", overbidding Micky for more close ups from the cameraman, Daphne, Angelita, painting, Micky singing with their feet, his performance robbing the 9th National Bank, pheasant under glass, chamber music, organ recitals, croquet, polo, drinking milk, his neurotic doberman Diablo, table tennis, the song "For Pete's Sake", Sally Field (the studio friendship the papers loved), entertaining with a capital E, Colette, Colette's mouth, Colette's eyes, Colette's lips, playing with lonely swans, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, tricking Mike into rewashing plates, Micky's fingers, Ursula Andress, England, being British, having a different kind of soul, reuniting Melvin with his Aunt, playing poker, beer, Harry Nilsson, the magic of opening night, becoming famous again after breaking through studio gate when he was late & the guard wouldn't let him in without his pass, putting the star on the Christmas tree, jets, spin the bottle, a hearse, the Beatles' music and the song "Poetry In Motion"
Things He Hates: meat (Note: he's a vegetarian), Chinese restaurants, critics, the pressure at the end of the day filming the TV series, getting the short straw, Micky's werewolf imitation, Boris out of rhythm, painting, mornings, being a good loser, Peter pulling on his finger, The Devil, Dr. Mandoza giving him the willies, having 2 failed marriages, being typecast, The Natwest Bank, Charlie White, Hal Cone, Larry Spector, Dick Condon, Mr. Withington, Yosho Aayama, David Fishof, Micky getting hung up on Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, The TV show "American Idol", his 1971 Bell/ Arista album with Screen Gems Publishing, The record deal with Arista Records in 1986, The song "That Was Then, This is Now", Mr. Babbitt, Micky's autobiography, Mike's impression of Lyndon Johnson, Melvin's attitude, Peter littering, people who carry on about his hair length, shaving razors that sting (from the song "Daydream Believer"), the month of April, Reuban The Tadpole getting hit over the head with a wood board, that typical young person's stuff, Harold, Melvin putting him down, the British press, Micky's cooking, having to be the chick, learning how to be a feminine female, being called a hippy, Boris, Ronnie Farnsworth, promoters, being trapped in the Black Box, The Hollywood telephone directory, The Red Baron, fans, a pie in his face, seltzer squirted in his face, drinking wine, Mr. Blavat coming onto Miss Jones, “Captain Crocodile" viewers who write letters in crayon, his Colpix record label singles, seeing the "More Of The Monkees" album released without his knowledge, going to clubs, the way "Head" was promoted, man makers, being alone in the vacuum of fame, being sued, "Crummies" restaurant, Pacific Paradise salad at "Crummies" (Note: exotically different), Micky's table manners, being charged the advertising cost for the Monkee actors to promote the 1968 Far East tour, being left in debt when Screen Gems deducted the salaries of the Monkee actors from the 1968 Far East tour expenses, a big blood shot eye in the bathroom mirror, having people constantly taking his picture, having people interrupt his meal for an autograph, The Monkees not being inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, finding he's a little bit wrong, goodbyes, losing at tic tac dough over Mike, Mike's dog Fraak, someone who steals a $1.90 for cab fare, being picked on because he is short, lawn games, being conned, similar storylines for the TV show, Blackbeard the Pirate saying swell rock & air, staying home on a perfect moonlit Saturday night, hot sand, Oracullo freaking Peter's mind, Shades Of Gray, choosing between Mary & Sondra, Mr./ Mrs. Ace, flashbulbs, describable torture, movie acting that spoils his character, Frankie Catalina, doing nothing, frauds, being tortured by gypsies, the rack, being put down by Melvin, Fusseli, Dragonman, Chang telling him that he is too short & has no ear for music, the gallows, insects, drinking blood, The Count in the Monkees TV series fantasy sequence, flying with a Count Dracula cape without checking the tower for ground clearance first, every face he sees is wrapped up in frown (from the song "Laugh"), the sound of tears (from the song "You Can't Tie A Mustang Down"), imposing your will upon him (from the song "You Can't Tie A Mustang Down"), when it's not his day (from the song "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day"), the day she went away (from the song "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day"), she turned his smile into a frown (from the song "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day"), finding it Hard To Believe, people asking where Mike is, having a manufactured image with no philosophies, everything the Monkees promoted they got to keep- except themselves, getting into some bad investments, the American Draft Board, The NBC Censors, agents, school, typical gray Manchester days, the JC Penny clothes wardrobe, being a little fat guy, smoking cigars, awful lonely since you been away (from the song "Herb"), having to choose between Mary and Saundra (from the song "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)"), disappointed by the taste of coffee (from the song "Early Morning Blues And Greens"), the Party is over (from the song "Party"), the noise is through (from the song "Party"), the room is empty (from the song "Party"), So Goes Love, love that doesn't hold true (from the song "Storybook Of You"), walking alone in darkness all around (from the song "Of You"), Naughty girls who get him in trouble (from "Time And Time Again"), being just a passing fancy (from the song "Time And Time Again") being gone for such a long time (from the song "If You Have The Time"), acting like a fool (from the song "If You Have The Time"), settling down with any other girl (from the song "If I Knew"), being catty, Peter theories, people who call the Monkees music bad, and being slapped by Micky to cure him of Oracullo's spell
Thoughts From The Other Monkees:
"Davy is a ball of fire. He is always energetic, always alert and always on the go"
Peter: "Somehow or other Jonsey got to my heart. I don't know why, because I don't like him much. Sometimes he's great to hang with and sometimes he's very difficult"
Micky: "stylish, very talented, very short, puckish, unselfish, somewhat vain, congenial, streetwise and one of the nicest men I have ever known"
Great Davy Quotes: "I am standing up!", "It's not about age, it's about life", "Ow Mike that got me right in the kidneys", "No Hansel, sweets make me break out", "One more remark like that and I'll hit you with me purse", "There's an eye in there man", "Mike, I just saw a man talking to a popsicle", "You must be joking", "You must be out of your birds", "If you see one Monkees show you've seen them all", "Your eyes are like cupcakes floating in a sea of sour cream" and "What is he- the World's youngest looking midget"
Misc. Info: He was one of the biggest teen idols of all time and was the most popular Monkee in the 60's. He's also known to get stars in his eyes, plays a pretty mean tambourine, has a tendency to dress in drag and is constantly filing his nails. His most memorable acting moment was when he felt guilty about Vanessa failing her history final (drama) and when he heard Toto's Psychological warfare in "Monkee Chow Mein" (comedy).
Final Comments: "No, he's amazing. I'm incredible."

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