"It's like magic Monkees"

Like so many fans, I looked forward to seeing the movie and it was good and it was disappointing. I am going to review the movie in 3 categories: Nice touch, Wrong- My nit pickers list and Would it have been nice

Nice Touch
The things I especially liked in the movie
  • Micky's audition and the "checkmate" comment
  • The big fat auditionee brought to tears by "Van" (Note: I love it when the guy comes out of the room and said to Micky "Don't go in there Corky")
  • "Van" doing an audition by pretending to yell at someone on the phone
  • A bit of Davy's and Mike's black and white audition interviews
  • Smoking grass at an NBC affiliate meeting
  • Peter trying to help Micky when Micky gets frustrated learning the drums
  • The guys lose their bodyguards on purpose and start being chased by girls then having to be rescued by getting in the back of a waiting police car
  • Mike's "Whoo Wee! Let's show 'em what we can do" comment when they enter the studio to record Headquarters (Note: I don't think he actually did this, but it was cute)
  • Peter's joy over recording as a real band then the sadness when it was short lived
  • A comment from Mike producing work during the Summer of 1967 (The Witichia Train Whistle Sings)
  • Davy visiting his dad and Davy's unhappiness with success
  • Mike and Peter screwing up the scene from the "Fairy Tale" episode (Note: I could watch that all day)
  • In the "Daydream Believer" video, Micky goes through Peter's legs near the end of the song
  • Small recreations from a couple of episodes and "Head"
  • The guys have the dancing moves down pretty well
  • Mike and Micky's "philosophical" comments from the "Monkees On Tour" episode incorporated into the story (Note: especially Mike's comment which was spoken to his infant son)
  • Peter is seen as smart, caring and spiritual person and not just the dumb guy
  • Micky and Davy watching "Head" in a theater in disguise
  • The story dealt well with the drug use- didn't shy away from it and did not overly dramatize it either
  • Mike coming to the realization that it's not so bad to ba a Monkee
  • The movie captured the spirit of the Monkees very well

    Wrong- My Nit Pickers List
    The things done incorrectly either by time continuity, dramatic purposes or to keep costs down
  • The executive in present time pitching the Monkees concept: it is confusing because the movie does not go back to present time at the end and makes it seem out of place
  • Accents: especially Mike's and Davy's accents and the guy who played John Lennon
  • The costumes at concerts: they wore suits not the 8-button shirts or white outfits (Note: unless you count the concert performance from "Head")
  • The costumes during "Daydream Believer" video: in the real video, Mike had on a shirt, tie & red pants with the tie hanging over his guitar, Davy wore a red shirt with a gold tassel necklace, Peter wore a white nehru jacket with several necklaces and Micky wore a blue shirt backwards with a necklace & brown pants
  • During the "Daydream Believer" video, Micky is holding an closed tambourine but he actually had an open tambourine plus he kept missing the edge all through the video
  • The costumes for the "Hillbilly Honeymoon" episode (Note: or the episode they were going to film at the farm) are pretty accurate except that Peter wore a coon skin hat
  • The movie did not mention why Mike wore a green wool hat
  • Don Kirshner did not have anything to do with the casting (Kirshner commenting that wool hat "could be a problem"). He came into the Monkees project after the pilot was filmed
  • Micky has fuzzy curled hair through out the movie when he only had the fuzzy curly hair after the first season
  • Micky is at the "cattle call" audition but he had a private audition
  • I kind of doubt that Micky was easily recognizable from his days as Corky on "Circus Boy" because he was around 10 and his hair was blonde
  • Mike shows up for the interview in a nice convertible not the battered old station wagon he had at the time
  • Phyllis is pregnant with Christian at the time of the audition but he was born months before the auditions took place
  • The movie only shows that Mike and Phyllis had only one son but their other son, Jonathan, was born in 1968
  • The visit to the mall by Peter and Micky occurred just to Micky- he was going to buy Christmas gifts (a couple of months after the series starting airing) at the mall he always shopped at for years. He just entered the mall (not on the escalator) when people started to recognize him
  • The canister that Mike finds during the black and white audition interview was smaller than the actual one
  • At the NBC affiliate meeting, the guys actually did disrupt the meeting by turning off the lights, throwing around a stuffed toy peacock and doing some physical comedy on stage
  • For their first concert in Hawaii, they jumped through a paper screen onto the stage and their performance was part of the Miss Teenage Hawaii pageant
  • The guys doing the Monkee walk on the beach are in the wrong order- it should be (left to right) Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike
  • Several scenes from the movie's TV show intro are not in the actual TV intro (Mike as "Princess Gwen", Mike with Groucho glasses & mustache and the guys in monkey masks from the pilot)(Note: But you got to love actor Aaron Lohr recreating Micky sliding down the stair railing into the tall cake and actor L. B. Fisher as Peter wearing bunny ears)
  • It was Bob Rafelson who rammed the farmer's fence to get to the "Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth" episode location and the outfits they wear for the scenes on the farm look much similar to the "Hillbilly Honeymoon" episode
  • The guys are playing volleyball at the beach with Phyllis and Christian watching the game: while there was a weekend softball game with various wives/ girlfriends in attendance but Mike and Phyllis would never join them
  • "All Of Your Toys" is not on the Headquarters album and was not released until 1988's Missing Links album
  • Mike does the backing vocals for "All Of Your Toys", but in the movie he is not seen doing the backing vocals
  • The guys never performed "All Of Your Toys" for the cameras on the pad set
  • The guys didn't haven't the Moog Synthesizer for the Headquarters recording sessions- it was used during the Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones, Ltd. album
  • The Emmy award presenters for the 1966-67 Best Comedy Series were Anissa Jones (Buffy on "Family Affair") and Jimmy Durante
  • The Emmy Awards show was a larger event than portrayed with a large stage that winners would have to climb a few steps to accept their awards
  • Phyllis was not at the Emmy Awards
  • When Davy come home to see his dad: his dad would not let him in the house before he got his haircut
  • Davy singing "Daydream Believer" in the studio without the "What number is this, Chip?" line
  • Davy hit Peter first (not the other way around) that causes Davy to get several stitches
  • The guy playing Jack Nicholson: every actor thinks they can "do" Nicholson, but in fact they end up "over doing" Nicholson
  • Phyllis staying at the hospital after her car accident: she and Mike were Christian Scientists and would not stay in a hospital plus it looked like they had Phyllis on the children's floor
  • The happy ending: while it would be so nice to say "and they lived happily ever after", but each guy ultimately wanted to be known as an individual not just a Monkee. It was sometimes frustrating for them and sometimes it benefited them to have the notoriety as a Monkee with various reunions and the onset of new fans who were not around when the series first aired (Note: like myself)

    Would It Have Been Nice
    The things I would have like to have seen in the movie (Note: if there was an unlimited budget and 10 hours to fill)
  • People: Bob Rafelson, Bert Schneider & Jim Frawley (Note: although they have been incorporated into the "Van" and "Harris" characters), Samantha Dolenz, Linda Haines & Reine Stewart (Note: basically more on the guys personal lives), Chip Douglas, Jonathan Nesmith (Note: he was born in 1968 and the other son of Mike and Phyllis) and Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
  • The Monkeemobile
  • Mr. Schneider
  • Monkeemen (Note: "Up Up and Away")
  • A graphic the end of the movie about events after "Head": the 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee NBC special, Peter leaving the group while the other 3 continued to tour and released 2 more albums ("Instant Replay" and "The Monkees Present: David, Michael and Micky"), Mike left, Micky and Davy did one last album ("Changes") before calling it quits, the 20th anniversary (MTV airing the TV show, Micky, Davy & Peter touring, the "Pool It" album, Mike joining the other 3 on stage at the Greek Theater in LA), the 30th anniversary (the "Justus" album, the ABC special, their performance at Billboard Live) and these reunions brought back a big interest in the group which generated new fans who weren't even born when the show originally aired
  • The guys finding out about the release of "More Of The Monkees" after seeing it in a store
  • Davy smashing the studio gate when the guard didn't recognize him when Davy was running late one day
  • Mr. Babbitt
  • Showing a camera filming a "romp" scene with the director yelling out things for them to do
  • Micky attacking his salad more viciously at the restaurant soon after they met for the first time: in Davy's book, Davy describes Micky getting salad all over himself with Mike and Peter not noticing Micky until Davy speaks up about Micky's table manners
  • A better ending: showing (or recreating) the footage of Mike joining Micky, Peter and Davy on stage for two songs on September 7, 1986 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. It would still keep with the idea of "and they lived happily ever after"
  • Davy's draft scare
  • The guys "romping" around in the orange wet suits
  • Jimi Hendrix jamming with the guys
  • One very memorable moment from the 1968 Far East tour for Peter: The guys were performing "Sunny Girlfriend" and were sounding good ("in the pocket" as musicians say) when Davy walks over to Peter and says "we're going to form a group"
  • Davy having those "stars" in his eyes when he falls in love with a girl
  • Include Mike's comment to Don Kirshner before Mike hits the wall: "Donnie we could sing 'Happy Birthday' with a beat and it would sell a million records"
  • The use of several catch phrases: "Don't do that", "Isn't that dumb", "You must be joking" and "the old Monkees scare (Note: as Jim Frawley puts it)
  • Micky in Hyde Park (London, England) the morning after the Beatles party walking around stoned and after talking to fans for a while until the crowd got uncontrollable
  • More about Moog Syntheiser
  • Continue into the 70's, 80's and 90's
  • The "Killer" game: Used to relieve tension on the set and on tour, the idea was that a person "shoots" and whoever was "shot" had to "die" a very dramatic "death". If you don't "die", you lose a "life" and after 3 "lives", you are out of the game forever. The guys, Bert Schneider, Bob Rafelson, Jack Nicholson and Jim Frawley were the only participants. Towards the end of the second season, Jim Frawley (who invented the game) could not be persuaded to "die" anymore
  • Recreating Mike's speech about loving music from "The Devil And Peter Tork" episode
  • See a guest star talking to the guys behind the scenes
  • Davy's habit of filing and manicuring his nails
  • Mike's habit of reading car magazines
  • Micky walking on cat walks watching other shows being filmed in the studio
  • Showing Bob Rafelson filming one of the episode ending interviews and what they may have said that did not air
  • Micky and Davy hearing "Last Train To Clarksville" for the first time on the radio in a car while pulling up to the place they were sharing at the time
  • Recreating the "Head" trailer with the guy (John Brockman) staring for a minute then saying "Head"
  • Recreating the outtakes of Mike and Micky asking each other about the buttons that the other person was wearing (Note: which would have been from the "Monsterous Monkee Mash" episode)
  • A clip of Micky directing "The Frodis Caper (MIJAGEOCO)" episode
  • A clip of Peter directing "Monkees Mind Their Manor" episode
  • The guys on unicycles
  • The Black Box
  • Showing their dressing rooms and how different each one is: Mike's room had aluminum foil & safety pins stuck to the walls with bubble (Christmas) lights, Micky's room had shag carpet, pillows & a candle, Peter's room had wall to wall musical instruments and Davy's room had Broadway reviews & telegrams on the walls and a large mirror with light bulbs surrounding it
  • Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson trying to put a "Head" sticker on the back of a cop's helmet and when the cop moved, the sticker ended half on the helmet and half on the cop's face
  • Mike German shepard dog Fraak
  • Micky's Laurel Canyon home that resembles a ski chalet
  • Micky building a gyrocopter in his living room and after it was assembled, he could not get it outside

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