"This box makes up our universe"
How many times have you watched "Head" and said to yourself 'I know how to get out'. With some help from other Monkees fans (thanks Emily and Heather), I have compiled a list of 101 ways. So the next time you find yourself feeling trapped in your daily life remember these ways to escape !

1. Promise everything and anything to get out of the box
2. Have your double or manniquin take your place inside the box
3. Scream "Hey buddy! Let us out of here"
4. Sell your soul to the Devil if he can get you out of the box
5. Have Peter repeat the Swami speech with his own added touches
6. Wait for Peter to say that he knows nothing so Davy will get ticked off
7. Make sure Davy is really mad so he yells a lot and kicks the door open
8. Just follow the others and you'll be out of the box in no time
9. Think yourself out
10. Levitate your way out
11. Talk your way out
12. Perform your way out
13. Fight your way out
14. Joke your way out
15. Negotiate your way out
16. Sleep your way out
17. Daydream your way out
18. Eat your way out
19. Bribe your way out
20. Sing "I Wanna Be Free"
21. Drink your way out
22. Dance your way out
23. Run out
24. Walk out
25. Destroy the box
26. Get voted out (The Monkees have spoken)
27. Tell Mike you have to go to the bathroom so he'll let you out
28. Tell Davy that if he lets you out, you'll make him taller
29. Tell Peter the other side of the rainbow is on the outside of the box
30. Tell Micky you'll give him a free perm if he lets you out
31. Sing "Happy Birthday" to Mike even though it isn't his birthday
32. Say "Merry Christmas" to Mike even though it isn't Christmas
33. Colored sound is all around. Use it
34. Drink a cold glass of gravy with a hair in it
35. Eat a dozen mushrooms burned to a crisp
36. Tell Micky you'd do anything for a Coke
37. Argue with Peter about the hippie movement
38. Tell everyone the only food to eat in here is cream of root beer soup and fried fermented goat curd
39. Dress in drag
40. Clown your way out
41. Trick your way out
42. Start a fire and get the fire department to get you out
43. Realize that the box is not the place for you to settle your mind and reveal who you are
44. Realize it should be easy to get out of a locked room - it's in dozens of movies
45. Listen to the others for ways to get out
46. Try ways that won't hurt you or heal you or steal your stars
47. Open your eyes and get up off your chair
48. Give up your secrets
49. Let down your hair
50. Sit by the firelight
51. Make up your story as you go along
52. If it looks like you've made it once again, you probably have
53. If you think you are trapped then you are
54. Chill out
55. Play a game of creebage for the keys to the door
56. Hitch a ride on a porpoise and swim your way out
57. Ride on the back of a giraffe and ride your way out
58. Let your ego dream of castles and kings and things that go with a life of style
59. Feel your way out
60. Cry your way out
61. Use mental telepathy
62. Take a poll
63. Whatever you do don't listen to a Swami
64. Chant a war chant
65. Pray for a way out
66. Ask yourself: what would the Beatles do
67. Dig your way out
68. See the connection between government and laughing at cripples
69. Pretend to be sick
70. Allow the reality of the now to just happen
71. Observe your way out
72. Act with clarity
73. Study your way out
74. Crawl your way out
75. Make Mike really mad so he'll punch a hole in the wall by telling him how great Don Kirshner is
76. Scream "You better get us out of here or you're in big trouble"
77. Get Micky to use his chemistry set to make the concoction that gives him uncontollable mood swings
78. Like Jerico, blow the walls down with a trumpet
79. Get Micky to beat the walls like he's playing the kettle drum in "Randy Scouse Git"
80. Get Micky to beat on the walls like he did to the Coke machine in the desert
81. Get Peter to burn the box down with the candle he used during his speech
82. Ask Davy for a nail file and file off the door
83. Tell Davy that you used his last nail file
84. Tell Mike that you'll "come back when the guys aren't here" and see how fast he gets you out of the box
85. Hire a helicopter to pick up the box and drop it in the desert
86. Get Micky to do his warewolf imitation so Mr. Babbitt will come to investigate
87. Tell Mike you'll trim his hat's pom pom for a month
88. Use transidential meditation
89. Have the writers write you a way to get out
90. Offer a letter of credit to the person who will let you out
91. Use one of Peter's groovy boots to kick the door out
92. Tell a bunch of stupid jokes that will eventually drive everyone's mind to spontaniously combust
93. Stay up all night so you have a bloodshot eye that will paralyze Davy with fright enough for him to crawl his way out
94. Sing a big flashy Broadway like version of "Daddy's Song" and get the person manning the spotlight or your dancing partner to help you out
95. Use the power of the Frodis to control the minds of the people who locked you in the box
96. Smoke your way out
97. Tell the guys that if they get you out you will wear a very skimpy harem outfit and dance around them to the song "Can You Dig it"
98. Scream "Help Help! Here I am stuck in this filthy little black box. Help! and with a bunch of Monkees"
99. Call the guys "long hair wierdos"
100. Call Micky miss, skinny and a dummy
101. Do the Suey Suey hog call

Don't they ever come Back to claim these

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