"We're going to show you what happens on a day of a concert"
My tickets to the State Fair and Orpheum Theater concerts

August 30, 1987

This was at the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair during the "Here We Come Again" 1987 Summer Tour. I was just getting intersted in the band. I had been watching the show in syndication for a few months prior to the concert. It was a lot of fun- a perfect day for an outdoor concert. Unfortuntely, I had seats pretty far back so I didn't even bother to take any pictures. I was impressed with the energy and response that went on between the guys and the audience. The stage had a lot of strange and unique props on it which made the stage crowded. One of the biggger props was a Gumby doll."Weird" Al was great too !

August 19, 1995

This is my most memorable concert. Davy and Micky were doing a few small venues. They were at Treasure Island Casino near Red Wing, Minnesota. Two girlfriends and I went to see the concert. They are not huge fans, but were interested in a great evening of entertainment. There were two shows. I could not bring my camrea into the Casino. It made me mad later when several people were snapping pictures during the concert. It didn't look like Micky or Davy minded too much about the flash going off. When we got there, there was already a huge line. I was beginning to get disappointed that we may not make it in to see the concert since the room had a limited number of capiticy. When people were let in for the 7PM show, we found ourselves about 10 people back from the start of the line for the 9PM show. Things were looking up ! So, we got into the room and found a table in front slightly on the left side of the stage. There is something magicial about these small venues between the artist and audience that can't be duplicated in stadiums and such. It was great. Somebody had the old Davy Jones 1965 Colpix album. Davy noticed it and commented on it. When the concert ended, I am near where Micky and Davy were to exit. I was tempted to go over and shake their hands before they disappeared, but I didn't want to be too forward and I was a bit shy to do it too! The Casino announced that everyone has to exit the room then soon after they will do an orderly autograph line. I really didn't think about getting an autograph at all. I was so shocked that I am going to meet them that I didn't think of anything to say. They let 5 people into the room at a time. Davy and Micky were sitting at a table near the door. What I will remember is that both Davy and Micky looked up and smiled at me. All I could say was my name. I was just so touched by this small gesture of smiling. They acknowledged my presense- even it was just for a few seconds. I know there are people who have had not so great encounters with celebrities. Some celebrities will sign an autograph, but don't even look up to see who they are signing the autograph for. I am happy the way Micky and Davy handle themselves towards fans.

The guys during the concert June 27, 1996

This was during the 30th Anniversary World Tour. It was at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I could have bought seats on the main floor, but money was tight and I had seen Micky and Davy up close anyway. This time I snuck my camera inside. However, during the concert, Davy told everyone that they were free to take pictures. They posed for some too ! There was no opening act. Instead there was a 30 minute break. When the break was over, Micky came out from the side of the stage and walked a bit around the main floor trying to get people back to their seats.

June 17, 1998

Davy when he came out to performMy girlfriend and I took our first road trip (a 7 hour drive). This was for the Teen Idols concert in Burlington, Iowa during Burlington Steamboat Days. I remember it had threaten to rain all day (it did sprinkle a little bit). When the evening came, the sun shined and the clouds cleared out. Davy even mentioned it during the concert about the weather. I was not familiar with Bobby Sherman's work, but I found myself singing "Easy Come, Easy Go" after the concert (don't you hate it when you can't get a song out of your head). From the few concerts I have seen, it seems Davy never has a "off" day.Davy and his band during the concert I was very impressed with his performance (at the time he was still trying to heal from the divorce with Anita). Peter Noone is a classic showman just like Davy. He did a rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" that was great. The best part of this concert was meeting a group of fans called the Purple Flower Gang. They are a great bunch of people ! I think that you can see a few of them at any Monkees/ solo Monkees concert around the Mid-West with "Mom" Cindy leading the way- just look for their purple flowers. There is a picture of the gang in Davy's "Daydream Belevin'" book from that day.

July 4, 2005

Davy was at the annual Taste of Minnesota festival. It was a warm night and a terrific night to take in great music and fireworks. As usual Davy was at the top of his game. He was telling how he managed to get some beer in the middle of the night last night. He also sang several songs I had not heard before. That was a real treat instead of all the usual standard Monkees songs.

June 2, 2011

Just when you think they won't tour again as a trio they do. What a treat. It's hard to believe that it been 45 years since the Monkees debut. This concert at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater was so visually appealing. There were images and video form the 60's shown on a screen in back of them. They sang a few songs that were lesser known which was nice. I do tend to like those songs. On a depressing note, rain threated to cancel the show but ended up delaying the show for an hour.

November 15, 2012

I was so excited to finally see Mike in concert. However, the show did seem flat without Davys presence. I kept hoping after each song there would be a funny story or joke that only Davy could do. During the concert, the lack of the Moog Syntheiser bit was cute. There were the hit songs, lesser known songs and Nesmith songs. It was also a family affair: Coco Dolenz sang background vocals and Christian Nesmith played background guitar. There was a nice video tribute to Davy. 5 songs from the Head movie soundtrack were played with a long montage from the movie. They had the background images on a screen held over from last years tour. It would show images that were appropiatate to the song. Overall,a wonderful night but the absence of Davy was felt.

April 6, 2013

This solo Mike show was low key and very enjoyable. Although, I am not all that familiar with Mike's solo career songs, I didn't let it spoil a good evening I liked how he introduced songs by setting the mood for them. I understand that he hasn't toured solo in the US since 1992 and I think that's way overdue.

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